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Ted CruzTed CruzTed Cruz Zachary Payne @zachary_payne_5🔁 ted cruz looks like if kevin from the office had a kid with gabe from the office
nawal! @narhwals🔁 Ted Cruz was like:
Joseph Broderick @jobro1356🔁 F••k Ted Cruz for saying he wants to deport Dreamers #DACADeal
Ted Cruz The Daily Toreador @DailyToreador🔁"The holy bible: Ted Cruz version." Cartoon by @notthatgibby
Ξthan @thatguy23t🔁 Ted Cruz: An Update.
Liz Wheeler @Liz_Wheeler🔁Chilling ---> Libs make Ted Cruz trend over obscene tweet, but go silent when Democratic Mayor Ed Murray resigns over 5th sexual abuse claim
Full Frontal @FullFrontalSamB🔁We missed a lot on our summer break. Let's ease back in with Trump's blind side, Ted Cruz’s Twitter kink, and two hug e hurricanes.
asko @Asko_v🔁Ted Cruz: Consenting adults should be able to do whatever they want in their bedrooms; “The media and the left seem obsessed with sex”
CatsMeow @LoriDundas1🔁Ted Cruz is right, we must deport Dreamers. We must have a country of laws.
Patrick L. Lee @patricklee6669🔁Ted Cruz' sex life and kinks would be his own business if he hadn't spent a career being an asshole about everyone else's. Dude's fair game
Claire Welch @oFsUnn7Zz5ap4R1🔁Ted Cruz on porn video "liked" on his Twitter account: "It was not me," it was staffer's "honest mistake"
Sherry Dean @DeansherryS🔁 On the good news front, I haven't had to see the words "Ted Cruz" and "sex" or "porn" in the same 140 characters today.
Liv Gallagher @only_LIV_once🔁 Bernie Sanders your silence on Ted Cruz jacking off is deafening
FLORALTOOTSIEPOP @floralugly🔁@ankIemonitor @Thalmor well ted cruz is allowed ok
Friends Of Trump UK @trump_friends🔁
Ted Cruz hits the LIKE button 1 time & it's a scandal.

Hillary Clinton hits the DELETE button 33,000 times & it's crickets.

maddie @villainousvibn🔁 ted cruz liking porn on twitter on 9/11 is wild there's literally no way we don't live in the matrix
sgJet14 @sg2jet2🔁@AnnCoulter You

Many have said you roll over on your back for just about anybody or thing, possibly even Ted Cruz

TooFab @TooFab🔁.@iamsambee mocks "Texas Tugger" @TedCruz for that porn fiasco and rips "bewigged Slenderman" @AnnCoulter
Marva @justmarva🔁yeah and fuck ted cruz for other things too
Felicia Baxter @Felicia91469700🔁 Let's leave Ted Cruz alone, guys. Zodiac killers are allowed to jerk off too.
Tee @Tee98466820🔁Love how MSM flips over Ted Cruz's account liking a porn post but doesn't bother to cover a Democrat Mayor resigning for pedophilia charges.
Lorrie @LorrieHicks10🔁Who wants Obama back, and who wants Trump?
Hope Hicks Ted Cruz
(Retweet to let people vote!)
Jade Jones @MissJadeJones🔁Porn stars , , , and reveal the gross truth about Ted Cruz.
Inez Hurtado @sailorsueno🔁 I’m doing a Kickstarter to buy Ted Cruz a Fleshlight
Beth Eastwood @BethEastwood🔁Has anyone recv'd a call? -- via Ted Cruz's Pollster Is Flooding W/ Anti-gay Robocalls
Mariah Sanchez 🎃 @mariah_elyse17🔁My Gov professor is talking about how Ted Cruz liked porn 😂😂😂
Justin @ThePocketJustin🔁 I almost made it through my whole life without ever once imagining Ted Cruz masturbating...
Graeme Widener @Gram46_OW🔁 I ship Ted Cruz and the presidency 😭😭💦💦😩😩😩😩👍👍💀💀⚒️⚒️💀💀
Dianne Davis @diannemando🔁@Lilyachttty Ted Cruz- the American stain.
Rachael Herron @RachaelHerron🔁'Ted Cruz jerks off to incest porn on 9/11' is the most American headline you could imagine. Americans should have to salute to it.
averyadamms @AveryAdamms🔁This is why I thought the Ted Cruz 'like' was silly. Republicans are forgiving anything these days. After all, they'v e been pu$$ywhipped.
CynicalVampire @SpillMyTincture🔁For all the lolz about his interview today, it's very admirable that Ted Cruz is not throwing a staffer under the bus here. Other pols would
EscapeVelocity @EscapeVelo🔁 I'm thinking of buying one of those Ted Cruz 2020 t-shirts.
Nicole @NicoleInPHL🔁So to summarize. In the primaries Trump showed America he had balls. Cruz did not. Hopefully someday we get a Ted Cru z with Trump's balls.
Megan Bond @oXJTZ871hfDsXdT🔁 The Ted Cruz porn scandal is just a PR stunt to distract us from the fact that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer
Deacon Blues @mork1215🔁 The really creepy part is that Ted Cruz liked it.
Rebecca Parrish @beccaboo1403🔁@Amy_Siskind The worst is Ted Cruz and genitals. *shudder*
Christiana Gallagher @GallaChristiana🔁Breaking news from the WH. An artists impression has been released of the staffer who hacked Ted Cruz' twitter account.
Nick Dayton @DaytonNick🔁@AnnCoulter Yes he was. His name was Ted Cruz.
DJ bouillabaisse @IVapeForMemes🔁@DuckFanAccount Ted Cruz is bound to like this
jar of mayo @discursivesouls🔁Between Ted Cruz liking porn on twitter and ppl admiting to their pennywise fetishes this world is rlly spinning out of control
Jim Worth @authorofmystery🔁Ted Cruz said the left is obsessed with sex

We ain't the ones throwing our digits on Twitter porn hearts at 1am and blaming interns, cowboy

PropagandaBot @conpropaganda🔁Lyin' Ted Cruz says Trump is plotting an intentional oil spill at DAPL -
Colton Barto @C_TownDogBear🔁[ted cruz crying on a park bench]
me: *sits beside him* if anything i think your cooler for jerking off
ted: *sniffles* really?
me: really:)
Cud Blay @CudBlay🔁Ted Cruz Likes Stepmom Porn
Purdue Exponent @purdueexponent🔁Here’s why Ted Cruz’s twitter shenanigans should matter to Purdue students.
capezzolo @capezzolo🔁@realDonaldTrump I bet this tweet comes from guy who worked for Ted Cruz until yesterday.
L8agn @mommu60🔁 If Ted Cruz was a Stars Wars character his name would be Hand Solo.
Bruce @wbruce44🔁Ted Cruz refuses to name staffer who liked porn tweet via @YouTube
Linda Cook @LindaCook86025🔁My account has been suspended for 30 days for saying that "Ted Cruz likes porn." Please retweet.
Ann Stokes @AnnStokes55🔁 Ted Cruz explains what he expects from Tax Reform in CNN interview
Nick Dayton @DaytonNick🔁@AnnCoulter Ted Cruz was the better option and you know it. You believed Trump's lies and you were wrong.
Anne @bently46🔁If you want to be "excited" u should go check out Ted Cruz's Twitter likes. You can leave politics to the adults and serious people.
Mark Schmidt @markschmidtz🔁Ted Cruz has a bit of a wild side, and we're not just talking about his Twitter likes. ( for CAFE)
jack mandala @jack_mandala🔁 if ted cruz would've pulled what he pulled today during the election he would have won hands down. absolutely incredible
Elmer fudd @meinglobe🔁Sen Ted Cruz with all his talk about loving the Constitution Voted against Rand Paul & Constitution 09-13-17
Ash-mash @Checkers_xiv🔁 Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer liking porn on 9/11 is the most 2017 thing to happen.
Harrison Odell Smith @ODELLSMITH72🔁 Ted Cruz: Flat tax is the best lever for job growth and higher wages |


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