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ʀᴏɢ. @littlxpigx🔁 the florida project deserves all the world recognition, brooklynn prince deserves the world
alba @bloodflood__🔁 the florida project deserves all the world recognition, brooklynn prince deserves the world
nadia @BirdsComeFlying🔁 the florida project deserves all the world recognition, brooklynn prince deserves the world
The Florida ProjectThe Florida Project bia @beatrizlcastro🔁 The Florida Project is the best movie of 2017 i dont give a fuck
Matt Oswalt @MattOswaltVA🔁the fact that Willem Dafoe was the only nomination The Florida Project got is a crime #Oscars
Zack Sharf @ZSharf🔁Indie Spirit Day > Oscar Day.

Especially this year where...

-The Florida Project is nominated for Best Pic
- Get O ut is a Best Pic frontrunner and doesn’t have to be worry about SOW or TBBOEM
- Timmy Chalamet doesn’t have fat suit Oldman in his way and can win Best Actor

Hollywood Reporter @THR🔁Up for best feature at the :
Call Me by Your Name
The Florida Project
Get Out
Lady Bird
The Rider
The Crimson Chin @ConAlexWilley🔁How did Willem Dafoe not win best supporting actor for the Florida project!? amazing film. #oscars
Baerrito saw Black Panther. @ImACrystalGxm🔁Darkest Hour, how does it feel waking up in the morning knowing you stole that Best Picture nomination from The Florida Project huh
Daniel Olivera @dragontorc🔁 As the #oscars continue...
Sir Seaside @SirSeaside🔁As the #oscars continue...
Cassie, Princess of Nothing @CassieSometimes🔁@peyton_kennedy @TheAcademy Time travel, so I can go back and make sure Wonder Woman and The Florida Project get nominations.
Adam Hockenberry @HockenberryAdam🔁Still holding out hope that in an even bigger screw up than last year, the Oscars will belatedly realize that The Flo rida Project should be nominated for and win basically every category. And it shouldn't really even be close
Mike @eonerekim🔁Shoutout to Gerry1996 on Letterboxd who told The Florida Project director Sean Baker to "see more movies like The Florida Project"
Lainie Burak @lainieburak🔁@RalstonReports Florida Project was robbed. The kids were more talented than all the supporting actors combined.
BigGoBirds @TSBigMoney🔁I want Willem Dafoe to win. The Florida Project was an incredibly humanistic film about a family we don’t often get to see portrayed respectfully and lovingly.
Pearl @pearlescent48🔁The Florida Project deserves some Oscars love. 😭
h @lunellalafayete🔁today ill say again that the florida project was robbed
Bryn Hughes @brynmdhughes🔁The Florida Project was actually pretty dark and put me in a funk for several days.
Luc Maj @lucmaj🔁Here I'll do the work for you, here's one of the cutest scenes from The Florida Project
Mike McGranaghan @AisleSeat🔁I made a FLORIDA PROJECT joke, and whoever puts the Twitter moments together thought I was being serious.
Emma Peck @EmmasPeck🔁Seeking: the parallel universe where The Florida Project is nominated and wins many Oscars and The King’s Speech was never made
Bryn Hughes @brynmdhughes🔁Disclaimer. These are the four movies I saw this year:

1. Star Wars
2. Get Out
3. Baby Driver
4. The Florida Project

My taste is impeccable and perfect. I don’t see bad movies, therefore these four are objectively better than anything I didn’t see.

annie “I TONYA WAS ROBBED” fullwood @fullwhoa🔁so are we just gonna collectively ignore the fact that florida project and itonya were 10x better than dunkirk, 3 bil lboards, AND darkest hour combined but they still didn’t get a best pic nom???
DARTHBRIBOY @darthbriboy🔁Pt 2
Sup Actress
Tiffany Haddish - Girls Trip
Brooklyn Prince -Florida Project

Sup Actor
Michael Stuhlbarg - Call Me By Your Name
Mark Hamill - The Last Jedi

Orig Screenplay
Hampton Fancher & Michael Green
Blade Runner 2049

Cries from Syria

Lego Batman Movie

cam @PsychWard69🔁Blade Runner and Florida Project should have got Best Picture love instead of the fucking Post. That's my only non-Sufjan Oscar take
Dyle Man @Dylesthename🔁 the fact that Willem Dafoe was the only nomination The Florida Project got is a crime #Oscars
Brian Moore @I3Moore🔁Ever wanted to see what happens before the cops show up in "Cops"?

Go check out "The Florida Project"

Dirk Belligerent @DirkBelig🔁Best Editing goes to Dunkirk. Spare me. The movie was pure confusion narratively. Baby Driver would've been my vote. Not sure why The Florida Project wasn't nominated here.
Olivia Nielsen @olivianielsennn🔁Will I also be eternally angry that The Florida Project wasn’t nominated for Best Picture?

Absolutely. #Oscars

Marti Reed @homegypsy🔁 Best American movie of year not even up for Best Picture: "The Florida Project."
perpetually fussed @dylan1doyle🔁Matthew Mcconaughey’s tan is called “The Florida Project” #Oscars


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