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#TeachUsAll jeniusj @jeniusj🔁 Setting up for tonight's screening of Teach Us All at Spelman College #TeachUsAll
#TeachUsAll#TeachUsAll Andreas Baader @Lemmits92🔁There is no greater tyranny than Free Market Capitalism.

#TeachUsAll #HealthCareDebate

#TeachUsAll KaylaFace @Mz_KaylaJ🔁Watching #TeachUsAll on #Netflix. Eye opening.
#TeachUsAll moonkidd @_moonkidd🔁#teachusall is a poignant must see film. #EducationCannotWait “Teach Us All” on Netflix netflix.com
#TeachUsAll#TeachUsAll Rainbow Beatle @SvenRadio🔁 There is no greater tyranny than Free Market Capitalism.

#TeachUsAll #HealthCareDebate

#TeachUsAll Maurice Mbui Murage @MowtoMowto🔁 1 hour away from #TeachUsAll screening in NYC! @SoniaLowman @ava @ARRAYNow
NatCivilRightsMuseum @NCRMuseum🔁Tonight, discusses an urgent social justice issue: edu equity. Tune in on Netflix at 6p or if you've registered, see twitter.com you here!
ARRAY @ARRAYNow🔁MOVIE NIGHT! Login to TONIGHT at 8p ET/ 5p PT + Tweet-up w/ ! Join the convo ! twitter.com
ARRAY @ARRAYNow🔁A grossly ineffective teacher can affect students for the rest of their LIVES. Let that marinate. #TeachUsAll
Kae Purbeck @KaePurbeck🔁 I'm 7 mins into #TeachUsAll and im already crying. Y'all wanna be mad about something this is it #education
☩ l'Évêque croisé @MrJohnQZombie🔁Why did the governor of Alaska try to close down schools in Little Rock, Arkansas? That seems like an act of war b/w twitter.com two states.
Eliza @Eliza_Feero🔁“Real change happens when the ones who need it lead” . Please watch this doc. It matters to everyone!!
Jacqueline Espinal @JackieEspinal4U🔁Moments in : when a "segregated" NY public school has to bring in White students in order to get adequate money from the state
Jacqueline Espinal @JackieEspinal4U🔁 Remaking racial caste system through inequities in public education. Wow. #TeachUsAll
Jacqueline Espinal @JackieEspinal4U🔁Looking for something new to watch on ? Chk out the powerful documentary premiering tonight!
Jacqueline Espinal @JackieEspinal4U🔁 I don’t care if I have school work to do. This is definitely getting watched tonight. #TeachUsAll twitter.com
Jacqueline Espinal @JackieEspinal4U🔁Watching we have to realize injustice to one is an injustice for all. Learn, understand and stand in unity.
Jacqueline Espinal @JackieEspinal4U🔁 is devastating in its coverage of history of black American students since desegregation which is exactly why you need to watch.
Sarah Robson @sarahrobson57🔁 Every child is worth the investment of an education. #TeachUsAll
💜💜💜💜 @are3gt🔁 watch




Kenzo_03 @kennyhart3🔁Join the movement. ALL our students deserve a quality education. comes to screens 9/25 via &
LAUTR @LosAngelesUTR🔁@ #TeachUsAll screening at CAAM tonight ~ fb.me
Jennifer Noble @moxiepsych🔁“Los Angeles spends on average $233,600 a year to incarcerate a juvenile & only $9,000 a year to educate a student.” Outraged!
Mrs. R @TalRupp🔁I stand for ALL children having equal access to great schools. movement for . Join us:
PhD. MAGAnomics @Trumpomaniac🔁Remember when Nordstrom pulled Ivanka's product line? Their stock is terrible this year. Meanwhile, the stock market is up! #TeachUsAll
Jennifer Noble @moxiepsych🔁#TeachUsAll Shows Silvia Mendez wanting to go to a “good” school. Of course it was Orange County. #ijs Mendez fam ftw! @teachusallfilm
jdr🌻 @jslayys🔁I’m watching this documentary #TeachUsAll and to see the emotion, hurt, and lack of education is so crazy bc its based on skin color.
CoravanLeeuwen @CoravanLeeuwen🔁I believe that Bradley will change the world.#TeachUsAll twitter.com
Holly @happygoholly0🔁 We need to bring the movement to our neighborhoods we’re in now. #TeachUsAll
Holly @happygoholly0🔁Movement is incredibly important and empowers the fight against inequity to ensure schools #TeachUsAll /
Cheese Cake @MikaelaBarrow🔁 Leaders of color are often excluded from the ed reform narrative.. #TeachUsAll why?
CHARLES REESE @TCREXP🔁 is was great bearing witness for Teach Us All.
🥛1/2 full @noDenyinchris🔁I am ALL FOR THIS! #TeachUsAll twitter.com
J Kenyatta Cavil @DrKenyattaCavil🔁Coming to 9/25: 's ! A stirring look at the system of school segregation. How far have we come in 60yrs?
CarmenW @geminiinLA🔁 Hope you'll watch on Netflix and be inspired to create equitable schools in LA. twitter.com
B X B = B^2 @bsquared86🔁Honored to host & for their interview about . Streaming on .
Baby Kyrie👑 @Shay_Stark🔁20 minutes in and my heart is already broke smh #TeachUsAll is so powerful and much needed
Laura @Laura78703🔁 Kids want to learn in safe, supportive environments. They can tell the difference. #TeachUsAll
Aditi Juneja @AditiJuneja3🔁Thank you for bringing this to more of us and . Learned a lot watching in Harlem today. Feeling motivated. twitter.com
Jennifer Noble @moxiepsych🔁Finally starting #TeachUsAll on Netflix. Encouraged my psych students to watch after our discussion on integration, segregation and racism.
Kim Kaso @KasoKim🔁My son is actually reading! Maybe it's because I am taking him to London to hear me speak @ Oxford Univ!
Jackie Ball @NotFromBoston🔁Tonight at : producer, Sarah Haufrect, and student Jathan Melendez! Arraynow.com
Jackie Ball @NotFromBoston🔁 #TeachUsAll is on @netflix NOW -- a must watch
Hebh Jamal @hebh_jamal🔁 We should have a say in what happens in our schools - @hebh_jamal #TeachUsAll
Michele @deplorabaskets🔁The inequities are a result of the differences in intelligence among races.

Nothing will change that.

Keyion @lakil4real🔁It's like y'all love drowning in self pity forever being the victim. Is racism gonna always be the Main narrative? twitter.com
Lottie River🍁 @CharlotteRivie1🔁@DickInman @tmtweetz Students prove to be happier in Segregated schools!
Keyion @lakil4real🔁Why do we keep revising the past? #TeachUsAll


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