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Popular tweets tagged with #TakeASongToCamp:
Topher Philanges @PhilangesTopher🔁#TakeASongToCamp
Boys of summer camp
Aaron Weinbaum @aaronsayswhat1🔁Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere With You #TakeASongToCamp
#TakeASongToCamp SunNiteMovieMan @SundayNiteMovie🔁Have You Ever Toasted 'Mellows? #TakeASongToCamp
BSPLibrary @BSPLibrary🔁@dcplibrary "Camp Fire in the Sky-y" #TakeASongToCamp
Jeff Dwoskin @bigmacher🔁Born to Run Out of Bug spray #TakeASongToCamp
Teena @mzsoulsong1🔁rain, rain, rain, you're ruining camp! #TakeASongToCamp
Amy H @mercblues🔁#TakeASongToCamp Her name is Rio and she camps out on the sand... 😂 @duranduran
Lil @LILDIRECT🔁 Hit Me With Your Best Cot #TakeASongToCamp
Lil @LILDIRECT🔁 #TakeASongToCamp
Sitting on the dock with bug spray
Lil @LILDIRECT🔁 #TakeASongToCamp
Canteen Spirit
Stephon Wakefield @KYFriedOtaku🔁#TakeASongToCamp

Zipline Bling by Drake? *shrugs* 😂

DJ AHa @DJAHa🔁The Village Latrine Preservation Society #TakeASongToCamp
Teena @mzsoulsong1🔁boys of summer we would sneak to see #TakeASongToCamp
Teena @mzsoulsong1🔁since you been gone to camp, it's really been quite at the house! #TakeASongToCamp
Teena @mzsoulsong1🔁cry me a river from being homesick!😭😢 #TakeASongToCamp
Garrett Rodriguez @Grod_Spongebob🔁I got you poison Ivy - Sunny and hare #TakeASongToCamp
Zekey's Mom @Zekeys_Mom🔁When you wanna get down,
and cook on the ground... propane.
SunNiteMovieMan @SundayNiteMovie🔁These Boots Are Made for Hikin' #TakeASongToCamp
Leslie Ann ❤️ @leslieann_100🔁Wild Camp Fire 🔥 #TakeASongToCamp
SunNiteMovieMan @SundayNiteMovie🔁I Caught It Through the Grapevine #TakeAsongToCamp
Liz @JustMyTweet🔁 #TakeASongToCamp
Another Bug Bites The Dust
Chuck George @chuck_harley76🔁Lite my Fire #TakeASongToCamp
Leslie Ann ❤️ @leslieann_100🔁Camp Stop #TakeASongToCamp
Chris Phelps Cook @TheEveningPoet🔁"Here's Where The Campfire Songs Begin" #TakeASongToCamp
Kali @KaliGirl86🔁 Hold me closer tiny camper. #takeasongtocamp
Coli Volchok @Coli_VolchokLMP🔁#TakeASongToCamp Missin' campfire, gotta be somewhere, Wooaaaah, I lost my underwear
Coli Volchok @Coli_VolchokLMP🔁#TakeASongToCamp. C.Y.O Camps, it's fun to stay at the C.Y.O Camps
Zekey's Mom @Zekeys_Mom🔁Come On Baby, Light My Firewood
Jackson @Jackson_Driver🔁Stairway to the honey hut #TakeASongToCamp
Maggie Quirt @maggie_quirt🔁 #TakeASongToCamp Papa's Got A Brand New Sleeping Bag RS
SpooksandChills @SpooksandChills🔁 #TakeASongToCamp
When You Fish Upon a Star
SpooksandChills @SpooksandChills🔁 #TakeASongToCamp
We Didn't Start the Campfire
Lance the Motivator @LostCityLance🔁In the Still of the Night, I heard a noise! What was that? Could be a bear! I'm not going out there... YOU go check it out! #TakeASongToCamp
I'llthinkofsomething @Glennot73🔁 All my exes live at Camp Crystal Lake.


MassFractal @massfractal🔁 S'More Than A Feeling
MarMar @mooses_mom_mar🔁All my exes live at Camp Crystal Lake.


Nathanielle Crawford @NathanielleSean🔁#TakeASongToCamp You Wanted Smores
Nathanielle Crawford @NathanielleSean🔁#TakeASongToCamp Into The Woods to Dig a Latrine
MarMar @mooses_mom_mar🔁 I knew you were trouble when you hiked in. #TakeASongToCamp
MarMar @mooses_mom_mar🔁 Get Outta My Dreams
(Get Into My Tent)
Jack Miller @personaugratin🔁#TakeASongToCamp Little Red Canoe
Jason H Nonaka @jason_nonaka🔁The Call Me Marshmallow Yellow #TakeASongToCamp
Topher Philanges @PhilangesTopher🔁#TakeASongToCamp
The ghost story of my life
DCPLibrary @dcplibrary🔁"Boats On the Water" #TakeASongToCamp @JokeBlogger🔁 Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere With You #TakeASongToCamp
Maybe Pile @MaybePileComedy🔁 Don't Voorhees, Be happy #TakeASongToCamp
Aim ee Su pree @AimeeliciousRox🔁#TakeASongToCamp idiot summer camp @ginblossoms


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