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Switch Hyper Magazine @HyperMagazine🔁Fortnite is now available on the Nintendo Switch pcauthority.com.au
Switch Markham Deal Finder @MRKH_DealFinder🔁Download Breath of the Wild to your Switch for the best price ever. trib.al
a19sb @awesome19ssbb🔁 Leaked Smash Bros Switch gameplay ahead of the E3 Direct.
lop • #yyxy 🔥 @chuuschuurros🔁 (mr removed) compilation of yves singing in the dance switch of love4eva
Switch Buffalo Deal Finder @Buff_DealFinder🔁Download Breath of the Wild to your Switch for the best price ever. trib.al
Switch Damakoes Kuri @Damakoes🔁 Hope you all are excited for @NoogyTweet's Dust on the Nintendo Switch!
Osgar Wardlaw @wardl_o🔁 Enter my #Giveaway Now to Win a #NitendoSwitch!
Diamond and Silk® @DiamondandSilk🔁The only blue wave the Democrats will get is a wave goodbye coming from disgusted fed-up Democrats who are tired of t twitter.com he Rhetoric and Disrespect that's directed toward this sitting President; all incited by the far left Gate Keepers of the Democrat Party. Time to Ditch & Switch!
Pastor West @Pastor__West🔁Dear Lord,

Today, switch my focus—keep me from worrying about who I’m not & remind me to be happy about who I am. h twitter.com elp me to remember that when I was was born, the genius of heaven exploded & made me a divine original & that things were designed to work out for my good. Amen🙏🏾

Mehr Tarar @MehrTarar🔁Disgusting: Using a friend's plane has become a tool to attack IK with.

Doubly disgusting: Those who think IK can't twitter.com afford to pay for his & his wife's umra.

Attack cliques: Paid media folks, paid trolls, those who get business favours from all govts, those who switch loyalties.

Georgie @Oxiegrogx🔁Soooo I downloaded Fortnite on the Switch... Seems I’m better on it than on the PC... 😂
Matthew Boicourt @syssecserv🔁But that might not be as easy to understand, so let me switch to the Good News translation, which is quite easy to u twitter.com nderstand, at least, for me!
Grizzly @Grizz_nomad🔁I wish I could have connected with my shorty from my old city...he used to fuck me for hours. We’d switch the condom like 2 or more times because we used to burn them bitches up
. @eenoiryt🔁 people switch up everyday 🤷🏾‍♀️ it’s life.
Kaite Gravely @gravely_kaite🔁Shout to all my real friends that don’t switch up on me for boy you know who y’all are love ya❤️
ryan @brawndwarf🔁updated list:
1 - 5) Fortnite on Switch twitter.com
FoxyToysYT @Josephjr0578🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Super Smash Bros Ultimate - E3 Demo Gameplay Nintendo Switch 2018 HD
madison @madisonromero26🔁Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch is already a huge hit, with 2 million downloads in under 24 hours. polygon.com
Kristi Cater @Kristi_Cater🔁Wow. raising transaction fees from 3.5% to 5%. You just made my decision to switch eCommerce platforms from you to even easier. Truly disappointed.
Justin @downphoenix🔁The issue with GTA V is file size (we can expect partial download nonsense) and also that a lot of the new content up twitter.com dates were not pushed to last gen versions, only current. Switch one would be crippled in terms of content if they merely port the last gen version.
Craig Bro Dude @CraigSJ🔁The Prologue Demo is available to download on now! Start your journey as any one of eight travelers and carry over your progress to the full game when it’s released on 7/13!
Promise Hilsher @HilsherPromise🔁If you are gonna be my friend...dont switch up and talk behind my back...thats not cool man.
Tina♈️ @teasley333🔁The disrespect some people start to give when they decide to switch up is crazzzyy
Nicholas Cuenca @Cuencafanpage🔁Did a remix to Bruno mars new song that's what I like ,switch the genre around hope you guys enjoy
Pat Riehecky @patriehecky🔁Ethics problem: if you flip the switch and save the people, the family of the person who died will sue you into oblivion, you'll live under crushing debt the rest of your life. Do you do the right thing?
mcchicken @AdamMcKibben🔁wait do people actually think the Switch is in trouble after E3?

dude I have like 15 games pre-ordered. If anything they need to slow the fuck down lmao

白ペンギンHILO @HiloPengin🔁The movement of our world has been adapted.Can you hear my whispering? Now Game Start!!

Coming to Switch, Steam and Mobile Platforms in Q2, 2018! (◍ ´꒳` ◍)

Azucar Negra Dos @DamnBabyShit🔁 see Daniela would have whooped Mariana’s ass, see this why we need them to switch places. She’s just so annoying. Bl twitter.com ood boiling, bitch go whoop her ass!
GG @quincyjr99🔁Neva switch up on my brother! If he say it’s fuck ya then mutha FUCK YA
fraser @fraser_west🔁So when people who'd played on Sony's platform tried to connect their existing PS4 account to the Nintendo Switch, they got an error telling them they couldn't play - meaning none of their progression would carry over. It's Sony basically protecting its market position. 2/2
DeltaCastle @Delta_Castle🔁 This E3 definitely convinced me to get a switch
Ramsay the Shark 🦈 @sandsh8rk🔁@GoNintendoTweet @PeekingBoo Ok @silverm00nl1ght I have to buy a switch now
Anarchy @ Hell @EdgyAllie🔁In Metroid Prime, Samus makes hand gestures inside her arm cannon to switch what beam she’s using. The beam icons on the HUD represent each hand gesture. 👀

samantha @samantha_dixon1🔁don’t hmu with plans if you’re going to switch up on me
ModernChow @ModernChow🔁@HavanaRama I. Have. A. Switch!
Kenney Solis @Hetman_Kenney🔁1. For 30 years, experts have claimed that humankind needs to switch to solar and wind energy to address climate change.

But do we really?

Molly🎸festival run x7 @perfectIyxwrong🔁@shawnstumbles I MIGHT SWITCH TO PEPSI


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