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Mer•ce•des 🍍🍕 @DuskySprngfield🔁 Next. One of the best. #SullivansTravels #TCMParty
#TCMParty Andrew Carden @AwardsConnect🔁Happy birthday to one of the finest actors of the past half-century, Oscar/Emmy/Tony winner Jeremy Irons! #TCMParty
#TCMParty Andrew Carden @AwardsConnect🔁Happy birthday to a marvelous actress of the stage and screen, Tony/Emmy winner Rosemary Harris! #TCMParty
#TCMParty luke's screen facts @lukescreenfacts🔁 Elizabeth Taylor with Richard Burton during filming for #AnneoftheThousandDays #TCMParty
#TCMParty Apostic @AposticMark🔁Gar! Avast ye 'net lubbers, 'tis #TalkLikeAPirateDay . Get yer Robert Newton on! #TCMParty
Jennifer Churchill @jenTCM🔁 The GOAT of tough guy swagger #TCMParty #Casablanca
#TCMParty jax ☘️ @jaxbra🔁I'm not sure why but I love this so photo so much.


BogartEstate @HumphreyBogart🔁Casablanca starts now on ! And we're celebrating the film's 75th anniversary at our Oct. 18-22 Bogart film fest in Ke y Largo!
jax ☘️ @jaxbra🔁WHAAAAT.

She gets to have Glenn Ford, Dane Clark AND Bruce Bennett????


jax ☘️ @jaxbra🔁Interesting. A great dane in Dead Ringer, and terrier in this one. (That is a terrier, right?)


jax ☘️ @jaxbra🔁*dun dun dun dun*

See, Kate. You never know what's going on behind closed doors. Now not such a great idea, is it.


Gina Dalfonzo @ginadalfonzo🔁@nhmeems @cloverest What would the plural be? Davi? #TCMParty
John DiLeo @JOHNDiLEO🔁 trio , , reunited for .
Rena Nel @rebel7heartsoul🔁 I love this Elizabeth Hartman screen test video SO much. Love that @TCM shares these with us.


jax ☘️ @jaxbra🔁Holy crap, Walter Brennan, too???


Brendan Byrnes @GingerInTheNYC🔁Costume sketch for in the 1941 film "The Corsican Brothers" designed by showing on at 11AM today
jax ☘️ @jaxbra🔁Wait, an hour in and she hasn't taken her sister's place yet??? (I came in late.)


jax ☘️ @jaxbra🔁Whaaaat Charles Ruggles, too???

:) :)


jax ☘️ @jaxbra🔁@LoveBooksNTea I wish I would have recorded this. Really good. Loving Dane Clark in it.


Jennifer Churchill @jenTCM🔁#HollywoodReporter #Landmark Save our film history! #RobertOsborne worked here. #TCMFF #TCMParty
David Greven @david_greven🔁Bette Davis has a dual role as good and bad twins in the soaper A Stolen Life at 9 am EST Tuesday on TCM
Hollywood Deep Dive @joemcchollywood🔁, with Melvyn Douglas, rehearsing the dance scene on the set of .

average noir dame @GarboTweetz🔁 I can't really think of a better scene in anything. #TCMParty

average noir dame @GarboTweetz🔁Happy birthday to one of the finest actors of the past half-century, Oscar/Emmy/Tony winner Jeremy Irons!
The 405 @The405🔁. , about Gloria Grahame, is showing :

ronnie cassol @ronniehowlett3🔁Happy birthday to a marvelous actress of the stage and screen, Tony/Emmy winner Rosemary Harris!
Andrew Carden @AwardsConnect🔁Happy birthday (RIP) to a scene-stealing actor of the big and small screens, Oscar/Emmy nominee William Hickey!
ClassicMovieTreasure @CMovieTreasures🔁NEW - Get text msgs about giveaways, new articles, and more from us. Text EZCMT to 797979 msg & data rates may apply #TCMParty
Pam @fallonthornley🔁Adam West-"When fans ask me for advice, here's what I tell them: 'Remain an optimist.'" Born Sept 19, 1928.
vixticator, 👀🎧🎬♿ @vixticator🔁The movie itself feels like the movie Sullivan would in the end. Comedy w a little bit of sex that also says somethi ng much more.
Elizabeth @eliza2854🔁If you haven't seen Miss Tyson in 1972's 'Sounder' you're missing out :-)

Sounder~Cicely Tyson, Paul Winfield | Dir Ritt

990-6907XB71 @kinoptika🔁Night, all!
Great to be with you
990-6907XB71 @kinoptika🔁I agree!
When we laugh, although in different tones, we all laugh the same way
990-6907XB71 @kinoptika🔁I second that!
990-6907XB71 @kinoptika🔁To quote Singin' In The Rain:
Make 'em laugh
Make 'em laugh
Don't you know everyone wants to laugh?
#SullivansTravels #TCMParty
990-6907XB71 @kinoptika🔁And that's the approach [B]ollywod has: Song, dance, exotic places, costumes... plain entertainment to escape
#SullivansTravels #TCMParty
Phil Noir @Phil_Noir_🔁Sullivan's Travels and Stardust Memories would make a good double bill. #SullivansTravels #TCMParty
990-6907XB71 @kinoptika🔁Amazingly honest scene, huh? So human
#SullivansTravels #TCMParty
Elizabeth Tamny @etamny🔁#TCMParty so interestin how little dialogue there is in this film. except for big bursts such as the beginning
vixticator, 👀🎧🎬♿ @vixticator🔁I can't really think of a better scene in anything. #TCMParty

990-6907XB71 @kinoptika🔁Non-celebrity Justice
#SullivansTravels #TCMParty
SoulPhilosophy❤Annie @SoulPhilosophy🔁 We're all capable of being Judas. #TCMParty #TheKingOfKings
990-6907XB71 @kinoptika🔁@etamny No "Red Scare" yet, then.
#SullivansTravels #TCMParty
990-6907XB71 @kinoptika🔁$5.00 in 1942 had the same buying power as $77.88 in 2017
#SullivansTravels #TCMParty
Elizabeth Tamny @etamny🔁@kinoptika came out right after Pearl Harbor #TCMParty
990-6907XB71 @kinoptika🔁Was #SullivansTravels ever accused of being a communist film?
it's like the sort of film that scared Conservatives of the time
Elizabeth Tamny @etamny🔁@Phil_Noir_ gotta figure Sturges would appreciate that #TCMParty
Phil Noir @Phil_Noir_🔁I was all set to watch Ken Burns' Vietnam doc & then an earthquake hit. So it's #SullivansTravels for a little comedic escapism. #TCMParty
990-6907XB71 @kinoptika🔁He's learning the hard way that you don't learn to be poor
#SullivansTravels #TCMParty
Elizabeth Tamny @etamny🔁#TCMParty I live for scenes in restaurants / diners in old movies
990-6907XB71 @kinoptika🔁jumping on a moving train. That's scary
#SullivansTravels #TCMParty
990-6907XB71 @kinoptika🔁Joel McCrae cleans up well
#SullivansTravels #TCMParty
vixticator, 👀🎧🎬♿ @vixticator🔁Yay movies!

Life motto. #TCMParty

Elizabeth Tamny @etamny🔁Also scruffy Joel McCrea in an open robe. #TCMParty yay movies
990-6907XB71 @kinoptika🔁The puns are so dark!
Straight out of LA Confidential
990-6907XB71 @kinoptika🔁"The good thing about buying a man a meal is you don't have to laugh at his jokes"
#SullivansTravels #TCMParty
Elizabeth Tamny @etamny🔁#TCMParty I sure like her voice
990-6907XB71 @kinoptika🔁Landlady: "Don't get too tired"
He works even harder
Elizabeth Tamny @etamny🔁#TCMParty sexually rapacious widow landladies, amirite
Elizabeth Tamny @etamny🔁#TCMParty "How about National Yellow Park?"
Phil Noir @Phil_Noir_🔁"If they knew what they liked, they wouldn't live in Pittsburgh." #SullivansTravels #TCMParty
Elizabeth Tamny @etamny🔁#tcmparty playing a game where I'm wondering if the movie would be better without the epigram at the beginning
vixticator, 👀🎧🎬♿ @vixticator🔁@kinoptika I'm in awe of #SullivansTravels #TCMParty

"With a little bit of sex in it." 😂

990-6907XB71 @kinoptika🔁A really good one!
Also makes me wanna dunk a donut (sinker) the same way.
Already starting

Charles Coleman @CharlesColeman3🔁Overall, I dug the Broadway Melody. Good songs, the lead actresses were terrific, and the whole thing zips-a-long pretty well. #TCMParty


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