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Terry Rozier Gold Grill JaVale @TurntUpTurrence🔁 When 0-9 from 3 Trevor Ariza and 0-10 from 3 Terry Rozier see each other
Terry Rozier cold.Fire @nana__kay_🔁 Trevor Ariza in Game 7 vs Terry Rozier in Game 7
MrConstant @lenockorea🔁 Kyrie coming up to Terry Rozier after the game
Terry Rozier Prince Akeem @DallenEdwards🔁 Trevor Ariza running into Terry Rozier
Maggie Parsons @parsons_maggie🔁 Terry Rozier made a bold decision ...

And LeBron did that thing he does.


Terry Rozier Brandon Williams🤙🏾 @Bdub213🔁 Trevor Ariza when he bumps into Terry Rozier in Cancun
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Terry Rozier made a bold decision ...

And LeBron did that thing he does.


Skip Bayless @RealSkipBayless🔁Terry Rozier, Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart combined to go 3-26 from 3. Most of 'em were WIDE OPEN. This stage was j twitter.com ust too big for these Celtics, as I predicted it would be.
Skip Bayless @RealSkipBayless🔁Terry Rozier has been shockingly Scary for Celtics fans. He has simply shot his team right out of this game.
Jakob_waxler34 @jakob_waxler34🔁 Terry rozier and Trevor ariza both you niggas kick rocks
Bryant @Bryant_Cee🔁@acebx637 I want a terry rozier jersey
SEAN @MrStewart35🔁*Terry Rozier stumbles out of bed, heads to the toilet, pulls down his pants, misses the bowl completely

Narrator: "Make that 0-11 from three"

Sammy G @Dc_Sammyg🔁 “Terry Rozier had the worst game imaginable in a Game 7”

Trevor Ariza - “hold my beer”

Angela Lento @collegeinsider🔁People need to lighten up on Terry Rozier -- James Harden (likely MVP of the league) was 2-for-13 from beyond the arc twitter.com in Game 7.

NOTE: 2 months ago Terry Rozier was NOT even a starter. ☘️

‘93 Til Infinity War 🇧🇲 @Snarkologist🔁Trevor Ariza pulled a Terry Rozier, the day after Terry Rozier
Rico @23JordanJ23🔁Terry Rozier rankings for the entire 2018 NBA playoffs:

1st in 3-pointers made
7th in points
4th in assists
8th in defensive rebounds
6th in steals

And still has only committed 22 turnovers, compared to LeBron’s 66.



BRY @bryantabao🔁"If Trevor Ariza and Terry Rozier were the shooters, Tupac & Biggie would still be alive." LMFAOO WHY Y'ALL GOTTA DO 'EM LIKE THAT 😂😂
Mylz Jones @TheDeuce4MJ🔁 Warriors best player tonight was Trevor Ariza. What a performance!

42 mins
0-12 fg
0-9 3p
0 points

Terry Rozier who?

Will.I.Am @RealDavidPlaza🔁 Breaking News: #Rockets’ (entire team) attempts to impersonate Terry Rozier from three, loses game to defending champs
Khalid 👽 @khaildkura🔁 Terry Rozier and Trevor Ariza are on the same boat
'18 Seth Rollins. @RizzyWhitted🔁The Houston Terry Rozier's.
🌴Sabbatical Urn🏺 @redbaaron95🔁Niggas watched Terry Rozier build a brick house yesterday like that's normal and Jaylen Brown knock LeBron's shot off twitter.com the backboard and say we doubted LeBron. No nigga. What are the odds that would ever happen. It's amazing, but I'm not gonna act like I expected it tho😂
Kids 4K TV @ChuyenKy🔁Blakely: Terry Rozier, Jaylen Brown will learn from the Game 7 struggle: youtu.be via @YouTube
Kingi @trademarktaz🔁 Trevor Ariza was the Terry Rozier of the Rockets
Sir Anthony Greendown from Sector 9 @DillEsq🔁Terry Rozier numbers twitter.com
Joestradamus, MD @Jr_Akademik🔁 Wouldn't be surprised if we found out down the line that Trevor Ariza and Terry Rozier are related.
William @williamsmth66🔁 Such a shame that Trevor Ariza, Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier didn’t show up to their teams Game 7 !!
Donda @__Xolani🔁 him and terry rozier got the same bookie. twitter.com
Uncle B @RealCousinB🔁 Terry Rozier: I’m going to shoot the most bricks in a game seven ever.

Trevor Ariza: hold my beer.

Brian Celestino @brianMcFlyin🔁 Trevor ariza saw terry rozier's performance last night and said "hold my beer" twitter.com
Zhan Wang Stan Account @APriar94🔁 It’s Trevor Ariza vs Terry Rozier in a 3 Point shooting contest with your life on the line who you got? JihaD
Fire GarPax @CrownTheBulls🔁 If you was Terry Rozier, the guy who went 0/10 from 3 in Game 7 of the ECF, what would you do this upcoming season?
David Zanotti Filho @Dadinhozf🔁If Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, and Terry Rozier went 6 for 28 shooting 3’s last night the Celtics would be in the NBA Finals.

But it was all LeBron, right?

X - The Flagrant One @BlackIce392🔁Terry Rozier: No way someone else could go 0/10 from three right?
Trevor Ariza: Bet
Slick Gravano @thelonerang3r🔁Trevor Ariza was the Terry Rozier of the Rockets
💎 @JAYWOODS94🔁For the next 10 hours this is a Terry Rozier and James Harden slander account


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