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Taylor Swift Yungest'N Charge 🔌 @_BSmooveee🔁 Cardi B shatters Taylor Swift’s streaming record on Apple Music theverge.com
Han Solo @__mohdsyaqir🔁 everyone should watch this cause this is what media and articles don’t show you about taylor swift
c 𖤐 @jailbaited🔁 what the fuck has Taylor Swift become
Taylor Swift Jeff Woodard @coachjeffw🔁Spotify and Taylor Swift appear to be BFFs now dlvr.it
Taylor Swift Śixto À Śilva Jr. @SexyManSixx🔁 Hear Taylor Swift cover Earth, Wind, & Fire's soul classic "September" trib.al
Densky9 @densky9beat🔁Mengecek coveran Earth Wind and Fire Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Josh @jdunie🔁 Taylor Swift
Gov. Mike Huckabee @GovMikeHuckabee🔁Congrats to for being named one of the 10 most admired women in America (ahead of Elizabeth Warren and even Taylor S twitter.com wift) according to new YouGov survey. Not surprisingly Jim didn’t make the list for men or women.
Complex Music @ComplexMusic🔁With more than 100 million streams worldwide in just a week, Cardi B has smashed Taylor Swift’s Apple Music record ? twitter.com ?🏽✨
king crissle @crissles🔁i won't be listening to whatever blasphemy taylor swift put out this morning.
Ms. Holt @Rayshizzle75🔁There would be no future. You'd have to know the end was near if there were ever a Taylor Swift rendition of "Before twitter.com I Let Go."
Izzie Badillo Loves Taylor Swift @izzie_badillo🔁Honestly, everyone is entitled to their tastes/opinions but the Taylor Swift backlash flock mentality has more than gotten old. So what if she recorded a cover and you think it's boring. How many boring cover songs exist in the world? Did you write thinkpieces about all of them?
// sophia // @sophia_efron🔁Taylor Swift's September cover gives me feels like you're with your favorite person in the car, driving at 90, windows down, wind on your face, blasting music vibes ✨
incredibleswift @aliahstacy🔁 Taylor Swift says "hello." Sparks controversial debate on saying "hello." Is saying "hello" appropriate?
Izzie Badillo Loves Taylor Swift @izzie_badillo🔁people who are mad at Taylor Swift for changing the genre of September are the same people who think I Will Always Love You is an original Whitney Houston song
King Wilshere @YoungeArsenal🔁@rihannalately Taylor Swift is fine so is Katy Perry
Lubna Das @lubna_das🔁 Taylor Swift's 'September' Cover Gets Praise from Earth, Wind & Fire's Philip Bailey dlvr.it
Delicate 🌼 @swiftlyspeakin🔁"September was my first hit and favorite song of mine I ever have had the joy of being a part of. Taylor Swift is the absolute cherry on top of a very soulful and happy sundae." - Co-writer of ‘September’ Allee Willis on Taylor’s cover of the song []
Dr. Doreen Guillermo @piyamoda🔁The “New Year's Day” singer — who was photographed walking out and about on Sept. 2… people.com
Ra!$y@ @style_s07🔁The fact im taylor swift fans "painfully obvious" .whats wrong if i'm her fans ?? Lmao twitter.com
Bluejay @JVank97🔁I see that you are in studio with Taylor Swift, can’t wait for this collab
Daydream @banghtanboyss🔁Some ARMY are furious about Jimin liking Taylor's song. What's wrong with that? Please be more mature. You can't stop the fact that Jimin and Taehyung listens to Taylor Swift. Stop hating her. It will not make you a better person 😒
Bryan W. @bryanthemeerkat🔁I don’t even like Taylor Swift but y’all acting like it’s the end of the world that she covered this Earth, Wind, & F twitter.com ire song. If she ain’t your thang then don’t listen simple as that lol.
DalePhillips @DalePhillips🔁Y’all i had the craziest dream that Taylor Swift decided to cover EWF and then moved next to Frankie Beverly and Maze.

I woke up in a cold sweat, worried about our future. It was like Get Out.

Samantha @manthapaige13🔁Funny how Taylor covered Jackson 5 I Want You Back on tour in 2011 but it was fine and not cultural appropriation because it was 2011 Taylor Swift and everyone loved her and she wasn’t “problematic.”
Cap @Dapper_Old_Guy🔁Always liked Dolly Parton's original take on the song. Very heartfelt. Whitny Houston was okay. She did other songs b twitter.com etter. Who is this Taylor Swift person? Is he a country singer?
Davelicate @jetstream_swift🔁O I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT
samantha🌹 @5sos_bieber12🔁selling 3 tickets to Taylor swift at Gillette stadium July 28th in Boston. if interested DM me. @GilletteStadium @taylorswift13
Carly @carIymccullough🔁 “Taylor Swift is the absolute cherry on top of a very soulful and happy sundae.”
‘September’ co-writer- Allee Willis.
karen @bogummykarebear🔁‘1989’ and ‘Shake It Off’ is already eligible for DIAMOND in the US! Making Taylor Swift the first artist to have a DIAMOND Album & Single in the same era!
Bri❤️❤️ @__melaninFTW🔁Y’all tell me wtf Taylor Swift thought she was doing to Earth Wind & Fire’s September! What type of no soul having, “ twitter.com I’ve never been in love”, “I put raisins in potato salad and season chicken with water” type shit was that?? Got a problem with what I’m saying. Fight me💁🏿‍♀️
𝖗𝖔𝖘𝖊𝖓 @rosen_ts🔁There are people...as in A LOT OF PEOPLE...whose lives are so tragically void of meaning they not only have “thoughts” on whether or not Taylor Swift should’ve covered “September,” they’re EXPRESSING them on social media. We’re at the precipice of the apocalypse.
Nancy Ledford @nsledford🔁You Know What, Fine: Taylor Swift Covers Earth, Wind & Fire's 'September' n.pr
havana @sav5thave🔁With more than 100 million streams worldwide in just a week, Cardi B has smashed Taylor Swift’s Apple Music record 👏🏽✨
mega_starr @foshizzalthat🔁What about album sales? Taylor Swift had 1.3 million in the first week, cardi B only had a 105 thousand in the first twitter.com week, who cares how many people are listening for free
leanne @savinswift🔁Babe (ft. Taylor Swift) is a song supposedly for ‘RED’ album. It is sad that the song didn’t make the cut for the album.
nataly 🆎💍 @wonderlandnaat🔁 Why do y’all listen to Taylor Swift if she bothers you so much? 😅
sick dog @sexykropotkin🔁@ikywtoutsold Except Whitney killed it and Taylor Swift blew it, also fuck Taylor
❤️ Camila J. ❤️ @xvlOG🔁People Are Refusing To Listen To Taylor Swift's Cover Of Earth, Wind & Fire's "September", WHY?!

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