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#TCMParty Elise @TeamRickandIlsa🔁My pick for day 23 of #31DaysOfOscar is A Streetcar Named Desire. #TCMParty
#TCMParty Wendy Loves History @ridethepastlane🔁Norma Shearer with her Best Actress Oscar for The Divorcee, released in 1930 #TCMParty #31DaysOfOscar #History
#TCMParty Shelley 🍸🎬🐾 @shortbuslife🔁#MyPrivateIslandHas Cary Grant
The Film Woman @FilmWoman🔁 Tomorrow on @tcm:
ALL DAY - Best Actress
#TCMParty ^JW
average noir dame @GarboTweetz🔁 Tomorrow on @tcm:
ALL DAY - Best Actress
#TCMParty ^JW
#TCMParty Wendy Loves History @ridethepastlane🔁Charlton Heston won a Best Actor Oscar for his role in Ben Hur, released in 1959 #TCMParty #31DaysOfOscar #Oscars
#TCMParty iris @cnycitylady🔁 My pick for day 23 of #31DaysOfOscar is A Streetcar Named Desire. #TCMParty
#TCMParty Glenn Backes @GlennBackes🔁 Ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous Agnes Moorehead.#Caged #TCMParty
#TCMParty Christy @suesueapplegate🔁#SomeCameRunning #TCMParty One of Director Richard Linklater’s favorite films...
Blogie & Bacall @blogieandbacall🔁 I have my tissues handy. #31DaysOfOscar #GoodbyeMrChips #TCMParty
Noir Alley @NoirAlley🔁Any of you Cats and Dames missing ? Well just sit tight. There’s no grift in play - It’s just . will be twitter.com back in March, with another day added: Saturday’s at Midnight ET and Sunday’s at 10AM ET. Now go tip a few!
Maxine Faulk @MaxineFaulk1🔁 I can get all the VOD films if I watch through the Spectrum app and none on the VOD channel. I called to complain twitter.com and Spectrum said it was TCM's fault because TCM did not upload the films to their cable feed.
DelphicDeb @DelphicDeb🔁Finally get why Donat won the Oscar in an incredibly competitive field. It's the aging thing. First time done to this twitter.com extent in a sound movie perhaps? He really nails it IMO.
Ana Roland @donnalamour🔁Academy Awards (1942) initially canceled (2mos after Pearl Harbor/US entry WWII) Bette Davis ( new pres) thought shou twitter.com ld be held but moved from banquet hall to auditorium so public could buy tickets w/monies donated show must go on

Rick Cordeiro ♌ @CordeiroRick🔁Died February 23rd, 1965: Stan Laurel, British comedian (Laurel & Hardy films), dies of a heart attack at 74. twitter.com
Diane Fudge @DianeFudge🔁 presents Oscar®-winning & nominated films in category groups coming up Feb 23rd w/ the category “Best Actress” Da twitter.com y2 including , w/ , , , w/
Daniel Marley @LateAmerican🔁#DeSica's Two Women, today! #TCM #31DaysOfOscar #TCMParty #LetsMovie twitter.com
Ana Roland @donnalamour🔁~Revenge Is The Dish Which People Of Taste Prefer To Eat Cold~
Love lace-framed title cards for KIND HEARTS AND CORON twitter.com ETS (1949) An alternate ending was required for the US~distributors balked at film's ambiguous ending...The original ending is what makes the film work!

Roger Thornhill @bones_mckinney🔁Bitter alcoholic comes home movies are always so much fun. #TCMParty
Roger Thornhill @bones_mckinney🔁How can someone else make that deposit for Frank? And why would he trust him? #TCMParty
Bridgette C. Simmons @dymondmoiblack🔁I only caught 45min of the 1950 film Caged-about women prisoner's. I wish I could have seen the whole movie...those 4 twitter.com 5min was great! 👏🏾


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