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#TeamSISD Johnny Gonzalez @JGonzal_🔁SHE PROM admin team #TeamSISD #flagship #bulldogstrong
#TeamSISD Cindy Retana @EDAztecs_HS🔁 BF Mi'totiliztli performing for Earth Day #TeamSISD #AztecEmpire
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Cathey Kaiser @CKaiser_OKES🔁 Getting Interviewed for Univision 26 about Our OKE To Stay In Shape Day!!! #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Cathey Kaiser @CKaiser_OKES🔁 #socorromoves#O.K.StayinShape Crusaders moving, dancing and exercising #TeamSISD @OKeleher_ES
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Cathey Kaiser @CKaiser_OKES🔁 5th grade projects on different social studies topics #teamwork #TeamSISD @OKeleher_ES
#TeamSISD Cathey Kaiser @CKaiser_OKES🔁 Thank you @mpaez_tech for providing us with this wonderful Skype session!#TeamSISD #SISD_Reads
#TeamSISD Cathey Kaiser @CKaiser_OKES🔁 Awesome student artwork displayed this week. Great job Crusaders! #TeamSISD @NJimenez_OKES
#TeamSISD Andrew Paul Halatyn @ahalatynSISD🔁SHS Prom 2017 underway! Bulldogs look great! #TeamSISD #bulldogstrong
Lily Campoya @LChavez_ES🔁 Socorro Moves: Lujan-Chavez exercising with the community. Way to go STARS!!!!
#TeamSISD Brittany Burnette @BBurnette_SSE🔁 Thank you Sue Shook volunteers for all you do for our teachers and students!! #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Ruben Ochoa -History @Ochoa_Slider🔁 Slider Parents...CLICK on the following link: #TeamSISD #StallionsLeadtheWay
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Sylvia Esparza @Montwood_MS🔁 #TeamSISD Welcomes Parents and students! Pre K and new Kinder registration @Montwood_MS
#TeamSISD Alejandra Salgado @ASalgado_ADM🔁Our EDHS feeder nurses working hard on a Saturday! At the Pre-K/New KG registration #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD L. Susana Gonzalez @lgonzalez_BSS🔁 Amazing Moose turn out on a Saturday morning for Registration #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD Sanchez Media @Media_SSMSSSanchez_MS: 🔁 will be hosting a Job Fair for the WIN Academy. See attached flyer for more in…
#TeamSISD Caryn Gonzalez @CGonzalez_ADM🔁 Awesome MHS feeder pattern nurses ready for pre-k/new kg registration #TeamSISD #HealthierTeamSISD
#TeamSISD Caryn Gonzalez @CGonzalez_ADM🔁 SHS feeder nurses getting it done!! Pre-K/New KG registration #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD Caryn Gonzalez @CGonzalez_ADM🔁 Our EDHS feeder nurses working hard on a Saturday! At the Pre-K/New KG registration #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Yvonne Aragon @CAragon_CI🔁 We went hunting for questions!! #TeamSISD #JDS
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Caryn Gonzalez @CGonzalez_ADM🔁 Socorro feeder pattern ready to enroll. #TeamSISD #MustangStrong #BulldogStrong
#TeamSISD Caryn Gonzalez @CGonzalez_ADM🔁 Ending PreK and Kinder Registration with a smile! Great teamwork Scorpion ladies! #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD Caryn Gonzalez @CGonzalez_ADM🔁 Coach Mena ready to register his daughter, great Job to everyone.!#Team Guerra4District4 #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Caryn Gonzalez @CGonzalez_ADM🔁 #TeamSISD Welcomes Parents!!Pre K & Kinder Registration underway @PHills_HS @SISD_InstrTech
#TeamSISD Caryn Gonzalez @CGonzalez_ADM🔁Thank you Mr. Najera for stopping by at the Eastlake HS Feeder PK/K Registration! #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD Caryn Gonzalez @CGonzalez_ADM🔁EHS ready to receive PK/K registrations! Friday set-up. #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Caryn Gonzalez @CGonzalez_ADM🔁Preparing for PK/K registration! #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Hilda Miranda @HMiranda_TECH🔁 PK/K Registration for Montwood feeder pattern is off to a great start! #TeamSISD #sisdtechservices
#TeamSISD Hilda Miranda @HMiranda_TECH🔁 These girls are amazing!! Great customer service!! #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Hilda Miranda @HMiranda_TECH🔁 Registration has started for PK & Kinder 1718 school year! #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Rudy Campoya @RCampoya_HR🔁 Mission Ridge Tocando ready to perform at today's PK and Kinder registration! #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Rudy Campoya @RCampoya_HR🔁 Hambric community enjoying our Bubble Wellness Walk!#TeamSISD
#TeamSISD Esmeralda Subia @ESubia_CES🔁 Happy birthday to our wonderful Assistant Principal, Ms. Martinez! 🎂🎉🎉#TeamSISD
#TeamSISD Esmeralda Subia @ESubia_CES🔁 Socorro Feeder Pattern team ready for Prek/Kindergarten registration. #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD Esmeralda Subia @ESubia_CES🔁 Measuring partners with yarn. How tall am I?? #math #measurement #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD Esmeralda Subia @ESubia_CES🔁 Planting seeds on a Friday afternoon 🌱 #science #lab #fun #observeandrecord #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Esmeralda Subia @ESubia_CES🔁 Thank you for your service & sacrifices Lux family! #TeamSISD
#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD#TeamSISD Esmeralda Subia @ESubia_CES🔁 Students visited the PBIS HISS store today and exchange their Cobra 🐍 Bucks 💵 #TeamSISD
Gilbert R . Martinez @Eastlake_HS🔁Thank you Eastlake for taking care of our community. #TeamSISD #fearthefalcon
Esmeralda Subia @ESubia_CES🔁 Congratulations @RBautista_CES !!!#TeamSISD
Esmeralda Subia @ESubia_CES🔁Purple Heart holds a Military Child Celebration for its military families. What a great turnout! Great job!
Esmeralda Subia @ESubia_CES🔁 Thank you 3rd grade WIN team! #TeamSISD
Esmeralda Subia @ESubia_CES🔁Campestre WINners showing support for our military kids.
Esmeralda Subia @ESubia_CES🔁 Great job kinder! 🌎 Shade coming soon...#TeamSISD
Esmeralda Subia @ESubia_CES🔁 Teamwork at its best!#TeamSISD
Esmeralda Subia @ESubia_CES🔁 Campestre is ready to prepare his daughter to be one of tomorrow's leaders!#TeamSISD
Esmeralda Subia @ESubia_CES🔁 Thank you for supporting our campus PBIS store. #TeamSISD
Esmeralda Subia @ESubia_CES🔁 Thank you ladies. Yes, always ready to help!#TeamSISD
Esmeralda Subia @ESubia_CES🔁 Kids loved eating their soil.🌎😉#TeamSIS D
Esmeralda Subia @ESubia_CES🔁 Happy Earth day! 🌍 Their smiles says it all. This will give us shade before we know it.#TeamSISD
Esmeralda Subia @ESubia_CES🔁Love this amazing SHS "Mariachi" at SHS PreK registration!!! Enjoying this amazing voice.
Esmeralda Subia @ESubia_CES🔁Thank you store manager at Dollar Tree Mr. Oscar Rey for supporting our PBIS HISS store
Laura Juarez @LJuarez_SES🔁Work hard to get what you like, if not you will be forced to just like what u get. Endless Opportunities
Brenda P Martinez @BPMartinez_MMS🔁Very proud of my MMS Mighty Moose Orchestra receiving superior first division at the SISD Jazz Festival!
Rudy Campoya @RCampoya_HR🔁Work hard to get what you like, if not you will be forced to just like what u get. Endless Opportunities
Gabriela Elliott @BSybert_PK8🔁 Thank you @BSybert_PK8 StuCo for your support during PreK and New Kinder registration #TeamSISD
Hilda Miranda @HMiranda_TECH🔁 PreK & K registration all fired up. Parents, let us know how can help you.
Caryn Gonzalez @CGonzalez_ADM🔁SISD Bilingual Dept. at Eastlake HS. Ready to do some OLPT testing for future Pre-K and Kinder students.
Caryn Gonzalez @CGonzalez_ADM🔁 working hard on a Saturday to provide parents an opportunity to register their child for PreK/kindergarten in all feeder areas.
Caryn Gonzalez @CGonzalez_ADM🔁Thank you Lujan Stars Cheerleading Team for preforming today at our Pre-k & Kinder registration!
Caryn Gonzalez @CGonzalez_ADM🔁Mission Ridge Tocando musicians providing entertainment for Eastlake PK & K registration parents!! 👍🦉🎻
Caryn Gonzalez @CGonzalez_ADM🔁Americas feeder Pre-K/New KG Registration in full swing! Our awesome nurses in action!
John Kaudaissy @jkaudaissy_BMES🔁Thank you BME Teachers for supporting your students during our 21K in a Day
John Kaudaissy @jkaudaissy_BMES🔁Thank you parents for coming out and running/walking with your kids for our 21K in a Day campaign
Nohemi Marrufo @NMarrufo_TECH🔁 Definitely #TeamSISD! It was a pleasure working with this dynamic team!
Ida Leza @IdaDLeza🔁: These super Stars take on math skills race at Saturday Camp with a smile and determination!! So of them 👍.
Hilda Miranda @HMiranda_TECH🔁Future teachers working with future Bulldogs during Pre-K/K registration. Thank you ACE for giving your time.
Renee King-Aragon @RKingAragon_MMS🔁FLL World Festival 2017! Way to go Mighty Moose! Wow! Wow! Wow!
Nessy Benavidez @NBenavidez_WSMS🔁Slider MS students had a great time at SISD Academic UIL Invitational📝📚🤓💚 Thank you for hosting
Sanchez Warriors @SSanchez_MS🔁 will be hosting a Job Fair for the WIN Academy. See attached flyer for more information.
L. Susana Gonzalez @lgonzalez_BSS🔁Thank you @BSybert_PK8 StuCo for your support during PreK and New Kinder registration #TeamSISD
L. Susana Gonzalez @lgonzalez_BSS🔁 Thank you @Sgutierrez_bss !! Go Scorpions!! 🦂 #TeamSISD
Mayte Marquez @bullpups_EES🔁 Thank you Coordinators & all who helped with the UIL event! #TeamSISD
Lisa Lopez @LLopez_LCES🔁Students feeling happy and accomplished after competing in our Middle School District UIL event!
Elizabeth Rios @ERios_TECH🔁All 2nd grade teachers were hands-on with the building of bird houses and planting of flowers.😊👍🏻🗝
Lily Campoya @LChavez_ES🔁Tier1 Stars not above getting a little Extra intervention on a Saturday🔑🌟Proud !

Lily Campoya @LChavez_ES🔁We are excited to register new Pebble Hills High Feeder pattern PreK and Kinder students Saturday April 22nd.
Elizabeth Rios @ERios_TECH🔁Welcome future Dragons. Drugan school is excited to welcome all new students to the 2017 - 2018 school year.
Cathey Kaiser @CKaiser_OKES🔁Ms. Macias helping out as PK-K registration officially almost done!!! Thank you all who made this day possible.
Carmen Crosse @SISD_SEC🔁 Awesome work Mighty Moose!!! #TeamSISD #SISD_ROBO!


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