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TempleTempleTempleTemple RAEGAN B @urbaneagle_🔁 Temple Student Government photoshoots are my favorite pastime activity

PC: @shefaahsan

Victoria Temple @omarr_temple🔁 Goodbye Bambam. You will be missed ✌🏽️ #BBNaija
Temple terry temple @temple_terry🔁 🤔Sooooo is it GO B1G? Or ...
Temple 🦁🥝🌻 yani @mockingHero🔁 did he tell you what happened? that night I destroyed his temple, did he tell you why?
Amit Shah @AmitShah🔁Visited the sacred Sri Kanteshwara Temple in Nanjangud, Mysuru to seek blessings of Lord Shiva. Nanjangud is also kno twitter.com wn as "Dakshina Kashi", Kashi of the South.
Amit Shah @AmitShah🔁On the auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, took blessings of Bhagwan Shri Hanuman at Kote Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temp twitter.com le in Mysuru.
Shefali Vaidya @ShefVaidya🔁Yes, there are huge concrete churches practically every 500 mtrs in the coastal belt of Kerala n Andhra. New temples twitter.com are hardly being built, because enough Dhimmi Hindus whine, 'but but but, why do we need another temple'. No one asks that Q for Churches or mosques!
South Madison Voters @MadisonVoters🔁Thank you volunteers! We reminded lots of people to vote for on Tuesday April 3rd! We'll be at the Labor Temple ag twitter.com ain on Monday and Tuesday from 4pm - 7pm in room 201C for voter mobilization phone banking and canvassing.
Sheilah Raven13 TM @dwballad2003232🔁13love Ma Cuzzinz of TLC 13love community Private i will ma services serve u well and heal yah temple

Traveller @sachaturvedi🔁. on RaGa TEMPLE RUN & verbal slaps to who seems will not survive w'out eating BEEF. THE LAW is since 1960!
Victoria Temple @omarr_temple🔁Official Statement from sponsors - registering their displeasure at CeeC on her words and actions towards the outfit she was given for the party tonight.
Yvonne @HeavenlyAngel28🔁 “I invite you to make the blessings of the holy temple the beginning and the end of each missionary’s experience, i twitter.com ncluding your own. By and through you, the temple will become a place of gathering for all those who join the fold of Christ.” ~Bishop Gérald Caussé 💖
Pepper @tiredgirlaf_🔁Our body is a temple. And everybody SHOULD respect a temple regardless of its structure and type. So, flaunt.
Victoria Temple @omarr_temple🔁Tonight Party Ranking

Miracle: Father of the bride
Bambam : Mother of the bride
Tobi : Bride's Uncle
Rico : Grand Father
Alex : Bride's Aunty
Anto : Bride junior sister
Nina : Bride junior sister
Teddy : Groom's father
Lolu : Groom
Khloe : Bride
Cee-C : Steward

Yvonne @HeavenlyAngel28🔁 “I invite you to prayerfully consider what kind of sacrifice~preferably a sacrifice of time~you can make to do more twitter.com temple and family history work.” -Elder Renlund 💖
cherrie @CCK_61🔁i'm going to be very serious about my body from now henceforth. very serious about what I put on it, and what I put i twitter.com n it, and it is no one else's temple but my spirit's, because I am god.
Celebrating @TCM @CelebratingTCM🔁My family and I watched the Christmas classic films every year on tv (IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, etc). We watched THE WIZARD OF OZ on tv every year, too. And my aunt gave me a VHS tape with Shirley Temple films on it when I was 9 or so. Musicals from my mom came later 😊
Hannah @HannahLopeman🔁 my body is a temple and I treat it like a frat house
Andrea PY @LaiPhooi🔁When the mind of each person in this world knows true peace, the world will know peace


Bianka Kovacs @biankakovacs35🔁The of and the temple of Apollo below (4th century BCE). The capacity of the theatre was around 5,000 spectators.

Nick Gillespie @nickgillespie🔁@KurtisBacks @EricBoehm87 As a Temple alum from the Chaney years, I think the score is already too high.
Sambas & Umbros @MedlowMinus🔁What do Temple’s surgeon-in-chief, deputy chief of campus safety operations and vice president for student affairs have in common? They’re all strong, influential women.
JREZ🌺 @Maui_Native🔁@firebomb56 We are just getting light rain in Temple Valley / Ahuimanu
I logged it on the #mPING app! Where’s the floods?
Victoria Temple @omarr_temple🔁 so because Teddy A is crying he loves Bambam? Lol Y'all haven't met the Yoruba demons you always scream about.
Jane Toomey @toomaaay🔁 anyone know where to get weed in Temple Bar
Victoria Temple @omarr_temple🔁Teddy A said he cannot believe Nigerians prefer Ceec to Bambam! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣And I’m with him on this one. The result of these votes show a lot about who we are. See why I run from humans! 🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️
Progressive NAACP @TEMPLE_NAACP🔁The Progressive Naacp Presents the “Image Awards” which will be a night of celebration for the many accomplishments o twitter.com f individuals and organizations that demonstrate acts of service, activism, and advocacy on campus💪🏾
Celebrating @TCM @CelebratingTCM🔁My grandparents first introduced me to classic films as a child. It started with musicals, Oklahoma, Sound of Music etc. Also, Shirley Temple & live action Disney movies. I believe the first non musical, non Disney classic film I saw was Casablanca.
Victoria Temple @omarr_temple🔁 Ebuka came for Bambam like Teddy’s girlfriend sent him. 😂
ysessu @ysessu🔁Earliest known inscription from West Bengal is Vaishnavite. Pre Gupta Susunia Hill inscription by Bengali king Candravarman records construction of Vishnu Cakraswamin temple. Brahmi shows proto Bengali features

Rama is native to Bengal & Communism is alien 20th century ideology

Release kumkani uDalindyebo @mthunziwenkukhu🔁"Jews and Christians go to Temple and Church and speak about God. Muslimz go to mosque and speak to God. Afrikanz go in the forest and through ritual and dance become God."
xxxxx — Wade Davis (from the book Avatar, by Anthony Browder, p.43)
Sr Rabugento @maltruista🔁JESUS: This is my body, this is my blood and this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down. I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the prince of peace with long hair. In Bethlehem city, born and raised, in the temple is w
Zoraida Golding @zgolding66🔁In the Old Testament Jesus chose his literal presence in the literal Temple of Jerusalem. Jerusalem was holy because twitter.com Jesus manifested there; If Jesus had chosen Babylon, then Babylon would have been holy.
Global Commons @ProGloCommons🔁Join Social Equity Educators, Oklahoma Teachers United, and Arizona Teachers United in solidarity with teachers’ and educators’ struggle across the country, Saturday March 31 at 4pm at the Labor Temple.
Jim Jaggers @JJaggers_WREG3🔁Right now, 500 people are gathering at Temple Israel in Memphis for a “Freedom Seder” celebrating commonalities between the Jewish and African-American communities. They point out Dr. King was going to attend a Passover Seder in Memphis the night he was killed.
Michelle Ann @mishaquita🔁I heard if you pour a circle of salt around yourself those dangerous brown illegals can’t get ya. You’ll be safe in y twitter.com our white temple of soullessness. And try and get a little more creative with your insults...libtard is pretty played out and makes you look dull (and mean).
Rachel May @rachelmay222🔁attending Judas Priest at The Detroit Masonic Temple at The Detroit Masonic Temple facebook.com
steven temple @temple_steven🔁@Artyfakes @LaughingOrc Baby got back 🍑
Colin Hamilton @ImwithCol🔁If I hear one more politician claiming to be a Christian while supporting cutting welfare payments to the most needy and vilifying refugees, I will vomit. Christ would have tossed this mob from the temple that is for sure.
nct love bot @drxvn🔁yukhei
- back hugs galore
- kisses your temple while you’re half asleep
- is really loud but knows he doesn’t have to be with you
- complains a lot but it’s cute
- likes when you pick out his clothes
- would kill to see you IN his clothes
- stares a lot. all the time. never stops
Salamanda @salamandagh🔁It was a wonderful service at ICGC Calvary Temple () today! Our faith in Christ was deepened and we know that His grace is taking us to the next level. I wish you a Happy !

Shannon Davis @smayedavis🔁Ginger ale + grenadine + Maraschino cherry = Shirley Temple

Ginger ale + grenadine + Manischewitz = Shirley Temple Beth-Israel

Cami Tujague @camitujague🔁"The blessings of the temple … have a stunning capacity to heal. Temple blessings can heal hearts and lives and families." @DaleGRunlund
I'Yana🌺 @_yannbon🔁And I’m going to Temple what a great year 😁 twitter.com
Emma @LADYDAY93🔁Jinkies old man, will you genug already with the temple granaries? It's not like Moses took the grain from all the p twitter.com eople in Egyptland.
Dungeon Crawl Bot @DungeonCrawlBot🔁Eilhart entered a forgotten temple in Astea looking for refuge. Only the Divines knew what awaited the young soldier there...
Jovan Bozinoski @BozinoskiJovan🔁..for your eyes only.. part XXVIII
..the temple and the queen.. … instagram.com
വിനോദ് എന്‍ രാജ്. @vinodnraj🔁The curiously of . Anybody know of the reasons behind this striking similarity?
Mausam @Mausam1975🔁Sheela Bhatt: ‘Rajiv offered to help RSS build Ram Temple in Ayodhya’ (Sunday Guardian) sundayguardianlive.com @Swamy39 @vhsindia
Cindy @cindyLA🔁I'm at Wells Fargo in Temple City, CA swarmapp.com
Strings👑Bling💙☀ @thandeka_brit🔁 @ClintonViceB My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit..dwelling house of God..I can't
Ross @wochie🔁Capra on tapra - Drinking a Daisy Capra by @halfacrebeer @ The Beer Temple Taproom — untp.beer #photo
雪片│•ᏕᏁᎧᏇᎦᏝᏗᏦᏋ• @PitchBlackDemon🔁decided to sleep on
her bed inside the
Temple for once.
🌗 @christinegchua🔁 God's temple is holy, & you are that temple. -1Cor 3:17
Avery Jordan. @LamentableDolor🔁[] « out, she grunted and felt the tears trickle down the side of her temple, as she approached the nearby room of wh twitter.com ere Theo was sleeping.
Always Learning @nate_ha🔁Update: I did it. Level 5 - K “Blast & Bounce” has been completed, I have one more orb, only 3 to go until I can get twitter.com inside the Golden Temple.
Travel Japan @TravelJPN🔁Why Ginkakuji (銀閣寺) isn't Silver Pavillion? If you want to know...check this post! goo.gl #Kyoto #temple
Temple Owl @Philly_Bully🔁If anyone asked what I think is the best part about Temple, I would say without hesitation: THE STUDENTS.

They are talented, hard-working, supportive, intelligent, rational, and just the best human beings on the planet. Students; know that you learn a lot from your peers.

YJSPARTY @YJSPARTY🔁Awesome & Grand Looking Piece, Looks Like It Belongs To The Left Of The NICANOR Gate Entrance, At The Chamber Of Oils twitter.com & Wines In The Outer Court, Court Of The Women, inside Jerusalem’s Temple.
Sachin @Sachin57795737🔁On the auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, took blessings of Bhagwan Shri Hanuman at Kote Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple in Mysuru.
KEYSCLUB @TheKeysClub🔁Temple of the goddess Isis at Philea. Now on the Agilkia island): the entrance gate of the first Pylon, flanked by Isis(to the left) and Hathor (to the right), and by two protective guardian lions. On the background, Isis represented on the west tower of the second Pylon
cajunsmiley❄RESIST🌏 @cajunsmiley🔁You get the feeling that there's a groundswell of opposition to Fox News. But this time around, these propagandists should be afraid. VERY afraid. May Fox News implode like King Louie's temple in The Jungle Book.
Hodges @B_Hodges13🔁 The Temple sounds like Minute Maid North today
jarrod butts @jarrodbutts🔁You get the feeling that there's a groundswell of opposition to Fox News. But this time around, these propagandists s twitter.com hould be afraid. VERY afraid. May Fox News implode like King Louie's temple in The Jungle Book.
terry temple @temple_terry🔁@AntDavis23 Looks good!
Heavenly Lights @Jesus_YaHWeH_🔁Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, &he shall go no more out: &I will write upon him the name of my God, &the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: &I will write upon him my new name -Rev3:12
Alex Hernandez 🇺🇸 @ahernandez85b🔁 The Temple Mount is not where The world thinks it is youtu.be via @YouTube
Karito @KaritoSoBscl🔁"Only yesterday you lied
Promises of what I seemed to be
Only watched the time go by
All of these things you said to me"

Stone Temple Pilots

Sandy @Mein81Held🔁"Wait, did they just announce a temple in Puerto Rico?"
"Sandy, they still have to build Puerto Rico back up before they can build a temple there."
moonchild baby @ManonFeder🔁inside the chaos, I build the temple of love


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