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#tgit Alicia @LiciaHawk🔁 Last selfie of #6candal @kerrywashington #Scandal #tgit
copper boom @copperboom63🔁Yes, Mellie is president! 👏🏼❤️ #ScandaI #TGIT
Tyler Vincent Hart @kngtvl🔁 Ugly crying 😭 #Scandal #Olitz #TGIT @kerrywashington @tonygoldwyn
Alesha💋 @Zormani🔁 Minnick got fired #GreysAnatomy #GreysFinale #TGIT
Scandal @ScandalABC🔁Prepare to be at the edge of your seat! is breaking Twitter with our OMG-packed season finales TONIGHT!
shonda rhimes @shondarhimes🔁He taught her how to take her past and find her path. But now she is going to save her own life. Live her own life. #GreysAnatomy #TGIT
shonda rhimes @shondarhimes🔁Can you feel the #TGIT? I am SO excited to share these finales with you. First #GreysAnatomy and then two hour #SCANDAL! Live tweet with us!
alter ego ni sally ⚢ @naughty_nyx08🔁 It's all gonna happen sooooo sooooon... #greysanatomy #TGIT #season finale
Jennifer M. @jdnm🔁 Who run the 🌎? #mellie @BellamyYoung - so good. 😘👏🏽@ScandalABC #ScandalFinale #tgit
Emma @emma_welborn11🔁I think straight haired Olivia might be ESPECIALLY dangerous…
BRINGBACKTHECATCH @TheCatchRally🔁 go vote for our show! Maybe this will be the proof need to
THOINAH @twobaskets🔁Retweeted Tony Goldwyn (@tonygoldwyn):

Last selfie of #6candal @kerrywashington #Scandal #tgit...

Chahita @sincerelyCL🔁Twelve years later and @GreysABC is still coming out on top! @ShondalandTV owns Thursday nights. #TGIT
copper boom @copperboom63🔁I want Maya to read me books on tape. Her voice is 😍😍😍 #ScandaI #TGIT
friduhhh @frida4prez🔁 Yes. She deep fried a rapist. AND she dove through a wall of fire. BAD. ASS. #GreysAnatomy #TGIT
Tyler Vincent Hart @kngtvl🔁Oh man. The theme strikes again and the heavens themselves weep softly.
#Grateful @HashtagGratefulWe're grateful for your post! 🔁 #tgit #onset #grateful #working
Megan @megano5678🔁 Mhmm. It’s the finale, people. One hospital emergency WASN'T enough... #GreysAnatomy #TGIT
mer✨ @morrisonssmile🔁 And so Meredith watches him go. And Owen watches her arrive. Waiting. Hoping. Ready. For anything. #GreysAnatomy #TGIT
Maya 👑 @minodthini🔁Olivia: "Its been an honor, Mr. President."
Fitz: "The honor's been all mine."

Yup, I'm crying. 🙈😭

Nadia Mustafa @jovigirl1001🔁#GreysAnatomy #tgit Best part of the finale was watching Minnick get fired! THANK YOU @shondarhimes
copper boom @copperboom63🔁Oml, Fitz said "you are very bossy." 🙈😂😂 #ScandaI #TGIT
Becky @carllinafoster🔁Happy ! The Productions film premiere is livestreaming on Peris…
D @D4Niners🔁 This inauguration? Watching Mellie about to get sworn in right now? This is our national healing. #SCANDAL #TGIT


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