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#TakeAKnee Dan Thielman @jmprvrhntcmp🔁 I wonder how those who are truly oppressed feel about the brats who #TakeAKnee
Pastor Mark Burns @pastormarkburns🔁Stop taking a knee against the American Flag and #TakeAKnee at Welfare Buildings, Abortion clinics, & Liquor Stores in the Inner-Cities.
#TakeAKnee ABC7 Eyewitness News @ABC7🔁Vin Scully on #TakeAKnee national anthem protests: "I will never watch another NFL game" abc7.la
#TakeAKnee Rebecca Jones @ChiggerBo52🔁 To all the athletes protesting racial injustice and police brutality: we’re with you. #TakeAKnee
The Root @TheRoot🔁After school says she couldn't during the anthem, a Iowa cheerleader quits her squad: twitter.com
L.A @lailannmar🔁After school says she couldn't during the anthem, a Iowa cheerleader quits her squad: trib.al
Beth Pickering @pickeringbeth🔁E X A C T L Y. #NFL #TakeAKnee @Kaepernick7 twitter.com
I am awake. @NolanHack🔁Kap is 3rd all-time for passer rating as a 49er.

He's ahead of Y.A. Tittle. Tittle has been in the Hall of Fame for 46 years.


Judy R. @IndiaGirl1🔁Thus ‼️ No justice, we (pplofcolor) once again get no justice! Suppose to be “liberty and justice for all” but is ju twitter.com st for some!
David @DavidInnerb🔁Bono, Madonna, George Soros and Queen Liz named in Paradise Papers youtu.be #takeaknee #hang5 in 2017 #magnetospinresearch
Marthe 🇨🇦 @suinqc🔁He wants us all to to be serfs except when we must stand for the flag!
Liberal Patriot @pattersonjeffa🔁In college football, players don't take the field until *after* the anthem, negating any possible controversy.


Arena Cops @ArenaCops🔁🔥😎Born 2 B proud & free. 2 groove w love, respect & dignity! "Take A Knee hearthis.at " 💓 2 ! ✌️🗽💪 twitter.com
I am awake. @NolanHack🔁Kap scored 30 in a recent Super Bowl.
#TakeAKnee twitter.com
Kim Mello @7WhoSayS7🔁@chucktodd been too busy elevating the military to sainthood over #TakeAKnee to hold them accountable for bureaucracy over Texas shooter
Kathleen Zurcher @KAZurcher🔁 pal blames his poor pizza sales on protest. A few years ago he blamed the

BitchinBarb @bpaschvoss🔁You sanctimonious snark who stands on the podium & blatantly lies to America- disgrace you are. This Patriot supports twitter.com & !
🙏#SutherlandSprings @_CFJ_🔁 Rob 23 y/o

Shot 10/24



& ⇛SILENT twitter.com

iluvmeudo2 @NobbotteO🔁That collusion lawsuit looking sweeter by the day...smh #nfl #TakeAKnee
Southern Muse @MuseOfTheSouth🔁OK, you fuckers with your /military bullshit: THIS is what is about. You're welcome, you shitbirds. twitter.com
UnCrowned King @SplashyStacks🔁 Colin Kaepernick a new civil rights leader ✊🏿 #TAKEAKNEE
Lori H @lorihhh🔁Stop taking a knee against the American Flag and at Welfare Buildings, Abortion clinics, & Liquor Stores in the Inner-Cities.
VegasWriterResists** @UnofficiallyNFL🔁 to brave men of the NFL who risk their jobs for others to bring attention to racial inequality and police misconduct twitter.com
Dawn Owens @DawnInUrbana🔁Not ONE person has been held responsible for the death of Freddie Gray. NO ONE. That is the REAL reason for
Thoughtraven II @Simply2mad🔁As a combat vet, I fought Nazis ofWWII. Today I , once more, in solidarity w/my brothers&sisters still fighting 4 equality&justice
ShadowBard 📎✊🏾 @ShadowBard🔁The @BaltimorePolice broke Freddie Grey’s spine, murdering him, and no one has been held to account! He is why we #TakeAKnee
DOMVITO NEALY @domvito61🔁Texans owner called NFL players ‘inmates.’ Didn’t sign Kaep? What a surprise. Not.
Hillary Newton @studiohq🔁The mirror is harsh 4 them

MoS 4 WP enabling butchers = good

/MoS to beg for help respectfully for BP= e twitter.com vil

ShadowBard 📎✊🏾 @ShadowBard🔁This is why we ; another Black man was murdered by the and NO ONE has been held to account twitter.com
Sabrina @allthingsnerds🔁 .

disrespects & 🇺🇸 Flag.

in prayer 🙏

Dreamkatch @dreamkatch🔁You're a vet who says fuck the AF? Wow...that seems somewhat more disrespectful than but I guess you can say what yo twitter.com u want if you're white
Mike B @Mab543_345baM🔁This NFL team just smacked down a disabled veteran |
Roger Stadankton @cjoton77🔁Most Americans completely support the right to free speech but that doesn’t mean we have to like the avenue it is tak twitter.com en. Please
effectualchange @EmeryLaman🔁For those against , tell me how, exactly, one should protest? Bc ummm.....

Mary Huval @HuvalMary🔁 #TakeAKnee this is why we kneel... Smh My heart breaks for this mother.


GinaCaputo @akaginacaputo🔁 Pizza Hut just endorsed #TakeAKnee at the National Anthem #NFL
NoEvil.US @NoEvilUS🔁I applaud you Mr. Lieu. It's kind of like the people that don't understand We need to help people, not condem simple twitter.com protest actions that bring attention to important issues. Deal with the issue, then the protests will stop.


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