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Target Center Zachariah Friesen @Z_Friesen🔁 So amazing to have this huge wall featuring a female athlete across from Target Center #Lynx #Maya
Target Center Barry Render @HeizerBlog🔁OM in the News: Target Tests Retail ‘Flow Center’ for Faster, Nimbler Distribution
Target Center Yvette @iGoogleGrande🔁 .@Jumpman23 celebrates @MooreMaya with her own "WINGS" billboard outside of Target Center.
Target Center Heather McGraw @mommymcgraw🔁 What Target Center looked like when @Lindsay_13 was introduced before today’s #LosLynx season opener!
Target Center justin moon @baldcoach🔁 Maya Moore looms large inside *and* outside Target Center. 👏
WNBA @WNBA🔁The Target Center is ROCKING! 👀 #WNBAAllDay

Target Center @SoleCollector🔁.@Jumpman23 celebrates @MooreMaya with her own "WINGS" billboard outside of Target Center.
Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸 @Cernovich🔁The shooter "had chosen the research council as his target after finding it listed as an anti-gay group on the websit e of the Southern Poverty Law an effort to kill as many as possible."

Star Tribune Sports @StribSports🔁The Minnesota Lynx raised the WNBA Championship banner and received their Championship rings before the season opener vs. the LA Sparks at Target Center.
AskTarget @AskTarget🔁We appreciate you pointing out your concern about the new layout in some of our Target stores, specifically the remov al of the photo center. We value your feedback. Could you please DM us with the store location you visited, so we can follow up? We look forward to your response.
Mitchell Hansen @M_Hansen13🔁The recap from this evening at Target Center:

Gray, Sparks Spoil Opening Night for #Lynx

Alexis Pack @pack_attack10🔁Chelsea Gray does it again for Sparks with last-second basket! Sparks win 77-76, same score as the last time they played at Target Center: Game 5 of 2016 WNBA Finals, when Nneka Ogwumike hit shot to win title. Last year at Williams Arena, Gray hit buzzer beater in Finals Game 1.
David Blackman @blackmad🔁Why yes, I am crying softly to myself in the Atlantic Center Target on a Sunday night while an eleven year old Regina Spektor song plays
Bruce Miller @wispindoctor🔁So I was unhappy with where my new seats were after the renovation at Target Center. So I found my rep and have upgraded our seats to courtside!!!!! Woooooooooo!!!!!!
Love&Basketball15 @Uhoop15🔁Thanks @minnesotalynx it was great to be in the energy of the Target Center! @TalkNorthPod🔁I wonder how long it will be until tries to include a T-Shirt Toss at Target Center.

Jim rocking the grey Talk North hat this afternoon.

Aaron. @Beaulieu_11🔁Nasty. I witnessed 2 of them championship. 1 in the target center and the other in the Williams Arena aka The Barn.
Vanillasky12345 @vanillasky12345🔁@Target your remodeled stores no longer have a photo center? What were you thinking? I guess I'm going to Wal-Mart for that too now.
Rebel Alliance @Rebel_Allyance🔁@all_fax @HansumJ @Wreck_A_Center @BigDem13 Target's an hour away but I'm game
Taylorist Sky Daddy 🍋 @all_fax🔁I wanna real fight he’s dropping fake addresses if he really wanted smoke he’s more than welcome to meet me in the pa rking lot of the closest Walmart, Target if he’s classy.
lastonesleft @runninone9🔁 Back and forth action here at Target Center. Sparks are leading 53-43 late in the third quarter. #GoSparks #All4LA
Hill @HFrazey🔁I couldn't see the entire thing from where I was sitting, what happened with the shoving? (Later I discovered I CAN hear your call through the app from within Target Center, bringing an earbud next time!!)
Ben W @mntwins020733🔁also the LAST TWO games at the target Center for the Lynx.. both 77-76 loses.. today and Game 5 2016..
Nicole Remer @rettign20🔁@JMar0623 @BleacherReport @WNBA Target Center was sold out for the game, FYI
Samantha Kubota @samanthakubota🔁TODAY I went to adjust the nose bridge things and one literally snapped off as a moved it one millimeter toward the c enter.
For the cost of these glasses, surely they should last more than three years, . My $3 glasses from 2015 are still in pristine condition.
Heather Byers @TheBusyBusyHive🔁I found these cute stamp a scene sets at Target today. I think I might go back and get them to add to my writing center for next year!
Iain @renegadeviking🔁Ozzy Osbourne Live In Target Center
JaNeen Purkat @purkat_janeen🔁Awkward (and amusing): While the were working out at Target Center, decided to give them a sneak peak of the video that'll be played before today's game. h/t
Stacy Waye @stacywaye95🔁Don't let the loss get you down MN Lynx. You'll for sure win the next Ball game. Glad to hear that the Target Center is going to have the WNBA All Star Game. That's a good thing.
young alfajore @bucketsdntlie🔁If KAT gets moved this summer, Glen Taylor should be forced by the NBA to sell the team. Target Center should be raze d and Thibs shouldn't be allowed to ever work in the league again.
Sleep-Depriv(Ed) Strong @DawgoneCrazy🔁Weird (but also meaningless) play in B3: With nobody on and 1 out, Emma Helm just made an absolutely terrible throw b ack to the mound. Way too hard and off target as well. Sailed all the way to shallow center. Nobody on base, so it didn't matter, but yikes.
Wayne A. Morris @Lacus09🔁Close game and go Lynx! Rematch of WNBA Finals the past two seasons is today at Target Center in Minneapolis: defending champion Lynx vs...
Star Trib Multimedia @StribMultimedia🔁LA Sparks beat the Minnesota Lynx 77-76 at Target Center. Chelsea Gray scored the buzzer beating game winner.


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