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Tommy G @Wulfemeister🔁 Probably one of the best things I’ve seen,
This man was towing his wife at Target 😂👫👵🏼👴🏼
Target Funko @OriginalFunko🔁RT & follow @OriginalFunko for the chance to win a @Target exclusive Squints and Wendy Peffercorn Pop! 2-pack!
sorayaxo💞 @miavazquez23🔁 Probably one of the best things I’ve seen,
This man was towing his wife at Target 😂👫👵🏼👴🏼
ADRI🤑N♌️ @arrogantafff🔁 Probably one of the best things I’ve seen,
This man was towing his wife at Target 😂👫👵🏼👴🏼
Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts🔁SHE DID IT! Gun Sense Distinction Candidate just won her New Jersey Congressional primary! The 11th district a top target for Democrats in this year’s midterm elections.
Dave Wasserman @Redistrict🔁Dems have to be pretty happy w/ CA results right now: they look like they'll avert shutouts in EVERY target district (albeit very narrowly in several).
katelynn deal @katebd13🔁lynchburg target has a Starbucks!!!!! and I have mixed feelings because YAY coffee but also buh bye money :-)
Raymond Pirouz @raymondpirouz🔁I like this move by Target. I hope they get rid of the clutter on their shelves and present a pristine, refined look at affordable prices.

America 1st @Donald4Change🔁Efforts to Spy on and Target : 'NOTHING like it' in America's History. Fundamental threat to our constitutional republic...
jules @honeyhaise🔁PSA: target is selling a bunch of pride stuff including gay, bi, pan, and trans flags for only $5! Spread this around
eGlobe #Network @networkurl🔁Ex-CEO: Cambridge Analytica got ‘huge target’ with Trump win
lil mal ♍️ @Mal_Baaby🔁ok but i went to target and i didn’t see shit 🤬
Dakota 🌊 @dae055🔁On June 15, me and are going to target and doing target pranks. We are going to put it on YouTube.
Paul Fox @Foxytwentyone🔁I suspect if they don’t tie up Bielsa by the weekend they will move onto a different target! Hopefully Ranieri as se cond choice but regardless they would go for Ronald McDonald before they offer Darren Fergusson the job! So panic ye not young man! 😉
Simon Muhammad @sudanthagod🔁Still supporting the ODOM family • The Blackman target of the FBI • Extremely Proud of our JR. FOI in NYC for a beautiful Qur’anic recitation at Masjid Khalifah In BKLYN
Peter Escobar @Juggernaut85Pe🔁RT & follow for the chance to win a exclusive Squints and Wendy Peffercorn Pop! 2-pack!
D.K.R. Boyd @ReflectingMan🔁*chews french fry and takes a sip of wine*

So y'all are really conspiring on Twitter to target three former federal employees and a current federal agent – a USAF vet who specializes in computer hacking – to do a what what now?

*bites another fry*

Julia M @kraftworkJules🔁I’m happier now I’ve put my drawing out there again & for my benefit ~ rather than ‘originally’ to support ‘a friend’ , to get their name further. It’s my turn now.
A hobbyist still has an aim and a target. 😁🥂 Thanks!
(C) n (O) a (N) t (R) h (O) a (N) n (1) @conron1_🔁Lmao we got these Minecraft blankets at Target and I overheard a mom talkin to her son she goes "Look its got all the little people on it" and the kid straight up went "They're not people they're MOBS" and I felt that
Dana Lee Hagstrom @danahags🔁Use Facebook Ads Pro Secrets to Target YOUR Best Prospects and Get Leads Today! ~


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