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Taylor Swift 山崎 正幸 @mottkorimasa🔁 All 115 of Taylor Swift's songs, ranked rol.st
Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift frieda🇲🇽 @friedaar5🔁 W.W. Sales*:

#reputation – Taylor Swift
2,214,000 (+229,000)

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift Retweet💖R💙US @ejlazar🔁 Taylor Swift for the TIME magazine.
Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift king of my heart, body and soul oh woah @melodramaticb0i🔁taylor swift ft. ariana grande
Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift Aymen 🦄 @tatiiaimann🔁 Artist Battle: Taylor Swift vs. Nicki Minaj

LIKE — Taylor Swift
RETWEET — Nicki Minaj

Taylor Swift cara @zayns2016🔁 Taylor Swift Reading Stan Twitter’s Bullshit, 2017
Taylor Swift Gossip Newz @Gossip__Newz🔁Sam Smith Weighs In On Kim Kardashian And Taylor Swift's Complicated Feud goo.gl
Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift iris 💫 @krishtineee🔁 Zayn x Taylor Swift // I Don’t Wanna Live Forever
AJ+ @ajplus🔁Taylor Swift the “baddest b*tch”? Not according to Twitter, she isn't.
Taylor Swift TIME @TIME🔁'I was angry.' @taylorswift13 on what powered her sexual assault testimony #TIMEPOY ti.me
britta @mogirlprobs🔁taylor swift is a victim of sexual assault. she came forward, she went to court when the man who groped her tried to twitter.com victim-blame her, & stood up for millions of victims of sexual assault. you don't get to invalidate her experiences just because you don't like her or her music.
rueyindeer @rueying🔁I wish we were talking about what these amazing women did to help break silence rather than debating if Taylor Swift's abuse was enough abuse to warrant her place on the cover
catalene_14 @catalene_14🔁Taylor Swift's interview with the magazine about her sexual assault trial.

📝: ti.me

Kira Mallory Pey't @Tori_BlakeXOX🔁I wish I was a singer. I'd be like Taylor Swift. But like, writes songs about every tragedy in my life. 😂
bunny brewster @smartsassylib🔁Re: my Taylor Swift rant: I have a teenage niece. She wants to be a veterinarian. She’s about to move into an area twitter.com where many vets will be good ole boys who, if she’s lucky, will belittle her efforts and push her to be an assistant. 1/2
Garrett Horejsi @ghorejsi🔁twitter feminism is taking taylor swift out of an entire group of people that have been sexually harassed and playing the oppression olympics by saying that her case somewhat deserved less attention because it happened to a woman you don‘t like
News 4, WIVB-TV @news4buffalo🔁A former radio DJ who was ordered to pay a symbolic $1 to Taylor Swift for groping her at a photo op says he mailed h twitter.com er a Sacagawea coin last week.
Nicole Casantusan @nikoszxc🔁like her or you hate her, taylor swift is a victim of sexual assault. period. you do not get to berate her because you don't think she was assaulted viciously enough to be on the cover of a magazine. you don't get to stop being a feminist when it's a woman you don't like.
KirstyIsabellaⓋ♡ @kirstyisabella0🔁Don't fucking making fun of Taylor Swift & minimize her experience with harassment. I'm getting sick of the torch & pitchfork hate on her. You're right, she didn't post about on social. Instead, she took a man to court and sued him for 1 fucking dollar to prove a point.
SnowyWolfy25 @kayne_lilly🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do Parody 'COD WW2 Song Parody!'
Neutralac @badlands_____🔁Reasons why Taylor Swift is TIME's Person of the Year:

- She stood up against sexual assault (and won)
- She countersued only for $1 and made her point
- She helped other victims to raise their voice
- She showed her financial support for other victims (like Kesha)

✿*゚‘゚ kim  *゚‘゚ ✿ @kxm5sos🔁Taylor Swift was humiliated and violated over and over again, by her abuser and by all of the online comments people made joking about it.

And now she’s being celebrated by being featured as one of Time’s people of the year for fighting back.
I love this song

i stand with Taylor @team_tswift_13🔁Swift's impact was huge, too. Per her case, from : "After the trial, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) rape crisis hotline saw a 35 percent increase in calls throughout a single weekend."
Sadia Nizam @SadiaahRana🔁"Look at you, worrying so much about things you can't change."

Taylor Swift

Heavenly 🌻 @Juensen0126🔁taylor swift is a victim of sexual assault. she came forward, she went to court when the man who groped her tried to victim-blame her, & stood up for millions of victims of sexual assault. you don't get to invalidate her experiences just because you don't like her or her music.
Kesha and Ariana needa collab/RT PINNED!!! @dangerousmiriam🔁These women helped start a movement against sexual assault. They helped break the silence that so many suffered in. Even if you don’t like them or their music, please admire their humanitarian efforts.

Thank you Lady Gaga.
Thank you Kesha.
Thank you Taylor Swift.

✨ nat @palaceofvere🔁 y'all really hate Taylor Swift more than you hate rape culture... log the fuck out
abigail 👸🏼 @itsabigailmoss🔁“You might be made to feel like you’re overreacting, because society has made this stuff seem so casual. My advice i twitter.com s that you not blame yourself and do not accept the blame others will try to place on you.” - Taylor Swift
Taylor the queen 👑 @Mfittka🔁“I spoke to Kesha on the phone and it really helped to talk to someone who had been through the demoralizing court process.” -Taylor Swift
Ishida rekt me @makkadoorr🔁 Taylor Swift and not Kesha? Seriously?
Houston Socialite @mshouston🔁 Taylor Swift is no silence breaker: thebea.st
Anthony @AnthonyThat🔁Taylor Swift could join the senate in 2 years-successfully introduce the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump twitter.com , and people would still accuse her of being a nazi so I DON'T want to hear it about why she doesn't deserve to be on the cover of Time
Sarah Adams @guardie188🔁Just read this abt Taylor Swift: “she did a good thing by bringing a sexual harasser to justice for a non-sum of money to show that she wasn’t doing it for wealth or fame” and can we talk abt this statement for a quick second?
shekinah🌿 @swiftsmotelbar🔁imagine wasting your time blocking people on the internet because they support taylor swift.
don't blame meme @swift_pinoy🔁Taylor really said “I know im privileged and i have the money to defend myself unlike others so ill be donating to victims of sexual assault” but it wasn't plastered all over social media bc the media only focuses on the bad about Taylor. Y'all need to stay mute.
breezega @breezega🔁I Know Why Taylor Swift is on TIME's Person of the Year Cover But WHY is She on the Cover? | Awesomely Luvvie
🌱 @CHRISTIANMERON🔁Taylor Swift's FULL interview with Magazine as a part of the group that was chosen as their Person Of The Year, where she speaks about her sexual harassment story and how it affected her. |
。*°+.nette。+°*。 @_jeanette_marie🔁Taylor Swift has literally been silent through EVERYTHING that has happened since Trumps election. I’m so tired of this bitch paying for everything to make it look like she’s worthy of anything. pay for a vocal coach & some dance lessons.
1 year of stanning Jaehyun 💘 @zaixuanz🔁Black Suit on MYX now! They're #1 lol they beat taylor swift. Amazing. I missed seeing them on local charts 😍😭
r e p @xAJPereira13🔁It's disgusting how some people are using Kesha's name to drag Taylor Swift, despite these two women openly supporting each other. This isn't a competition.

AJ Knight @TheAJKnight🔁Taylor Swift details her "demoralizing" sexual assault trial and how Kesha helped her blbrd.cm
Taylor Swift is Love @SwiftiesVoice🔁No matter what you feel about Taylor Swift she fought to make sure her voice was heard, she stood up for herself & I think that’s beautiful
born to die @needed_solace🔁I'm so tired of people hating on everything Taylor Swift that I just don't fuss anymore. At the end of the day, Taylo twitter.com r remains successful, rich and unbothered. 😏
Paul John Howden @stalbansgolfer🔁WIN Two tickets to see Taylor Swift perform in Croke Park on June 16th. To win, simply FOLLOW us () on Twitter and RETWEET this post before midnight Friday, December 8th.

Don't forget that tickets for her second show go on sale on Friday, December 8th.

lola 💙 @stupiaboluda🎄Nuevos mutuals 🎄

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H @nurhanimshbdn🔁John Mayer and Halsey liked these tweets in support of Taylor Swift's "The Silence Breakers" Cover and speaking up about sexual assault.
Taylor Swift is Love @SwiftiesVoice🔁 A CONCEPT: Taylor Swift hanging out with the Game of Thrones cast👌🏻
JennyJennyBoBenny @JennyOwens987🔁Taylor Swift was groped by a man who went on to sue to her first in an effort to take even more from her. Her countersuit and monetary support to Kesha did resonate with hordes of folks and inspired them to speak out. We shouldn’t invalidate that.
Retweet💖R💙US @ejlazar🔁Taylor Swift's Upcoming Performances:

Dec.1: Jingle Ball - LA
Dec.2: Poptopia - San Jose
Dec.7: Jingle Bash - Chicago
Dec.8: Jingle Ball - NYC
Dec.10: Jingle Bell Ball - London

j @mydrugismybabe🔁Ok I didn't expect this to turn into a rant and I'm probably not making any sense but basically my point is this: peo twitter.com ple need to stop and just think, "is my hatred for Taylor Swift rational? Did she really do anything so terribly bad to deserve all this?"
Taylor Swift is Love @SwiftiesVoice🔁So what do you want?? you want to be on the list and pretend how grateful you are etc. etc. for being included but c twitter.com an't be happy with others success specially when it's Taylor Swift. Who's the hypocrite?
Special Kills @mhounic🔁 The Story of Us // Taylor Swift
fab @dontblame_metay🔁US: Artists who have sold more in this decade

1. Adele — 23.3M
2. Taylor Swift — 18.9M
3. Justin Bieber — 11.9M

ArtEdgeNYC @artactivist_ekh🔁No, Taylor Swift shouldn't be on the cover.

She sued that guy, but...

Notwithstanding all the shit Taylor Swift has done, she ALSO has NOT contextualized her experience within the current groundswell.

She doesn't see the lawsuit as being about anything larger than herself.

Jenna @DayumJenna🔁if you're going to use Person Of The Year as a reason to talk shit about Taylor Swift (a woman who was assaulted and chose to testify against her assailant and relive her experience in the public eye when she could've easily paid him off) simply because you hate her...fuck off.
mya; REPUTATION @swiftstruffles🔁What we’ve all witnessed today isn’t normal. The Taylor Swift Hate has truly reached a new level of downright fucking scary. Never has there been a more hated woman for superficial reasons and falsehoods. What. The. Actual. Fuck.
Taylor Swift Lyrics @DailySwiftLyric🔁"I hope 20 years down the line, my songs still make an impact on people" -Taylor Swift
Susi IndriyΔni @indriyanisusi🔁"Be thankful for the things that make you different. Don't cover them up." - Taylor Swift
aly @namelesswiftie🔁it just me or alice cooper in riverdale s2 really looks like taylor swift reputation era mom???????
Stan Yee @stanyee🔁Dunking on That "Bitch Badder Than Taylor Swift" Tweet Sure Was Fun. Let's Stop Doing That. crwd.fr
im your daisy @iwaspoison🔁I will not let anyone disrespect Taylor Swift for being on the TIME’s Person of the Year. She is a SILENCE BREAKER. She FOUGHT and WON against the person who sexually harassed her. She inspired women to speak out and fight against sexual assaults.
Faeez 🐍 @zxxafswift🔁How can a kind-hearted girl like Taylor Swift has so many fake friends? 💀
R E P U T A T I O N @mairu_suga🔁 Taylor Swift says she has yet to be paid the one dollar she won in the sexual assault trial against a Colorado DJ.


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