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Tanner Lee Thomas Omtvedt @TomBomb_12🔁Tanner Lee is a genius
Nebraska On BTN @NebraskaOnBTN🔁.@HuskerFBNation is on the board.

Tanner Lee finds JD Spielman for the loonnggg TD:

Big Ten Network @BigTenNetwork🔁Pick six!

Not the way you want to start for Nebraska and Tanner Lee, and @BadgerFootball's @Chris_Guwap housed it.

Jake Hancock @JakeHancock24🔁 .@HuskerFBNation is on the board.

Tanner Lee finds JD Spielman for the loonnggg TD:

Dash Cameron @C6Dash🔁Hate on Tanner Lee all you want. I'll always like someone who gets punched in the face every dropback, gets back up and keeps firing.
Mick Clausen @Mc_Beth_🔁Why will Mike Riley not bench Tanner Lee..he clearly isn’t ready for the big stage
Tanner @Tanner_Thomsen🔁@Danman1116 Lee & humphries #FANTASYFOOTBALL #FOLLOW @BrosFancast
Derrie Adams @DerrieAdams🔁@jonr402_jon @UnCommonSense00 @dirkchatelain Huh? Tanner Lee was great last night
Jackson Stalnaker @jacksonsta1🔁 Tanner Lee is not the problem on this team
Tim @Sole0526🔁 Not to be nitpicky but getting 0 interceptions against Tanner Lee is like going 8 games against normal QBs without a pick.
GHofmar @GHofmar🔁Happy bday:[1] Lee Iacocca 93, Linda Lavin 80, Don Stevenson[Moby Grape]75, Penny Marshall 74, Richard Carpenter 71, Roscoe Tanner 66...
Trevor Unger @trevorunger36🔁 How about that Nebraska, no Tanner Lee interceptions in the entire first half. Sweet!
Condemned @CondemnedCustom🔁I know people are (rightfully) Mad On The Internet but in the past two-plus games, Tanner Lee is at 8.9 YPA, 735 yards, 6/1 TD/INT.
Robyn Harms @rockinrobyn59🔁I wudn't mind having Tommy back for one more season.Tanner Lee had to be Riley's recruit. That's the best he cud do?? ?
Scott Dreas @63ScooterD🔁Tanner Lee is not the problem on this team
KBeeDee @kbenderdesign🔁 Tanner Lee: "We want to be what Ohio State just was."
David Wunder @hwunder🔁 That was a heckuva throw by Tanner Lee.
Brandon 🔥🏀 @bkleewein12🔁 Somewhat of a silver lining: Tanner Lee has made some nice throws tonight #Huskers
ᵗᶦᵐᵒᵗʰʸ ʰᵃⁿˢʰᵉʳ @boyerotica🔁tanner lee is throwing pick 6's at a collegiate level, trying his best, i'm waiting for this hot plate to heat up so i can light my cig.
Sean Urzendowski @urzy24🔁Tanner Lee is a 4th year junior, he is no better then where he was at in Tulane.. and the only consistent WR they ha ve is a redshirt FR
Ryan Ginn @rmginn🔁@cadillaccannon @MrOH1O It wasn't thrown by Tanner Lee
Mr. Ohio @MrOH1O🔁@cadillaccannon @rmginn That being said Tanner Lee didn't throw that pass.
Ryan Ginn @rmginn🔁Not to be nitpicky but getting 0 interceptions against Tanner Lee is like going 8 games against normal QBs without a pick.
conservativeYogini @MissMichelleRae🔁 Tanner Lee: 'I'm still amazed by our fans, especially today.'

Watch live:

#Huskers #Buckeyes

Braden Lofink @BradenLofink1🔁@pricerob10 @BUBBAQ1994 Happy your boy Tanner Lee is tearing it up!!
🏳 @GhostOfRhaegarYikes 🔁 Jake Browning is my QB1 followed by Mason Rudolph, Lamar Jackson, Clayton Thorson, then Tanner Lee. #Top5
Alec Rome @RomeForReal🔁Positives tonight: Tanner Lee made good throws, improving. JD Speilman looks like a future star. I got a haircut.

That's it.
#GBR #Huskers

Tyler James Klimiuk @tklim2430🔁@GBRFootball8 That’s wrong. Tanner lee is progressing. The wide receivers are getting better. The running backs have gotten better


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