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#TBINChat Carol Vu @carollivestoeat🔁 @TBINChat How did I miss the Great Wall? #TBINChat
RoarLoud @RoarLoudTravel🔁@always5star I want to go there!
#TBINChat Ghalden @yukongeez🔁 A1 Fav UNESCO World Heritage site? Tough question! Can't beat Machu Picchu though! #TBINChat
#TBINChat Daphne Guedes @DaphneaGuedes🔁 A10 #TBINChat #newzealand has to be the stuff of dreams.
Vacationers Voice @VacationersV🔁 @always5star I want to go there!
Anshu Arora @yourbcagent🔁 A7. This one tops our list. My Son Sanctuary in Hoi An, Vietnam. #TBINChat
Royal Caribbean @RoyalCaribbean🔁A5. The best trips are equal parts, culture and adventure. Aka diving the Great Blue Hole in Belize. Retweet if you a twitter.com gree.
Seabourn @SeabournCruise🔁A2: When drops anchor offshore Amalfi, we like to visit a family-owned Limoncello farm. Get a taste of Italy with re twitter.com al lemon from peel to juice with additional options to visit gardens and the Rural Cultural Arts and Crafts Museum
Seabourn @SeabournCruise🔁A7: The Old Town of Dubrovnik, Croatia, truly is an impressive sight – the whole city is a World Heritage Site. Join twitter.com Seabourn on guided walking tours of Old Dubrovnik and discover the medieval charms of the historic city.
Vacationers Voice @VacationersV🔁Hi everyone! I'll be sharing some examples of Unesco World Heritage sites that I've been to and have on my wish list throughout the chat!

4/Haziran Akın Tuzcuoğlu @pmza1000🔁Some of my favorite UNESCO World Heritage sites:
Grand Canyon
Ngorongoro Crater

Vacationers Voice @VacationersV🔁Don't forget to join us this afternoon at 3PM Eastern for the start of today's - we have some AWESOME giveaways thanks to and today we are chatting all about UNESCO World Heritage Sites!
Vacationers Voice @VacationersV🔁A2: No but there are a lot out there that are so unique and represent the local cultures perfectly! One of the famous ones is the Mexican “Day of the Dead” aka "Día de Muertos” which is so colorful & love how they celebrate those that have passed rather than mourn!
Cruise Writer @Cruisewriter🔁A5: It really goes hand in hand—on most of our cruises, we feature at least one UNESCO heritage site, so it’s easy to take care of both! We can’t get enough of the iconic UNESCO-designated Cologne Cathedral, one of Germany’s most esteemed Gothic masterpieces.
Ashley @Showme_Ashley🔁 Thanks everyone for a fun chat! Can't wait until the next one! #TBINChat #travel
Ashley @Showme_Ashley🔁 A6: It's fun to check out the actual UNECSO website and start scrolling through the locations. #TBINChat #DreamTrips #travel
Ashley @Showme_Ashley🔁A5: When it comes to cultural/historical travel, I always like to pick the destination first and then fine tune the touring part.
Ashley @Showme_Ashley🔁Hi everyone! So excited to be apart of this month's ! Can't wait to chat about historical UNESCO World Heritage sites today.
The Drunken Somm @drunkensomm🔁Join in tomorrow!

🌺Kim🌺 @mommy3sons🔁 You do have fantastic food on your river cruises! #TBINChat twitter.com
🌺Kim🌺 @mommy3sons🔁@crystalcruises @TBINChat @WAVEJourney Absolutely beautiful! #TBINChat
🌺Kim🌺 @mommy3sons🔁A4: With Crystal Adventures® Shore Excursions, all of our ships provide opportunities to visit countless UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A guest favorite is our voyage to Glacier Bay in Alaska.
Christina Thomas @GoEpicurista🔁A group sounds awesome! I’m booked in January 2019 but was looking at another in September 2018. We can do the from twitter.com the ship!!
🌍 Active Africa @africa_active🔁Yo yo YO!! Joining you alla way from wintry folkses...happy and all that!! 😎🇿🇦✈🌍🌴 cc
Saida Smith @SaidaSmith2🔁 @StayMerino @SaidaSmith2 @RoarLoudTravel @Adventuringgal Great tip! #TBINCHAT
Antonio Autorino @Antoauto🔁A2: When drops anchor offshore Amalfi, we like to visit a family-owned Limoncello farm. Get a taste of Italy with real lemon from peel to juice with additional options to visit gardens and the Rural Cultural Arts and Crafts Museum
Fitlife360 @Fit_life360🔁If you enjoyed , join me and other member of our community for the June chat with on June 21 at 1:00 pm ET to chat about .
Sleeps5.com @Sleeps5🔁A.7 The latest we have seen was Ortigia, in Sicily. One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen: the church in the photo used to be Athena's temple, you can still see some of the columns learningescapes
Fitlife360 @Fit_life360🔁@RickGriffin Adding the Smokey Mountains to my Must See List as well, these shots are stunning! #TBINChat
Luis Abrego @_kimdum🔁A3: I am very close to the Statue of Liberty. I have seen it often, but keep meaning to climb up the crown. I need to get this done!
Cross Country Tours @Nilemajesty🔁@FE_photograph Ah they are adorable 👍#TBINChat
Cross Country Tours @Nilemajesty🔁A8 The island of would be my suggestion for a site. You can't go wrong with penguins.
RoarLoud @RoarLoudTravel🔁@VegasNik It is a great list!


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