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SymphonySymphony Symphony Alvarez ❁ @___Symphony__🔁 There's still some good in the world
haley @gIorifydakota🔁 Symphony — Dakota Mayi Johnson ♡
Symphony Q1019 @Q1019🔁Promises the 'hall will not go dark.'
Symphony Alvarez ❁ @___Symphony__🔁 this ship right here
Symphony Shmuel Rubens @shru777🔁 Palestine Symphony Orchestra, 1936.

73 musicians - all were Jews...

h/t @RealJStreets

Symphony Whazupnaija @Wazupnaija🔁PBS Announces "Illmatic" Concert Special With Nas & National Symphony Orchestra -
towkio @towkio🔁SYMPHONY OUT NOWWW. !

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Highsnobiety @highsnobiety🔁Nas performing 'Illmatic' with the National Symphony Orchestra is the high-art you never knew you needed:

Rolling Stone @RollingStone🔁Watch Nas perform 'Illmatic' with the National Symphony Orchestra in trailer for new PBS concert film
abby @abbylibot🔁im going to the symphony to hear betoven like a fancy rich person
Baron Man @TherealBaronMan🔁Take a chillaxative and hang out. Going to push through with some more Symphony of the Night.
AS_Michaels @AS_Michaels🔁Random thoughts from the symphony performance tonight...

John Williams wrote music with this quote in mind...

“With malice toward none and charity for all.” -Abraham Lincoln

And now we have...

“Shithole” -

Marching Pioneers @OrangeBandFans🔁Beautiful performance tonight by the OSU Wind Symphony. Shoutout to alum Logan Howe on the Contrabass Clarinet.
Jon Sorce @sonjorce🔁@yunibrows my favorite thing I've ever read:

symphony_poem @symphony_poem🔁@tokyoghoulbible @shoumiao so good
em @___emmilyy🔁 Thot Breaker by Chief Keef is basically Mozart’s Fifth Symphony
Jim Santiago🇺🇸#vet @jimretnavy🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Duke Ellington "Symphony in Black"
🎆SymphonyOfSteam🎆 @symphony_steam🔁@rwsnwr12 The yogpod and triforce are pretty good
Esteban Sky Cuevas @HeyColorwind🔁Man, this song Symphony is a delight. I love the energy in the bars, I love the delivery, I love the instrumentation, it's just a feel good song.
Ronald Palmer @HorrorRonald🔁We play hide and seek,
I tie my blue hair with season’s beat,
Miles and miles,
Go about finding you,
Symphony, nature speed.
Alvaro Montoya @Alvahrow🔁. is about to flip for a live classical rendition with the National Symphony Orchestra 🙌🙌

Shokuhou Misaki 食蜂操祈 @queen_misaki🔁*beep*, Mmmm I'm getting bored with this tone, time to modify it... *beethoven's symphony starts to play* Mmm~ how pleasant!
Search: AdamsAwake @AdamsAwake🔁Watch Towkio & Teddy Jackson in their latest visual for "Symphony."

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Diane Bell @dianebellSD🔁@SanDiegoSymphony building at Seventh and B streets has new look -- mural depicting @ahjaLing & has been replaced by the arm of an anonymous symphony conductor. An orchestra director is expected to be named early this year.
symphony_poem @symphony_poem🔁I can't wait to experience the Ski Jump in #TrueVR from #PyeongChang2018 #CES2018
Symphony Alvarez ❁ @___Symphony__🔁So excited to have the song I wrote with be available! Extremely proud of this pls check it out!
Clinton Don @DjTreHustle🔁. teams up with the National Symphony Orchestra for live rendition of "Illmatic"
Hip Hop agent @hiphop_agent🔁PBS Announces "Illmatic" Concert Special With Nas & National Symphony Orchestra
Emily Rodrigues @Em1lyRodr1gues🔁New acapella cover of Symphony by ft. , choir and violin, out now. Hope you like it! ✨❤️💥


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