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#talkthethrones baby f 🌼 @stringimijesy🔁 Cersei with the fake news #ThronesYall #TalktheThrones #GameOfThones7
The Ringer @ringer🔁#TalktheThrones Episode 2: Breaking down "Stormborn"
Bill Simmons @BillSimmons🔁Who will last longer - Kyrie and LeBron or Jon Snow and Sansa? #TalkTheThrones
The Ringer @ringer🔁Missed Episode 2 of #TalktheThrones? Watch the replay here! ⬇️
daniel eadicicco @DanEadicicco🔁 Missed Episode 2 of #TalktheThrones? Watch the replay here! ⬇️
Daniel Canngieter #9 @Dcanngieter🔁 'Stormborn' was dope. If you missed the #TalktheThrones discussion, catch the replay here! 🐺? ?
Daniel Eshaghian @DEshaghian🔁Episode 2 of on w/ Mallory/Chris/Andy/Jason + special guest Haley Joel Osment - ON DEMAND

Chris Cisna @ChrisCisna🔁 #TalktheThrones Episode 2: Breaking down "Stormborn"
Shannon Bottams @ShazzleDazzle🔁@pilatchu check this out for all the goss x #TalkTheThrones
Rolf Helle Mathiesen @rolfmath🔁 Who will last longer - Kyrie and LeBron or Jon Snow and Sansa? #TalkTheThrones
VastAstro @VastAstro🔁Littlefinger realizIng Sansa bout to be in Winterfell without her brother
Nhlanhla Hasane 🇿🇦 @Nhlanhla_ILLOT🔁OMG. I missed it, @TwitterTV I must have dosed off. #TalktheThrones
Lady Shay @blutobehave54🔁@Vlonevogue1 @playboicarti @DJBlakBoy @MarqueeTheater Looks good... #TalktheThrones
Laura Martín @entrelosnuestrs🔁 Bet top dollar that Samwell Tarly will be forced to kill his father in the books #TalkTheThrones
rafi @rafaelshai🔁 Is the Jorah surgery scene cut straight to the eating pie scene a top 3 transition in television history? #talkthethrones
Zac Oldenburg @ZacOldenburg🔁 @ringer Why didn't Jorah have Dr. James Andrews do his surgery? #TalkTheThrones
Massa @DrtyMassa🔁 That awkward moment when she wants the d, but you're an #Unsullied . #ThronesYall #TalktheThrones #GameOfThrones #GoT
The Marvelous Alix @marvelous_alix🔁That awkward moment when she wants the d, but you're an #Unsullied . #ThronesYall #TalktheThrones #GameOfThrones #GoT
Samantha Swanson @MrsSwanson1213🔁... as well? & what if it's not necessarily Cersei's little sibling but any little sibling? (Euron, Dany, Sansa, Ar ya?) 2/2
Jan Garec Dino @JDStrumcakes🔁#TalktheThrones likelihood of a Bran flashback to the tourney?
karen @keoughrileys🔁 Can we talk about the show once again making the Sand Snakes look weak for no reason? @ringer #TalkTheThrones
lol @lolmfaoo🔁missandei is probably going to die next she's useless now cause everyone speaks english in westeros #TalktheThrones #GameOfThones
Joanna Stayton @stayton_joanna🔁From the producers of 'This Is Us' comes the unexpected love story of Brienne and Tormund ...

(((Neil Kaplan))) @NeKap🔁#TalktheThrones was SO much better on HBO last year when it wasn't such a pain in the ass to watch.
TxHeelerLuvs @ACDBCMom🔁Sit down and with us.⚔
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Brian Thompson @BrianBluv2🔁#TalkTheThrones
Sansa: don't go
John: you're in charge while I'm gone
Sansa: why are you still here?! Go already!!!
Saumya Nanduru @Blu_Melody🔁#Euron from #GoTS7 seems to be straight out of #ShaktiKapoor school of #Villainy #Bollywood #TalktheThrones #india


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