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Texans A|I|F|L| @lugojiano🔁 Texans takes their rights to open carry more seriously than people in other states...
Texans Texans 101 @Texans_101🔁Five best offseason moves at QB #texans #NFL
Texans Texans 101 @Texans_101🔁Texans tackle Chris Clark looks for improvement after surgery #texans #NFL
Texans Melissa Cox @MCox_Fairfield🔁FISD Teachers supporting Texans for Public Education at the Capital in Austin. #Texans4PublicEducation
Texans battleredblog @battleredblog🔁 #Texans owner Bob McNair will not try to purchase the #Rockets franchise."
Texans drea @dreee_h🔁 Here's a full statement from an Austin attorney who represents Texans RB D'Onta Foreman.
Texans Brian Davis @BDavisAAS🔁Here's a full statement from an Austin attorney who represents Texans RB D'Onta Foreman.
Texans Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁Statement regarding Texans' RB D'Onta Foreman, who was arrested for marijuana possession and unlawful weapon.
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁D'Onta Foreman was arrested early Sunday and charged with marijuana possession and unlawful carrying of a weapon:
deb-bonario-martin @bonario_debMart🔁It's time for John Frullo, Dustin Burrows and Charles Perry to start listening to West Texans, not Dan Patrick.
Big Cat '93 @BIGCAT93🔁Whew. Les Alexander is best owner in Houston sports history. Brought town 2 titles, Oilers, Texans, Astros never sniffed one (to date).
Eddie @Edgarrr__🔁Started from the bottom.. Now they get to call themselves CHAMPIONS. 🏆

More on U-17/18s conquest 👑:

Harden, CP3, Melo @ConnorZW🔁Houstonians will support the fuck outta the Texans regardless of record or success, but shit on the Rockets for signing Chris Paul LMFAOOOO
Katherine Baker @c5X0uIPdxM8ga73🔁 July 4th: the one day everyone praises this country the same way Texans do their state every day.
Andrew Kalmans @Akals1998🔁@ChronBrianSmith @Joseph_Duarte @HoustonChron Does him owning golden nugget affect him like it did when he was with texans
TG metz @metz_jerry🔁 Donald once again proving he's "all hat, no cattle" as the Texans would say.
deb-bonario-martin @bonario_debMart🔁Real headline: Dan Patrick accuses the Jewish speaker of the House of running a financial scam to defraud Texans.
R Glover @R_Gl0ver🔁“Bathroom bills” and abortion restrictions shame, pressure & punish Texans. Get the facts:
Saltares @rm1268🔁TX Lt. Gov Dan Patrick is lying and defaming trans people to sell his discrimination bill. Texans - you can still stop this. Call your reps.
Craig Loria @TexasSwimDude69🔁There was issue with him being in Texans ownership group due to ownership of Golden Nugget. Will that come into play with NBA?
lindsey🥀 @Lost_Nirvana🔁@HunterRowland @BlakeGray im sorry? did you just stereotype all texans?
Hillary Is Coming! @HillaryIsComing🔁Donald once again proving he's "all hat, no cattle" as the Texans would say.
Kuru Zachariah @DinsdaleKuru🔁Humbled & blessed to be part of such an amazing ,Go Texans!♥️"If u can dream it, u can achieve it"
Kuru Zachariah @DinsdaleKuru🔁Have you signed your future HTC up to cheer on the field with the HOUSTON TEXANS CHEERLEADERS?! 😍🤗 WE DONT HAVE MANY SPOTS LEFT!! 🙈
HoustonChic @Houstonian491🔁Whether you're going to the game, or watching it at home, be ready this fall with the schedule:
Angela Parr @Zu5Su07jps4CW9P🔁EMOTIONAL: broke down in tears addressing his mom. Today he retires with the
milfordmom @milfordmom15🔁Texans to : raising taxes on Texas families while handing out corporate tax breaks is NOT conservative... It's wrong.
Z @zmoney_hookem🔁@darrenrovell He owns casinos which he would have to sell, correct? Same thing happened when he purchased interest in Texans
Karen Reyes @KarenInATX_🔁. representing At rally Texans supporting Public Schools
Karina Lynch @KarinaL40287496🔁 It's half time in H-Town and the Texans are ahead 14-3. Go Texans
Sincere @Dre_Blair🔁@CSanmusic Raiders beating Texans this year you wilding
Cary Cheshire @Cary_Cheshire🔁@JasonVillalba You've got a big opportunity on local spending limits. Figure a lot of Texans, Republican and Democrat, are watching!
Jason Zimmermann @jzimmermann11🔁Pfft Houston sports fans barely support the franchises we have now other than the Texans... I just prefer hockey to s hooty hoops lol
Cary Cheshire @Cary_Cheshire🔁I wasn't potbanging for anyone, just putting folks on alert. I think 2018 is gonna be a bumpy ride for a lot of folks . Texans are restless.
Texans Guy @The_Texans_Guy🔁I'm not crying
Greg Leon Phillips @GregPhillipa🔁 LIVE: #Texans Theatre - @NFLFilms 'On A Mission'
carmenssita @queencarmenc🔁Takes us a 10 hour drive just to get out of Texas. Then 6 hours to cross through 2 whole other states. No wonder we Texans are so conceded
Jordan Friedman @JordanFriedmann🔁 Playoff wins since 1997

Houston Texans: 3
Dallas Cowboys: 2

Plus the Texans didn't even exist until 2002.


Texans Guy @The_Texans_Guy🔁The Truth comes home!
Callie Carey @CareyCallie🔁This is what freedom looks like! Take action below to support property tax reform & freedom!
Callie Carey @CareyCallie🔁TAKE ACTION NOW: Contact your legislator below to support property tax reform!
David Gruber @InFaithWedRabbi🔁These awesome Texans are getting ready for their Hill Day visits. You can be a part of Hill Day, too. Just stop by the Advocacy Hub!
spooky black. @Tuhnahkuh🔁the ones who booed JJ Watt when he was a drafted? Texans fans are illogical but saying the support everything the Tex ans do is silly.
Wendy @93UTBMG🔁Texans for Public Education rally is underway on the South Steps of the Capitol today.
Mary @knoxdiver🔁@Celeste_pewter Is there something specific Texans should share with Cruz?
Callie Carey @CareyCallie🔁Happy activists pounding the pavement today! Support them and take action below!
Melissa Cox @MCox_Fairfield🔁Freestone and Limestone County Teachers supporting Texans for Public Education at the Capital in Austin.
Melissa Cox @MCox_Fairfield🔁FISD Teachers supporting Texans For Public Education at the Capital in Austin.
Christine Welborn @aggie4freedom🔁Honored to participate in the Defending Local Liberty panel for the Policy Orientation. Texans need a vote in the annexation process!
AJ Balian @AJ_Balian🔁 NFL Dates:

Texans camp in 9 days

HOF game in 17 days

Texans / Panthers preseason week 1 game in 23 days

Wendy @93UTBMG🔁Thx for tireless work for 5M+ TX kids. Hope is listening or gets voted out by parents, teachers, Texans.
Red Nation BR 🇧🇷 @RedNationBR🔁NBA rules allows him to buy the team, sir? If my researches are correct, he had to sell his part on Texans due to his gambling business.
Fairfield ISD @FairfieldISD🔁FISD Teachers supporting Texans for Public Education at the Capital in Austin.
Pamela Meerbrey @PamelaAMeerbrey🔁As special session gets underway, we're grateful for for standing alongside Texans to stop bathroom bills!
J @barkley1j🔁 Happy #WorldEmojiDay!

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Visit Houston Texas @VisitHouston🔁Whether you're going to the game, or watching it at home, be ready this fall with the schedule:
🇻🇨Paulo Di Balla 🌹 @FEELZ_🔁@TrillSmith 😭😭😭he used to be at the texans fames too w matt schaub
Aransas County ISD @ACISD🔁The Texas State Teachers Association in partnership with Texans for Public Education and several other pro-public...
Pamela Meerbrey @PamelaAMeerbrey🔁. Bathroom bill = discrimination. is suppose to represent ALL Texans.

PACMAN @1994Deontae🔁BOLD NFL predictions. Texans make AFC championship, titans make the playoffs as a wild card, Tampa wins NFC south, and Antonio Brown is MVP.
robert garner @ghostheadfinder🔁@adamclanton Dr.Howard your patient is going into cardiac arrest! Dr. Howard; Cant you see i'm on the phone? F off. The Texans take take
spooky black. @Tuhnahkuh🔁@RedNationBlogga the same Texans fans that booed Matt Schaub in the middle of a game?
No Quarter Given @chaedria🔁Well, we're crazy about Texas. And the South. Come to to learn why we love the region and want to fix it
ㅤ @wujukiss🔁texans 😻😻


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