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👑 @shadymisslexi🔁Nicki still follows khia and ts madison?....soooo
Stay At Home Top @LetAnthonyRock🔁Eh this would only bother me if she didn’t start her career off as “TS” Madison twitter.com
Pooch. @ItsVee_🔁TS Madison wanted to become famous while Khia could give 2 fucks about having connections and relationships so of cou twitter.com rse the Queens court wasn't going to work out.
ThatGrapeJuice (Sam) @thatgrapejuice🔁Nicki Minaj Was Allegedly Working On TV Project With 'The Queens Court' With Khia & TS Madison twitter.com
Emi 🦄🌈 @EmiMinaj🔁The Generous/Degeneres Queen reached out to give Khia's and TS Madison's Queen Court a TV Deal but instead of taking it, Khia declined ? Looool. Is she dumb ?

I only have one thing to say on the matter. 👇

Jay Garrick @IconikReignThey beefin 🔁 TS Madison came with receipts last night.
Be Prepared Bitch! @homegworl🔁Ts Madison was looking at the bigger picture. Sis trademarked the name, was getting sponsors, and was about to get a TV deal. Khia just wants to sit in a living room talking shit all night.
Saeisa Monique⚔👑⚔ @SimplySyy_xoxo🔁obviously this whole thing wit nicki talking to TS Madison behind the scenes is the only reason Khia stopped roasting nicki & started going in on Remy Ma & Lil Kim! the garbz actually thought she liked nicki! lmao!
Lil Twinkie @In_A_YamChele🔁@PineappleGC TS Madison went live and pulled receipts on her ass last night after she said Maddie stole QC from her
trillkado @kado508🔁*opens twitter* Nicki nicki nicki
*looks into it* it’s a TS Madison and Khia situation..


Saeisa Monique⚔👑⚔ @SimplySyy_xoxo🔁So fixated on REMY meanwhile EVERYONES TIMELINE IS THE SAME. Nicki has been gone since DECEMBER 30th HANDLING A SITUA twitter.com TION. Aren't y'all worried about her welfare? Cuz CLEARLY its not music based since even TS MADISON aint heard from her WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO GET THEM A TV DEAL ☕☕
hER. @Jasminejasjaz_🔁i love tS Madison 🙌🏽
RemyRodeoDrive @BelayRelay🔁TS Madison confirmed on FaceBook Live that Nicki Minaj reached out to her to link Khia & Maddie with Network producers. I’m glad TS Madison & Khia are clashing because it’s exposing Nicki Minaj’s dirty tactics. Nicki was trying to back a show that bashes Remy & Kim.
✨ @jalennnwest🔁I really haaaaaaaate when you guys refer to TS Madison simply as “TS” like... call her Madison
Saeisa Monique⚔👑⚔ @SimplySyy_xoxo🔁Y'all so worried about REMY AND her music y'all CLAIM no one listens to but YALL KNOW ALL REMY SONGS 😂😂 YALL ARE FA twitter.com NS. You need to be worried about your fave cuz according to TS MADISON, BARBS AND BLOGS she got some DEEP SHIT going on since DECEMBER 30TH and THAT'S the REAL tea
Nicki Minaj Nicaragua @NMNicaragua🔁nicki wanted to collab with remy but remy fucked that up
nicki wanted to help khia & ts madison with their show but khia fucked that up but nicki is the bad guy? ok
Every Hood Nigga Dream ✨ @CinnDaSavage🔁So Khia done with queens court, it’ll be interesting to see how Ts Madison pushes through the show. Honestly Ts needs to bring jasmine masters on to replace Khia
I love their chemistry
Beyoncé Facts @beyonce_awards🔁 TS Madison says Nicki Minaj got her and Khia a tv deal.

The generous queen 👏🏽

DMV Queen👑 @mzmelidy69🔁 Ts Madison said fuck the bullshit and plugged in her color printer to give facts and emails.
DMV Queen👑 @mzmelidy69🔁 Ts Madison and Khia really brought their bullshit into a new week. Just cancel everything.
willy @BARBNIKA🔁Wow Ts Madison really should’ve left Nicki out of this because now she’s getting Nicki attacked just for trying to help them and do business. Khia ruined a whole bag and honestly revealing that probably just burned that bridge.
C.J. @HesAClassic__I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be THE QUEENS COU🔁 TS Madison Responds To Khia's Gag Order Video: "I am NOT a
Lil Twinkie @In_A_YamChele🔁TS Madison came with receipts last night.
ricky @reeekeee🔁There’s no wonder why Khia and TS Madison were going so hard on Remy Ma. Nicki Minaj was behind the scenes contacting TS Madison and Khia to link them with a TV deal. Everything comes to the light eventually.
Queen Bee @LilKimGoon🔁The reason TS Madison and Khia are having issues is because their show was rooted in evil. And Nicki Minaj that’s why Cardi B is your KARMA. You’re too busy behind the scenes moving puppet strings with TS Madison and Khia to spite Remy Ma.
I_Am_Beautiful_Soul @beautifulsoul40🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be And the Queens Court Drama Continues...Khia & TS Madison 😩😳
I AM @MAMA_NISHIA🔁I believe TS Madison didn’t steal anything. Khia seems like the type to not handle business first.
Saeisa Monique⚔👑⚔ @SimplySyy_xoxo🔁Liessss all you do is go around spreading Liesss. But its true nicki Minaj tried to get Khia & TS Madison a tv deal o sneaky thief!
Da KiDd @NMyZ0N3🔁Even if that's the case TS Madison shoulda talked to Khia before doing that. Khia been doing this blog / court shit f twitter.com or years..

And that "just sign the deal" mentality is the reason why half y'all faves in fucked up deals. Just saying

Pooch. @ItsVee_🔁Khia and TS Madison should've parted ways a while ago. They had 2 different visions anyway.
Pretty Petty RemyMafia👑🍫 @7Wand6S🔁Liessss all you do is go around spreading Liesss. But its true nicki Minaj tried to get Khia & TS Madison a tv deal o twitter.com sneaky thief!
Mariah @cocoa_roses🔁Imma be real with y’all. I do not care about The Queens Court and all this drama you keep putting on my TL. TS Madison never needed Khia anyway. So.
♈K I N G S H A D Y♈ @LiveAndLearn92_🔁 TS Madison talks Nicki Minaj helping her getting a tv deal for her show "The Queens Court". twitter.com
For a Porkchop BITCH!! @TheBossUKNOWIis🔁In what context did TS Madison throw Nicki under the bus?!? All she said was Nicki was trying to help them get a TV d twitter.com eal 🤷🏽 if anyone was thrown under the bus it would be Khia 🤦🏽
LordGryffindor⚡️ @MiCuloGordo🔁Yet they wanna say dont help female rappers! She was legit setting Khia and TS Madison up on a grand scale! All you got to do is show love and be real! Stop putting Nicki name through the mud.
Venus ⚧ Selenite @venusselenite🔁I had a strong inkling that Khia was very transphobic. I thought her and TS Madison were a very unusual pairing. Ther twitter.com e are some things I know to stay away from. Khia confirmed everything I need to know about her.
That Ni🤼‍♂️a SILAS🤸🏽‍♂️🌈 @DrunkOnA_Monday🔁I love TS Madison and Khia but Khia knows how’s to hold the audience on her own by simply talking.
™ @rashadminaj🔁The Generous/Degeneres Queen reached out to give Khia's and TS Madison's Queen Court a TV Deal but instead of taking twitter.com it, Khia declined ? Looool. Is she dumb ?

I only have one thing to say on the matter. 👇

ASVP Marky @Quis2ThaCity🔁This Queens Court drama is hilarious. I only care to hear/see TS Madison tho.
JerkChicken Queen 🇯🇲 @Jamaican_candyTHE QUEENS COU🔁 TS Madison Responds To Khia's Gag Order Video: "... youtu.be via @YouTube
Tatyana @kIzZm3s0ftlii🔁Khia and TS Madison My opinion pscp.tv
SlayTrick @Lemonade1218🔁Ts madison trademark the name and bought the online domain so that people would steal her shit! Khia hasnt put a dime twitter.com into the Queens Court soo wht r u talking about and why couldnt just sign the deal, she stay fucking shit up for herself! 🙄
young blVze @lewinski_blvze🔁After watching both live streams, TS Madison needs to sit part ways with Khia. They’re on two different pages. I commend Maddie for taking the high road and not throwing shade at Khia.

Khia, on the other hand....that’s the shit i be talking about.

Ke @ShesKRenee🔁Here’s my take on this. If y’all had a tv contract already then why TS Madison was adding so many changes? Because h twitter.com ow it sounds the tv contract was in place back when they were at the table upstairs. All the extra stuff like the software that caused all this extra drama.
BT @un_conquered🔁I enjoy TS Madison
Bee🐝ast @BeeastbeStill🔁So We Acting Like Fraud-Minaj Was Not Behind The Scenes Tryin To Pay Khia & TS Madison To Basically Continue Bashing Remy Ma & Lil Kim ? & that's 1 of the MAIN reasons why I HATE Onika & her fans 💯 Anytime She Gets Exposed On The shady Shit She Be Doing They All Act Clueless Asf
Lindsay Lowincome @winonadickryder🔁Jasmine Masters and TS Madison are my birth mothers
🦄 @iKingRomell🔁Khia & Ts Madison both stopped their own bag with this childish bs.
✨ @WynterJinsui🔁Khia is very ashy and toxic. Anybody that can fall out with TS Madison can’t be trusted. Maddie is so sweet. Khia is a fucking maniac
Pensive Papí @NoSwaggT🔁@BasicBitching She been gross I never understood why TS Madison worked with her
SlayTrick @Lemonade1218🔁So nicki using her influence and connections to help khia and ts madison get a tv deal was l her trying to get an ep twitter.com credit" 🧐🧐🧐🧐
Nekoma @bodegacatNoey🔁Khia called Ts Madison all types of sissies and a ni**a in a wig and Ts Madison didnt call Khia one name, i wouldn't dare befriend Khia that bitch is beyond evil
the black arizona robbins @possiblydee🔁TS madison was jumping to make moves because she saw carrots dangling in front of her and they all turned out to be rotten. Khia knew ppl were not being sincere, the industry is full of snakes! Isn't it ironic that soon as TS brought all those ppl in, her and Khia fell out?
✨ @WynterJinsui🔁Queen’s Court was about to get moved to television after Nicki helped them get in contact with BM Productions but Khia fucked that all the way up now. I think it’s still going to tv, just TS Madison is gonna get a new co-host.
Nekoma @bodegacatNoey🔁 I’d be a fan of the Queen’s Court if TS Madison replaces Khia with Jasmine Masters.
Slim Long @KING_CORY🔁Part 2 of the Khia Nicki Minaj & TS Madison situation..... Khia couldn’t put her pride to the side.. she content with sitting in her low income housing on her red couch
Queen Missy @goldtea_1🔁Nicki minaj only was giving TS Madison & Khia a show just so they can bash & every other female that nicki dont like SMH. is the devil.
Wakandan Drag Queen @EMM4Melody🔁Lmaooo ts Madison said the last time she spoke to was Dec. 30th. Ain’t that the day she disappears from social media 😩😩😩 she really dipped on everybody
✨ @WynterJinsui🔁 I like Ts Madison's spirit. She just wants to win and draw on her eyebrows.
✨ @WynterJinsui🔁What we not gonna do is act like Ts Madison didn’t give a Khia a bigger platform. Y’all wasn’t checking for a khia until she teamed with Madison


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