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#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD C Betancourt @CBetancourt_PHE🔁Waiting for Matthew ! Our Rock star ! @MateodePapa2011 #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD PHHS Law Enforcement @rsl1651🔁Naeya cold now but burnin’ up the track! #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD C Betancourt @CBetancourt_PHE🔁Waiting for Matthew ! Our Rock star ! @MateodePapa2011 #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Socorro ISD @SocorroISD🔁 Bill Sybert Celebrating the best Assistant Principals in SISD. #Bill Sybert #TEAMSISD
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Cynthia Samaniego @sama_cje🔁Our kinder class writing their own fairy tales at chester jordan. #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD PHHS Law Enforcement @rsl1651🔁Patrick Duncan and one of his biggest fans! #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Texas MileSplit @TXMileSplit🔁 District 6A Track and Field Championships hosted by #TeamSISD at the SAC. Teamwork in action!!
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Maria Pina @mpina01_JDS🔁 Research in progress 📝. Getting ready for our wax museum #TeamSISD #JDS
#TeamSISD Edgar Ponce @EPonce_EHS🔁 My Marketing classes build marketing display for summer.
#marketing #advertising #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Rosa Chavez @Butler_ES🔁 Learning carnival at Helen Ball in full swing! #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD Rosie Serrato @Mz_Serrato_BES🔁El Dorado High School Folklorico @epchihuahuas! #EDHS #TeamSISD
William Trujillo Jr. @WillTrujillo09🔁 Socorro Tradition at Escontrias with @SHSflagship Mariachis! #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Tony Reza @SISD_FIN🔁El Dorado High School Folklorico performing tonight at the El Paso Chihuahuas game. Great job Aztecs!!#TeamSISD
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Karen Arras @karras_SMS🔁 This week we celebrate our wonderful Assistant Principals! Thank you for all you do! #TeamSISD
LUCIA BORREGO @SISD_ELEMENTARY🔁 What an eventful day at the Learning Carnival! #TeamSISD @HBall_ES
#TeamSISD LUCIA BORREGO @SISD_ELEMENTARY🔁 Happy Assistant Principals Week Ms. Carrillo & Ms. Mooy! We love you! #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD LUCIA BORREGO @SISD_ELEMENTARY🔁 Hambric Ready writers ! @Hambric_Pk8 #TEAMSISD
#TeamSISD Nadia De La Rosa @nadia_dlr🔁 Love seeing these beautiful “recycled” butterflies. Great job Hueco PK students!#TeamSISD
LUCIA BORREGO @SISD_ELEMENTARY🔁 Thank you @EFlores_SVES and @GMontes_SVES 💙💙💙 #TeamSISD #AutismAwarenessMonth @SVista_ES
Yolanda Gallo @YGallo_HES🔁Having fun learning about the Poteen Strawberry Festival 🍓 topped it off with a strawberry shortcake!
Ruth Melendez-Magana @MelendezMagana🔁Thank you Ms. George for all of your library services. Sanchez MS appreciates you.
E. Griego @EGriego_HES🔁Happy Librarians Week! Thank you Ms. Evans and Ms. Munoz for the job you do at our Hueco library!
E. Griego @EGriego_HES🔁Celebrating our amazing assistant principal Mr. Mendez! Thank you for everything that you do!
Ana Soto @HBall_ES🔁Today’s third grade AND fourth grade learning carnivals were rigorous and engaging. Learning is fun!!!
Michael Douglas @Douglas_EDHS🔁El Dorado High School Folklorico performing tonight at the El Paso Chihuahuas game. Great job Aztecs!!
Valerie Huh @VHuh_PMS🔁Flag flown over Fort Bliss presented to on behalf of all military children. Then the flag lowering team lowered and twitter.com folded the flags.
Rosa Chavez @Butler_ES🔁Celebrating these amazing women today. We appreciate all you do for our KNIGHTS. ❤️
Tony Reza @SISD_FIN🔁That finish was with an exclamation point! The Guard was certainly a crowd favorite! Today's performance was great!
Lori Anaya @LAnaya_BSS🔁3rd Grade Honors our Amazing APs on their week, I am representing Ms. Castañares as she delivers STAAR materials! ❤️🦂
Yvonne Alvarez @YAlvarez_LCES🔁Thank you Nicolas Figueroa, Sebastian Ruiz, and Jonathan Crow for being fierce competitors at today’s UIL meet! The e twitter.com xperience was worthwhile!
Alejandro Garcia @Garciaparasoco🔁Wow! Amazing gifts made from the ❤️, thank you Kinder teachers for your thoughtfulness 😊🐾❤️
Alejandro Garcia @Garciaparasoco🔁SHS Social Studies teachers using thinking maps to improve our PLC meetings.
Alejandro Garcia @Garciaparasoco🔁Brain break in Mrs. Licon's class keeps students motivated and ready to learn!
Drugan K-8 School @Drugan_Pk8🔁Thank you for everything it has truly been a pleasure working with you all!!
Patricia Cuevas @Americas_HS🔁Dumbledore’s Army solemnly swears that they are up to no good. Mischief managed! Harry Potter Fandom Night! ⚡️📚❤️🐍

Socorro ISD @SocorroISD🔁The dream team of assistant principals ! We laugh, cry and laugh some more. You all fill my bucket daily! Happy assistant principals week!


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