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Twitter Takeover The Business Times @BusinessTimes🔁Qualcomm mulls 'next steps' in Broadcom takeover bid
Twitter Takeover Kerrie borgna @meckley37🔁🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show ?DADDY✨TAKEOVER✨:Gym time

Twitter Takeover Melvin Suarez @kingbladimir🔁🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show Tinker✨TAKEOVER✨:

Twitter Takeover Bloomberg Canada @BloombergCA🔁Trudeau government launches national security review of Aecon takeover
Twitter Takeover Jody The SupaTrainer @THESUPERTRAINER🔁CEO Takeover: Manan shares his Skydiving Experience RT @advensure_io
Twitter Takeover Stephen Moran @MoranStephen🔁Theresa May met Murdoch the other week. Now this...

Hmmm! What has she agreed to? His takeover of Sky?

Twitter Takeover Report UK @ReportUK🔁AI Valentine"s Day TAKEOVER Study show massive surge in robot romance #TODAY
⛈🕊🌼 @Iifeinplastic🔁@FOXBOOGlE @nofIags @NickisNana3 Foxy tryna hear takeover beat
Twitter Takeover محمد البرنس @fWtul4vDi4rTfW0🔁🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show 🌈Ena23✨TAKEOVER:

Twitter Takeover #yoongi'sWife @ArmyLovesKpop🔁 Which artist do you think will takeover 2018? Vote!
Carpenchards⚘ @xCarpenchardsx🔁 Rowan iniciando su takeover en el Instagram de @penguinrandom 💙
Twitter Takeover Al Bor @alborhythm🔁Wil MESSENGER BOTS TAKEOVER EMAIL MARKETING With 90% Open Rates??
Twitter Takeover Profit Agency @profit_agency🔁Wil MESSENGER BOTS TAKEOVER EMAIL MARKETING With 90% Open Rates??
Twitter Takeover Md Anowar @AnowarMd7844091🔁🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show 🌈Ena23✨TAKEOVER:

Twitter Takeover 106.5 The Lake @1065theLAKE🔁Now till 10 tonight, YOU are in control of what we play right here-->>
` @satzuhyo🔁fifth harmony bus tour takeover ep1
Twitter Takeover Kevin Bass @basspanamacity🔁🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show 🌈TIM✨TAKEOVER✨:

Amy Siskind @Amy_Siskind🔁I continue to ask out loud: Republicans- this is okay with you? Not running for re-election alone is not enough, our democracy is at risk of takeover by a foreign power. You really are going to do nothing to stop this?
Javier Muñoz @JMunozActor🔁Took this last time I was on set right before my IG Takeover.....
Sharing this geek out moment with all you fellow f ans of
Can ya tell I’m a little excited for March to arrive? 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

Chris D'Elia @chrisdelia🔁It’s time to finished what has started. #takeover
Despina Litts @DespinaLitts2🔁 The takeover
DrEmilyAbramsMassey @DrEmilyAMassey🔁Snapchat Takeover! #Go Towns @APSTowns @CarstarphenMJ @Atldepsupt @apsupdate
Ryan Mullen @RMullen_🔁I mean, come on dude. Do you know how many homes a military-style rifle has saved from a tyrannical government takeov er?
Right Networks @RightNetworks🔁Don't forget to register for my Twitter Takeover, on Wednesday 2.21.2018 at 3pm ET!
Imrana Mahmood @Imrana_Mahmood🔁 Thanks to @paulkhammond for sharing this me-the Muslim takeover, one football team at a time!
SG Helmericks @StiegGeorg🔁They never stopped, or WERE never stopped -- the breadth & depth of this ongoing infiltration/takeover is bigger than , goes back 15-20 years, and is served by an international cast of thousands -- and this gelatinous slob can't even address the nation.
A. Smith @Blacc_jesus🔁Bruh fuc then they don’t fuc wit us (the West) and never has.. Build your own shit and takeover
Lofty Dunn @LoftyDunn🔁🌹 Happy Valentines Day 🌹
I’m doing a special Valentines Day Snapchat Takeover today. With a brand new sexy red lingerie & a bed of roses 🌹😍
Now let’s get naughty! 💁😈🌹❤️💕

vyw @gnewuy_🔁[!]

John Cena posted ‘MIC Drop’ remix single cover on Instagram

Carrie Underwood include ‘MIC Drop remix’ in her takeover Spotify playlist, ‘Workout’.

( )

Njhingha Nkatingi @NjhinghaSA🔁. takeover! NYC date is sold out so head to in NJ on 2/15! 🔥 Tix:
CaseStudEnv @CaseStudEnv🔁Another great coming soon: Western Washington University's Grace Wang on lessons learned from the armed takeover o f Malheur National Wildlife Refuge
Was It Worth It? @WasItWorthItPod🔁 is back with the 1st episode of our cast Takeover! / talk , and of course Victor Crowley, out now on DVD/VOD.

Bangladesh News 24 @bdnews24🔁AT&T Intensifies Battle for Time Warner by Targeting Trump Role: AT&T Inc. is pursuing an unprecedented strategy of i njecting politics into the fight to salvage its planned takeover of Time Warner Inc. by threatening to call the head… More
ElmosWorld @MakaiiMiiller🔁 lovelies. Or . Hope you're having a wonderful day however you're celebrating. If you need some last min . & I have you covered & we will show you a all . ❤💕💜
Dreamylovelyhoney @intrwebdreamgrl🔁Watch me LIVE now on my watchthebabes2 snap takeover!!

Yunei orozco @OrozcoYunei🔁I LALALALALOVEEEE YOUU’s XX immmm outtttt ! thanks bbies 💕 see who’s up next for the takeover😛
erin heineman @ornibird🔁Join Feminist Wikipedia Takeover for to add women, trans & non-binary human rights defenders to
Luxe @LuxeHomeTulsa🔁Hi, it’s Michelle here on Designer Takeover week. I have to agree with Dale on this one! I selected this fabric for s ome gorgeous draperies & my client instantly fell in love with it too! They are being installed tomorrow & we can’t wait for the big reveal.
🌿 L. Gray @littlestlamb1🔁Murder plots, secret spies, and big bucks on the table. In his new book, professor Steven J. Ross tells the unbelievable story of how Nazis intent on affecting America culture almost co-opted Hollywood.

SAINT @SAINTHEARTEARTH🔁.'s on tour with and , and TONIGHT she's taking you there! Watch her takeover from on our Instagram story all night long > ❤️
Vinicius. @Vinicius_Horan🔁Starting my Twitter takeover now guys send your questions now with 😊
God's son @Wisyhambolu🔁On this day some 19 years ago, was birthed with a mandate from the Lord to “church the unchurched “ and “raise a takeover generation”. We definitely do not look like where we started from. Proverbs 4:18 has been our experience. Happy Anniversary to us!

King León the 6th @KingLeonThe6th🔁JUST ADDED: He's hated by the fans. He's loathed in the locker room. And yet he's unbeaten in PWT competition. At "Rise of the Machine" KING LEON THE SIXTH returns to Pro Wrestling Takeover with an eye on the top of the card.

Tickets are on sale now at

Bill D @zeusFanHouse🔁 Is Being Ahead Of
breaks down how high - is working to & greatly disturb human civilization to the point that they have to replace it w a complete AI takeover
🤐💰💲🏔ひ @SoloDolo_Lo🔁Takeover szn is in full effect! “Yahoo”🔥 Be on the lookout for the video! #843
CBC-The Current @TheCurrentCBC🔁Murder plots, secret spies, and big bucks on the table. In his new book, professor Steven J. Ross tells the unbelieva ble story of how Nazis intent on affecting America culture almost co-opted Hollywood.

Anna-Mike Boodman @kamaneicha🔁Took this last time I was on set right before my IG Takeover.....
Sharing this geek out moment with all you fellow fans of
Can ya tell I’m a little excited for March to arrive? 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

Kim Krutsch @kimannette726🔁Thanks to for a great Tech Takeover this morning and for letting host a Lunch & Learn! It's been a busy and lovely day so far.
space @givenace🔁 you wont understand unless youve been through a lot WOAH 📝🔥its Levels to this sh!t 😁Ying-Ying 🌊 New Wave takeover
Andy The HO Handyman @Sportywagon🔁Just over a week away from our takeover next Friday (23rd). Very happy to say this is one of the awesome selection of beers that we'll be pouring on the day!
Alex Ochoa @Alex8awa🔁“Mom, romance is dead. It was acquired in a hostile takeover by Hallmark and Disney, homogenized, and sold off, piece by piece.”
AI 4.2 6.9 @ParanormalPussy🔁WATCH THE TAKEOVER LIVE HERE!!!
Rehana Faisal @RehanaFaisalH🔁Thanks to @paulkhammond for sharing this me-the Muslim takeover, one football team at a time!
Keslie @keslieofthesea🔁Time to finish this loop strong with a The final round before our Texas Takeover & begins
Charlie Saliba @charlie_saliba🔁 - NEXT THURSDAY at the AZURi College Takeover we are giving you and your mates the chance to win your whole night out ON US!

All you have to do is click the link below and comment who you’ll be bringing with you! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Ya da_ San @hsaanHHH1🔁Youth about to begin train takeover to and then joining NTA Rally!
UWS Creative @UWScreative🔁16 days to go until the Takeover! Check out the full programme including & LOADS more ➡️
Nadia @nadiabelush🔁Unsurprisingly, Erdogan fell for Iran & Iraq's fake promises. His fear of a potential independent Kurdish country bli nded him from noticing that the true purpose behind Iran & Iraq's takeover of Kirkuk was to gradually divert most of the oil flows away from Turkey & towards Iran.
Ivan Hidalgo @iHidalgo10🔁If you missed my takeover and will be saved on the brazzersofficial IG for 24hours! 😘💦 🍑
North American Network (NAN Radio) @nanradio🔁March 6th! Are you ready?
We're celebrating TORONTO'S birthday on March 6th with the "MADE IN TORONTO TAKEOVER!" If YOU'RE a local artist, we could be playing YOU on the radio! check out our website for details @

Roshan Thomas Jr @goldentiger39🔁Doug🇨🇦Ford is Canada's
4Bilderberg ELITE 2 TAKEOVER 🇺🇸

Baseline To Sideline @BTS_Report🔁All this BUMP...

Michigan Storm (MI)
Team Takeover EYBL (VA)
Stars Elite (PA)
Team B Wright (TN)
NJ Sparks EYBL (NJ)
Exodus EYBL (NY)
Boston Showstoppers (MA)
WPA Bruins (PA)
Team Loaded (VA)
Cityrocks (NY)
Lady Rivals (MA)
IExcel (NY)

Elijah Perez @elijahtweeting🔁I am looking for someone takeover a shared room at . It will be available from the middle of May 2018, the lease is until July 31st. The rent fee is only $650 per month. If you are interested, please let me know.
miles #CamModelUnity @unchared33🔁Love is all over the place ❤❤ your Valentine's day host is the lovely

Be sure you add us to check out her takeover


To check out her content

NikkiWonderful @NikkiWonderful_🔁On March 6th we're celebrating Toronto's birthday with The MADE IN TORONTO Takeover. 6:00am to midnight, The Move will feature only artists from the GTA, including: Drake, The Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Tory Lanez, & maybe YOU!!? Details here:

Legacy @legacy_Takeover🔁This boy can't find his parents, he was kidnapped 6 months ago & was abandoned on a lonely road. Lets help this child to reach his parents again. He is not asking 4 ur money or Gold, all he wants is 4 you 2 help him by retweeting until it gets 2 his parents
Linda Manning @MidwestLibris🔁Linda, Rosalyn and Joanna are kicking off this tap takeover at with some Bride of Frankenhammer and Dark Hammer (not pictured on tap is Cheatin Heart IPA and 7th Anniversary Tripel)
I Shut My Fat Ass Up @ProEra_Takeover🔁I saw this on Black Mirror. Yall stupid
Jeff Rickett @LawnPoke🔁The Takeover is all about requested LOVE songs! 2 hours of all requests! Hear everyone's favorite LOVE song only at starting at 6 pm MT, 8 pm ET!
Abdul Wahab @AbuAlHaania🔁Spokesperson of Jamat'ud'Dawah have strongly protest against Government Notification to takeover Ambulances, Education Institutions, Health Centers etc.
He vows to continue legal defence for his organization



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