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Dr. DaShanne Stokes @DaShanneStokes🔁Donald Trump used his account to attack people's careers, incite violence, push bigotry, and threaten war. His accoun twitter.com t should have been deleted a long time ago, Twitter. Please RT if you agree.

KingSo @KingSo657🔁Tim Tebow took a knee to honor God. The NFL didn’t lock arms for him. They blackballed him
for his faith.
Dr. DaShanne Stokes @DaShanneStokes🔁. probably doesn't want people to know he shares the same message as former KKK grand wizard David Duke. Don't tweet twitter.com this. It might make him upset or make his supporters open their eyes.

Dr. DaShanne Stokes @DaShanneStokes🔁I can think of no greater honor than for to become the first American president to be impeached and removed.


George Washington @GW1stPOTUS🔁 Tebow, a white Christian, did #TakeAKnee way before it was cool. Fake media and fake heroes of @NFL trashed him.
Aglaia @aglaia_o_behave🔁 Trying to figure out how #TakeAKnee is un-American but letting people die because of lack of health insurance is patriotic

Spicy NFL News @NFLscandal🔁Not too sure how to feel about #TakeAKnee. I agree with the point the players want to make, but it has only hurt the league at this point
Spicy NFL News @NFLscandal🔁The protest is the single dumbest PR stunt in the history of professional sports. You took a knee, we took a hike.
Craig May @HDflstci🔁

I wonder 🤔 if the NFL players who realize that the ONLY RESULTS of their actions are that:

1. They're giving Losers an excuse to BLAME OTHERS for their problems

2. PATRIOTIC Americans don't want to watch IGNORANT ATHLETES play 🏈

Jean Mumford @jean_mumford🔁Trail Of Tears Short Documentary youtu.be via
In view of trumps blatant insults to Native Americans today, ( under a picture twitter.com of Andrew Jackson)
I suggest that all people who have been invited to the White House decline. Time for all Americans
Jdog gab.ai/jdog @jschau11🔁 #NFLBoycott working, ratings continue to slide. #TakeAStand #TakeAKnee #NFL #tcot #P2 vivaliberty.com
frank howell @frankhowell7911🔁@zeudonim My name is frank, and i do follow the #resistence
#takeAknee #dumptrump 😀
༄ེས།ཾཥཇ༩ @Viperz27🔁I loved the NFL until the offensive line refused to block for Carr because he wouldn’t twitter.com
Aaron Elijah Colyer @TheAaronColyer🔁why she's a fake Indian... Meanwhile the racist nfl has a team named for a racial slur against native Americans... so twitter.com maybe should
Bob Valiquet @Canuck4466🔁Criminals abound in
They to show disrespect & hatred of police
Do care?
Arturo Extreme @ExtremeArturo🔁The missed a great opportunity to keep that explosive offense going by not signing . Shame.


Patrick Lockerby @PatrickLogicman🔁This is why we //
Just In: Texas Police Repeatedly Shoot Unarmed Black Man For ‘Breaking Into’ His Own Car' –
Thin King @JamesLCason1🔁Speaking from the heart...


Diane Bradley @dieeane🔁 We must remove @realDonaldTrump . Not next year or next month. Now.

#TakeAKnee #resist #25thAmendment #ImpeachTrump

Aaron Elijah Colyer @TheAaronColyer🔁Meanwhile the nfl has a team named after a racial slur against indigenous people but dems don't seem to care about t twitter.com hat when they
Carol Alfonso @caa1000🔁Monday Night Football got dronned with leaflets asking to #TakeAKnee 🏈👇 #NF twitter.com L
gruen72 @gruen72🔁I'm waiting for and all the others to express outrage about disrespecting the Code Talkers under a portrait of And twitter.com rew Jackson while making a racial slur.
Havana @shetallbrazil🔁Who should run for president #2018 election?

Calvin Swine @CalvinSwine905🔁 4 any FUKN body protesting "your" favorite ()!
Every decent, empathetic, & TRUE guardians of our Constitution.
We HAVE 2 go 2 bed every night, BELIEVING Justice. WE HAVE 2 believe the shroud of justice, We R cloaked in, is real!
Scooby @fhowell07🔁The media is trying to spin the NFL drop in T.V. ratings is due to people protesting the players kneeling.
Okay. 😉 twitter.com Thanks! 🤣

Another hijacking that is actually helping.

Mrs D @Mrs_Cldh🔁Blacks #TakeAKnee its
an insult.
Trump insults native Americans, its a joke.


Todd Kimmelman 🦃 @toddkimmelman🔁Not that has anything to prove to the crowd, but don't judge these guys because they for something they believe i twitter.com n.
Elise Mysels @02Cents0🔁rcooley123: #TakeAKnee -


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