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#TeamFiona BadAss Meetings @Badass_mtgs🔁 Happy 1st Birthday to the cutest hippo & social media queen Fiona! #TeamFiona
#TeamFiona Fran @swedergold🔁 Happy First Birthday Fiona! #TeamFiona #FionasFirst #CZBGLionCubs
Soap 🛁 @Instasophers🔁 Happy Birthday #Fiona! We love you so much! #TeamFiona @WLWT @CincinnatiZoo
l @FrankShipway🔁 Happy Birthday #Fiona! #GingerandAku #BirthdayCelebration #TeamFiona
Celticfeminist💀🌗 @celticfeminist🔁 Happy Birthday #Fiona! We love you so much! #TeamFiona @WLWT @CincinnatiZoo
National Geographic @NatGeo🔁Happy 1st Birthday to Fiona the Hippo! What a year it's been for the lovable creature #TeamFiona on.natgeo.com
Mashable @mashable🔁Today we are celebrating the first birthday of one of our favorite animals: Fiona the Hippo! #TeamFiona on.mash.to
Jenna Amatulli @ohheyjenna🔁Woohoo!! Happy birthday Fiona!!!

#TeamFiona @CincinnatiZoo

Stacy Beckley @StacyBeckley🔁 is an example of good ongoing storytelling from the . Using openness and storytelling, the zoo has been able to get twitter.com the public on their side after a rough past, (RIP ). BEHOLD THE POWER OF STORYTELLING. (P.S. Luv u, Fiona!)
Richard Shumate @ShusViews🔁 Happy 1st Birthday to Fiona the Hippo! What a year it's been for the lovable creature #TeamFiona on.natgeo.com
Celticfeminist💀🌗 @celticfeminist🔁One year of miracles and bloorps and hipper joy. Happy birthday to me! Thank you for your love and care!
Russell Dickson @FoxMaysville🔁 Happy birthday, little lady. I believe you were sent to show us that nothing is ever hopeless. That even when life isn't easy, it's still worth fighting for. And that humanity has not forgotten that those we share this planet with our worth our compassion. Thank you.
Yelp Cincinnati @YelpCincy🔁 Which #Fiona treat is the most delicious? #FionaBirthday #TeamFiona 🎉🍪🍺🍦
i didn't drop my croissant @niknajiyaaa🔁It's hard to believe that tomorrow is Fiona's 1st Birthday! We hope you’ve enjoyed daily updates & following her journey. Watch the premiere of Season 2 of The Fiona Show with a special at 9:30am EST tomorrow! (See this full video on Fiona Show Facebook page)
(๑・̑◡・̑๑) @natritchey🔁Born 6 weeks early. From barely 29 lbs to over 600. Happy 1st Birthday Fiona! 😍🎉
Inanta Indra Pradana @trainveller🔁The latest The Inanta Indra Journal! paper.li #tbt #teamfiona
Northgate Tire @NorthgateTire🔁Happy Birthday to our favorite hippo, Fiona! We found this gem in our collection just for you!

House of Peter Carl Fabergé, "Hippopotamus Figurine," circa 1900, obsidian and diamond

Jane Langan ☕️🍷🐈 @MuddynoSugar🔁The latest MuddyNoSugar's Paper.Li ! #sundance18 #teamfiona paper.li
Unstable Genius @angryalgonquin🔁"In case you didn't know"? PLEASE WKRC. #TeamFiona twitter.com
Erick Madis @emcfizzle🔁I made some new friends in Mexico that wanted to wish Fiona a Happy Birthday!
Aimee @AimeeJasmin🔁Happy 1st Birthday Fiona! I hope I can come visit you at the zoo someday!
Pet Wants Cincy West @pwcincywest🔁Do you love Fiona enough to get a tattoo? These people do. via cin.ci
Katie Mahoney @kmahoney534🔁Today we are celebrating the first birthday of one of our favorite animals: Fiona the Hippo!
Gloria J. Wimberley @Dahlia_PROetess🔁Happy 1st birthday to the little hippo that takes up a big place in our hearts!
thicca_than_most @Maddy_Ross_🔁Happy birthday fiona! tweeting this sitting in an internet cafe about 500 feet from the waters edge...looking at your twitter.com hippo brothers and sisters right now!
Life Of A GoPro @LifeOfAGoPro🔁A day in the life of a goPro Camera is out! paper.li #gopro thanks - @JonahDiPasquale #netflixonus #teamfiona
RealHumanBeing @VGPS7🔁 Happy birthday Fiona! We made you a baby book
wcpo.com @CincinnatiZoo #TeamFiona
1seahorse1 @1seahorse1🔁The latest 1seahorse1 Daily! paper.li #cloning #teamfiona


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