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Mesa Sez @MesaSez🔁set the Tempe
Tempe LaRee Lynn @lareelynn01🔁@jennikarae @Sam4nd This will have to be on your to do list. A mountain is a short beautiful hike in Tempe 😉
Tempe Mimi Madeira @MimiMadeira1🔁@bhamiltonTV This is from Tempe
TempeTempeTempeTempe Levi Escobar @TheOneNOnlyLevi🔁Nice little Tuesday evening in Tempe...
Tempe Vernelle Mirosh @VernelleVmirosh🔁 Go ahead, Tempe...


Tempe Genesis Espriella @GenesisEspriel3🔁#tempe#sunsets#💕
Tempe AZCharterAssociation @AZCharterSchool🔁 Tempe Prep senior receives prestigious State Department scholarship to study in Korea!
TempeTempe Campus Flowers @CampusFlowers🔁 We deliver everywhere in South Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler & West Mesa
Tempe Ryan Kane @KaneSearch🔁On the tee from Tempe, Arizona ......@pstove #mg17
azcentral @azcentral🔁#BREAKING Abandoned newborn found in Tempe grocery store parking lot
C-Unit @CUnitFootball🔁The fast food industry in Tempe has a thriving job market.
Arizona Jobs @AZJobConnecter🔁#TempeJobs #PHXJobs #AZJobs #jobs Application Support Lead - TheBostonGroup - Tempe, AZ see➔
GET ON FIRST PAGE @getonfirstpage🔁Tempe Furniture Store ... stores furniture furniture ... marketing,Internet marketing,SEO,first page,top of Internet,AZ
🗯 @jessxrs🔁 Jess and I are going to open the coolest coffee shop/bakery in Tempe in a couple years
diversion program @steve__jobs_🔁@semicidal @isolatedthreat @suggarhiccup my favorite tempe establishment
s_u_c_c @_succ_🔁greens stress's hippy Marissa's hush's Tempe housemothers Manson presumable
apehuman @apehuman🔁@Maddow Sammy the Bull rented my home in Tempe as Jimmy (witness protection) for a year. Had eye job, scared neighbors. Didn't renew lease.
BlogToWinn WinnComm @blogtowinn🔁Blog Tempe Added to Tempe Convention and Visitors Bureau Web site as a Forum for #general
Tempe Tyres @TempeTyres🔁These ML63 wheels are perfect for your Mercedes
Redstreak Girl @redstreakgirl🔁I loved meeting BUSH band members Chris Traynor, Corey Britz, Gavin Rossdale, and Robin Goodridge before their Tempe concert!
linda @kayleneherb🔁Jess and I are going to open the coolest coffee shop/bakery in Tempe in a couple years
Antonio @justwestcoastin🔁Packed house tonight...

See you tomorrow afternoon at 5:30pm!

THEEXPOS/AARON @The_Expos_USA🔁anyone got a space in Phoenix or Tempe I can have a show for louder bands on June 25th?
2121 Mill Avenue @2121MillAvenue🔁Check out this huge new development, with penthouse space, slated on Tempe Town Lake via @phxbizjournal
2121 Mill Avenue @2121MillAvenue🔁Fenix Development breaks ground on 1.9 million-square-foot mixed-use Tempe project
Murphy Farrell @atouchofmurphy🔁Today we snuck into this little area of Tempe lake and ate subway sandwiches and listened to Tupac and talked about l ife 💖 golden memories❤️
Jocelyne V @Lyn_9412🔁@SoCalVall Damn 😂😂 we gotta look in Tempe or Scottsdale Bc there's not many options here
Antonio @justwestcoastin🔁45 minutes cardio
Hill Sprints ✔

20 minutes sauna ✔

Mission Complete✔✔✔ @ LA Fitness - TEMPE @DevilsDigest🔁Allen (Tex.) High School running back who has an Arizona State offer unoffically visited Tempe today.
Arizona Jobs @AZJobConnecter🔁#TempeJobs #PHXJobs #AZJobs #jobs Accounting Specialist - State Bar of Arizona - Phoenix, AZ see➔
Sydney Pokémon Alert @SydneyPogoMap🔁[Tempe] Meganium (M) until 02:33:50PM at 659 Princes Hwy
Annie Are You Okay @A_Cara_Ilean_S🔁come see these crazy kids in Dog Sees God this weekend at Tempe Center for the Arts! 😍 get tix and more info in the link in my bio 💛🖤
amy 🤷🏻‍♀️ @wingsofgxld🔁@jihyunkkim Do you like love at Tempe marketplace all your photos look like that place to me
ΔLN. @fuckUallen🔁We have a lot of merch on this tour. Come out to a show!

6/6 Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
6/7 Tempe, AZ @ 51...

Antonio @justwestcoastin🔁Fear is only a fictional movie! @ Tempe, Arizona
Gary G Evenson @EvensonGary🔁@sundevkid1_john @Jeremy_Cluff Phoenix Area is Arizonas Asshole. If God were 2 give the earth an enema, he'd stick the hose in Tempe
Tempe Jobs Work @TempeJobsWork🔁#TempeJobs #PHXJobs #AZJobs #jobs Logistics Team Member - TARGET - Tempe, AZ see➔
TwistedMindRadio @TwistedMindRdio🔁Finishing this All-American, All-Female-Fronted-Hard Rock set with the band "Eyes Set To Kill" from Tempe, AZ....
Ben Rosett @BenRosett🔁We have a lot of merch on this tour. Come out to a show!

6/6 Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
6/7 Tempe, AZ @ 51...

Jobs Glendale AZ @WorkGlendaleAZ🔁Tempe, #AZ - Mach 1 Global Services - Operations Agent - MACH 1 GLOBAL SERVICES founded ... #GLENDALE #DRIVING #JOB
Peggy McClain @redwildcat🔁As long as they leave Tempe alone, we have too much unnecessary construction.
KeshaunCalip @KeshaunCalip🔁 uhhh tempe's in arizona
Robo Thugger ひ @robo_thugger🔁Tempe AZ & teamysl will definitely be in the 90s once I realized that Patman couldn't wear jeans.
AYE-liyah @quallzilla🔁all my friends are either busy or not around tempe lmao
Phoenix Area Jobs @PHXAreaJobsWork🔁#TempeJobs #PHXJobs #AZJobs #jobs Preliminary Notice Specialist - Great Culture, Amazing Benefits .. see➔
Visuals x Philly @VisualsxPhilly🔁Sacramento > Phoenix and heading to San Diego for a show tomorrow! @ Tempe,…
My Local News @mylocalnewsaz🔁Tempe Prep Grads Receive Over $6 Million in College Scholarships | Congratulations to Tempe Preparatory Academy’s...
David M. Hondula @ASUHondula🔁100F day#17. High of 107. Too hot for an afternoon workout? Not for these hearty souls at Town Lake.
My Local News @mylocalnewsaz🔁Tempe Prep Senior Receives State Department Scholarship to Study in Korea | Congratulations to Tempe Prep Senior...
Tempe Tyres @TempeTyres🔁BallisticOffRoad JESTER wheels, Let's Go!
Bo Hong @BoBites🔁Gonna be a hot run (@ Tempe Town Marina) on #Yelp
My Local News @mylocalnewsaz🔁An Historian’s Perspective: Why Trump Won the Election - Kiwanis Club of Tempe | Dr. Larry Schweikart, who is...
1BadKitty88 @1BadKitty88🔁Look at how cute my car is now!!!! ❤️ @ Bon Tempe
Tempe Weather @_TempeAZ🔁current weather in Tempe: clear sky, 102°F
12% humidity, wind 9mph, pressure 1008mb
منصور العتيبي @kwt511🔁I'm at Downtown Tempe in Tempe, AZ
Tempe Weather @_TempeAZ🔁Tempe: 7:35pm: sunset
Intermedia Group Inc @intermediagrp🔁Technical (IT) Recruiter – Financial Services Client - Tempe, AZ
Alec "COWBOY" @ZoneA_Media🔁 road trip to tempe tonight😤 bye bitch ass arizona!!
Trainmedi-keep going @Trainmedi🔁Digital Infrared Thermometer with Fast Accurate Non-contact High Tempe…
الموووبتعث محميد|Y| @m7med__m6r🔁I'm at Wessen Int'l Kitchen in Tempe, AZ
Norma Velazquez @Normvel🔁Dermaplaning- Remove dead skin cells, old makeup, and vellus hair (peach 🍑 fuzz)📲 602-952-8446
Rock (mo)Lee @maughlie🔁Anyone wanna take over my lease ??! $775 base rent ! In tempe rly close to ASU!
منصور العتيبي @kwt511🔁I'm at Arizona State University - @asu in Tempe, AZ w/ @ofalmatar
Zenaida A.M. Mlaska @LadyZenaida🔁Baby found abandoned in Tempe parking lot
Community Scene @community_scene🔁Magician Jordon Taylor - Apr 7 #tempetickets
Sharonda Greenlaw @Shari_rocks🔁I'm at @Chilis Grill & Bar in Tempe, AZ
emily @countthemoon🔁When a man comes into your work to deliver something from the city of Tempe and cannot leave without emphasizing your "beautiful smile!!!" 🙃
Michelle Inskeep @MichelleInskeep🔁Small and growing company in the East Valley is looking for Business Analysts! Direct Hire opportunity for the righ…
KnowYourLeakGuy @KnowYourLeakGuy🔁Newborn Baby Found Inside Backpack At Tempe Grocery Store (pls RT↺❤️) ️️ #tempefoodcity #tempe
Thyra Gadek @ThyraGadek🔁Sales and Use Tax Accountant - Tempe, Arizona
Brian Michael Garcia @briangarcia365🔁BMMG on Gravity Ropes
@ Main Event-Tempe, AZ
6/02/2017 Part 15 @…
Ben Gibbons @bendgibbons🔁@SocialRoadTrip A2: If memory serves, 104 in Tempe, and sledding after dark at -30 below in Dayton OH. #SocialRoadTrip
Marv LeVar @MarvMuzik🔁WANT THIS STYLE?
Marvelous The Barber 💈
Text 219 290 0010
Located in Tempe
منصور العتيبي @kwt511🔁I'm at Hayden Library - @asulibraries in Tempe, AZ
Brian Michael Garcia @briangarcia365🔁BMMG on Gravity Ropes
@ Main Event-Tempe, AZ
6/02/2017 Part 12 @…
Fandyman @AndrewNeis🔁Excellent brown! Smooth. Malty. Yummy!! - Drinking a Nut Brown Ale by @oakcreekbrewery @ Loco Patron Tempe —
Marv LeVar @MarvMuzik🔁WANT THIS STYLE?
TEXT 219 290 0010
Marvelous The Barber 💈
Located in Tempe
Kevin Friedlander @KSFriedlanderWF🔁Congrats Habitat & 's AZ team on the Veteran’s home in Tempe.
Joshua Marc Aragon @JoshAragon🔁@IAmKatieHurst Batteries plus in Tempe recycles batteries at no cost.


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