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Switch Justified1999 @markimoomoo99🔁 Fast nintendo switch giveaway

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Joypad Gentleman @JoypadGentleman🔁 DARK SOULS ON SWITCH CONFIRMED! #DarkSouls
Switch Ugandy boi @HahhSon🔁 First Dark Souls Switch screenshot looks really good
Switch Hime Takamura @Hime_Takamura🔁 Dark Souls Remastered (Nintendo Switch, May 22 2018)
Switch giorno @ynuridnj_EPe🔁 I can't wait to play The World Ends With You on Switch kotaku.co.uk
Switch Dekanach @Dekanach🔁 nintendo switch lineup already looking strong this year
Switch Lunaluna @allthemegane🔁 The World Ends With You coming to Nintendo Switch #NintendoDirect
Switch Nelson Mandeeznutz @BigUglyRetard🔁 Found a leaked screenshot of Dark Souls running on Nintendo Switch
ISSABitchNamedBrooke @BlaicianKay🔁 Had to switch it up👅
KontrolFreek® @KontrolFreekThe first E is for Enter to win! 🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/951113980617117696" target="_blank">twitter.com enQ 24" HD monitor! *Winners to be announced 1/8. Good luck!
FROMSOFTWARE @fromsoftware_pr🔁DARK SOULS REMASTERED will be released for PS4, Xbox One, PC & Nintendo Switch on 25th May. We hope both former playe twitter.com rs and newcomers alike will join us in looking forward to this occasion.
Charlie Daniels @CharlieDaniels🔁I see the same old bate and switch going on in Washington
The democrats want to do DACA first
Then border security b twitter.com ut after they get what they want the democrats will never address border security
Vote on both at the same time, the only way border security will ever happen
⚾️RJ Nevarez⚾️ @RJ_Nevarez23🔁 People who speak two languages, may unconsciously change their personality when they switch languages.
Bruns @ibebrunoLDN🔁 When your WiFi has a slow moment for about 5 seconds so you switch to 4G because you’re an impatient twat 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
its an avocado, thanks. @__YL__🔁I’m dead at NERD releasing an edit of Lemon that starts at Rihanna’s verse & the beat switch. They knew nobody was tryna hear Pharrell yell about nothing for 45 seconds
Brawny @BrawnyBlaze🔁@TheZersal When you're hyped for the Switch Direct that's coming up, but crap your pants realizing it's on now.
rox @roxminus🔁@PAYDAYGame @NintendoAmerica Is this solely on the Switch or will it come to every platform?
erikaprettyass 🦋✨ @erikaprettyass_🔁My toes look like milk all year around 🥛💅🏽 ... It’s very rare that I switch it up
SH @_ArsenalFc1886_🔁I said Malcom was coming, but i thought he'd replace Walcott 🤔 either we switch Özil to the left or we play him as twitter.com an actual winger, Sáne-esque, left on left. Looks an exciting young talent, hopefully he adapts straight away like Jesus.
kainat_27 #TeamLouis @ObviousTommo94🔁 30 min in...


I vote #SignOfTheTimes by #HarryStyles #BestMusicVideo #iHeartAwards

Ali Alsulaiti @WNxChampion🔁 Can anyone at @NISAmerica confirm if Ys: VIII on Switch will run at 60fps?
Vidya Gaem Massa @VidyaGaemMassa🔁The Wii U bombed due to it's hardware and lack of third party titles. Re-releasing all the first games on Switch is a great idea since the Wii U first party library was fantastic. 2018 getting mostly ports from older systems is a seriously unwise move though. We need new titles.
Connor Group @ConnorGp🔁 CFO Brad Dickerson, CFO Steve Cakebread and CFO Gabe Nacht to speak on CFO Panel moderated by Connor Group’s Jim N twitter.com eesen at the 2018 IPO Workshop for Emerging Growth Companies.
Daniel Dwyer @DanGuy96🔁>Switch is a capitalistic success
>"Hey guys Switch selling a lot in a capitalistic society proves that Marxism works!"
Jorge Luis Lopez Esq @lopezgovlaw🔁"...users could always control their smart lighting using an Amazon Echo device with a hub. But this switch from iDevices has the voice-based assistant built-in, so you can speak to it individually without needing an Echo device."
THATS MY ROLE IN THIS WORLD @StryderVS🔁"Dark Souls Remastered is 30fps on Switch LMFAO!!!!"

*Goes back to playing Bloodborne at 30fps*

Arsonall @Arsonall🔁So from what you guys are showing me, they had to switch it up to be able to make another game but still... Why anoth twitter.com er 3rd person over the shoulder game?
Devon @redneckstomp_🔁DARK SOULS REMASTERED will be released for PS4, Xbox One, PC & Nintendo Switch on 25th May. We hope both former players and newcomers alike will join us in looking forward to this occasion.
Kevin😎 @KevinContreras8🔁 Nigga that’s a switch blade twitter.com
firehose 🤩 @firehose_switch🔁I'm not going to be mad at a player for chasing their dream. She gave us all she had and more for years.
Will I cheer for her at Seattle? Hell no. Do I hate her? Also no.
Only 20 Years Old @Bobb11881🔁The World Ends With You should return on a console like the Nintendo Switch. I think people would love that.
Gaston Judon @yukikenkeishi🔁 Ankorus adviser's company Guardian Circle featured in WaPo.
Christine Sakariasen @funkyfundesign🔁Nintendo released the hours after we recorded... But I showed THEM by recording a last minute recap of the direct, to add to our already awesome podcast!


Kaze @KazeOceanTide🔁I'll trade in my Wii U once the Zelda HD remakes, Mario 3D World, Xenoblade X and Metroid Prime Trilogy are ported to twitter.com Switch.
Vhari Gallacher @GallacherVhari🔁Got Adidas bottoms while in states $100, found a tear after 1 wear. Called cust services & offered 10% off next purch twitter.com ase...all I want is new trousers big Adidas fan might be time for a switch to
⚡️Gordie @ Semi-Hiatus⚡️ @RadicalRuster🔁Then again I gotta keep fighting to keep enough space open on my PS4 while my Switch has PLENTY of space so...
Idk w twitter.com e'll see I guess!
The game is a JRPG which is my jam and the combat looked interesting too!
Bee @robotbum🔁He cares about ratings. Everyone should just switch off and go and make a cup of tea during his speech. That will really hurt him.
Nick Miller @_morgannnnnnnn🔁girls it’s 2018 time to quit buying womens deodorant & switch to men’s

-costs less
-smells better
-lasts longer
-actually protects u against sweatiness
-doesn’t ball up when sweaty/working out
-u will supposedly now attract more females which means new bffs


EdTech K–12 Magazine @EdTech_K12🔁.@JDHarrington thinks #K12 connectivity demands will switch to more #APs & coverage. tech.mg #erate
jam @jamclark7🔁hello i am a best friend in a romantic comedy my only arc is to switch from pants to a wrap dress i will never stop eating this salad
Kass @kasshishi🔁Aaaaah, TWEWY's coming to the switch! TWEWY was one of the first games I played that had an explicitly anime-styled a twitter.com esthetic and it was hugely formative in shaping my tastes in media.
Bearded Philosopher @KeylanTheOG🔁That beat switch on Kings Dead 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
- ̗̀ I 💚 LÚCIO ̖́- @popiiko🔁The World Ends With You: Final Remix coming to Nintendo Switch this year! Features a new scenario plus touch screen & joy-con controls:
mooshmoom@DGS2hell @mushroom8923🔁Complete information on TWEWY -Final Remix-

-Completely enhanced port, features HD visuals; touch and JoyCon controls and other enhancements for the Switch.
-New epilogue scenario taking place after the ending.
-Releasing in 2018 worldwide.
-More info at a later date.

Tales of Eliskoria @Eliskor🔁THIS


A) It's a great game and you all need to play it

B) Maybe Falcom will port other games (namely K twitter.com ISEKI) to Switch

Jack Sweeney @Jackmeister20🔁The last time I played “Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze” on Wii U this Naked Wilford Brimley Elderly Purple Viking Sea Lion Asshole killed me 11 times in a row so I rage quit the game and ejected the disc.

I guess I’ll try it again on Nintendo Switch.

You’re dead, sea lion.

GEOLINK 👊🏽 @GEOLINK_🔁Relive one of the most famous moments in Monday Night history as realizes his dream...and 600,000+ switch the channel!
Ashley @Hashlean_🔁I’m scheduled one short shift and everyone on the evenings wants me to switch them. Sorry not sorry I’m lazy too bitches
call me Ken @Ken_Bladehart🔁Prepare to die much more harder in #DarkSouls on Nintendo Switch because its running on 30FPS
health news @newzeb_health🔁Young adults who use e-cigarettes more likely to switch to real tobacco goo.gl
Cesar Diaz @quartz_88🔁@BandaiNamcoUS @ToeiAnimation So I just heard DBX2 just hit 500k on Switch.... Soooo,, think you know where I’m going
Mega @Megabuster86🔁@gimmethefife So you get your switch when?
Cide @cidedorf🔁@Pandarianssb "pwease weggie i want twewy on switch"
"is youww body weady"
Anna✨ @AnnaColquitt🔁 When your WiFi has a slow moment so you switch to 4G because you’re an impatient twat
I'm ded inside @g1nobleteam1🔁@ChuckZ85 1080, 30 fps on Switch, 1080 60 for the base systems, 4k and 60 fps for the turbo edition systems.
Steve Billington @belateddrsteve🔁@CaleyChelios Interesting switch moving Kunitz
Being Melanin Jane @StephineKisses🔁 People will switch sides for opportunities 💯
Giovana @GiovanaMonge🔁 i used to hate being called a slut/whore in high school but now it’s one of my kinks funny how they switch up
Jim Koch @29phJimmy🔁Switch your mentality from "I'm broken and helpless" to "I'm growing and healing" and watch how fast your life changes for the better.
BAYONETTA 3 @Tasogare_Hime🔁Double Dash should have been released on the Switch. It's definitely the best console for it.
The Joycons. Anywhere. Anytime.
Shawn @xKingZen🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Dark Souls Remastered Confirmed For Switch PS4, PC, Xbox One. Nintendo Direct Mini
Ria Custodia @Solarclaw🔁Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected Dark Souls, Rocket League, DOOM, Wolfenstein, and Skyrim to release on Switch.


Breanna G @stellabeat15🔁 Can’t wait to get dark souls remastered on my switch yo! Haha
iDevices @idevices🔁"...users could always control their smart lighting using an Amazon Echo device with a hub. But this switch from iDev twitter.com ices has the voice-based assistant built-in, so you can speak to it individually without needing an Echo device."
Ξdwin ▼Δ @TheBadRomancer_🔁@PokeProfMarcus And blastoise, honestly made me wanna get a switch too lol
boost chick @soliman_patrick🔁Fuck the switch
Oakland or Kao @OaklandKao🔁That's debatable.

I prefer DQH to HW either way. Especially DQH2. But I's be lying if I didn't geek out at the ser twitter.com ies history HW had.

And is the Switch port of DQH not even that bad? Tempted to import unless NoA throws a curveball.

Santi @KingItnas🔁Oh yeah, I haven't mentioned it because I've been busy with concerns about Dark Souls Remaster, but The World Ends With You is one of the best games of all time. I'm curious how different the Switch version will be since touch/microphone controls were crucial to the experience.
Anime News Network @AnimeNewsNet🔁#News SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Game Debuts for Switch, PS4 This Summer 4NN.cx #games
Kelby May @KelbyMay🔁@RyanTowey @ACHES Nintendo Switch


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