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#TEDxBeaconSt Frances Fitzgerald @FitzgeraldFrncs🔁Delighted to have the opportunity to participate in @TEDxBeaconSt forum about #inclusion #TEDxBeaconSt
Rhodi C. @PropCazhPM🔁What if a girl without a computer can code and teacher is grandma
Rhodi C. @PropCazhPM🔁One of the highlights from this morning @
Inspirational talk about girls who code by my # South African sister
Amparo Donaire @a_donnas🔁“I don’t have disability : I have other ability” Cristina says !! she’s Peruvian !! Like me !!
Lindiwe Matlali @LindiweEM🔁 ❌Knit2code - the connection ❣️ #TEDxBeaconSt #TEDxUCCI Technical skills are basics to computing... 👍🏻


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