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nana JANNY ⛸ @poseimyeon🔁dois swan lake no podio
Match of the Day @BBCMOTD🔁Freezing temperatures, rowdy fans and Swan Lake! ❄️🕺

Should Arsenal fear Ostersund? #AFC

Swan Lake Brenda Schory @BrendaSchory🔁 Full moon illuminates the swan lake
Teri Wilson @TeriWilsonauthr🔁 Kaetlyn Osmond has won my heart with that Swan Lake routine 🖤🖤🖤 #PyeongChang2018
Queensland Greens @QldGreens🔁The Gold Coast's once thriving Black Swan Lake is being filled in & slowly turned to concrete, but a mother duck & h twitter.com er little babies have stayed behind, still trying to find water to swim in. Big business, developers & a dodgy council have won again.
BBC Sport @BBCSport🔁Snow on the seats and Swan Lake in the theatre...

Ostersunds have an undeniable charm.

Here's what is waiting for twitter.com Arsenal in the subarctic Swedish city 👇

SanFranciscoTickets @SFTicketsPlus🔁 on : Check SanFranciscoTicketsPlus.com out dates and schedules in sanfranciscoticketsplus.com the marketplace to buy concert tickets for the latest CANNOT-miss tours, one twitter.com -off shows, special intimate performances, and music by your favorite bands …
Amanda Gallifrey @AmandaGallifrey🔁My bf refuses to see Swan Lake with me & all my friends work. Any of the wanna see some ballet?! It’s a far stretch twitter.com but what’s the harm in putting it out there 😂
Hotcookinmama 🍪💍 @hotcookinmama2🔁I haven't seen the long programs yet, but I just finished the short programs. They hit all the figure-skating classic twitter.com s: Carmen, Moonlight Sonata and Swan Lake. It felt like a "best of" from past Olympics. 👌😎
Kenya Cultural Centre @CultureCentreKE🔁For the love of ,, and music the Academy of Dance and Art presents to you Swan Lake on the 26th and 27th March! twitter.com
Brenda Schory @BrendaSchory🔁How utterly refreshing. So sick of Swan Lake, Rhapsody in Blue, Dr. Zhivago ad nauseum. Time for figure skating to move on.

This Figure Skater Is Basically a One-Woman AC/DC Tribute Band.

Brenda Schory @BrendaSchory🔁The Gold Coast's once thriving Black Swan Lake is being filled in & slowly turned to concrete, but a mother duck & her little babies have stayed behind, still trying to find water to swim in. Big business, developers & a dodgy council have won again.
✨Miss Molly✨ @theblackswan90🔁I feel more inspired to do an Irish dancing take on Swan Lake.
Yuzuru Updates Australia @AustralianSana🔁Kastlyn Osmond was like a ballerina on ice and she reminded me of Sasha Cohen (grace and choreography as their streng twitter.com th) and it’s funny cause Sasha has also performed to Swan Lake back in 2003 and 2004
amy ✨ @aryagendry🔁top 5 barbie movies:
- princess and the pauper
- nutcracker
- swan lake
- rapunzel
- 12 dancing princesses
Yuzuru Updates Australia @AustralianSana🔁Canada’s skate was georgeous. Shame out the stumble on one of the jumps but as a Swan Lake Tchaikovsky enthusiast she twitter.com did that song justice. The choreography and steps were exquisite
Baokie @xbaokie🔁Kaetlyn has never looked more focused/ready/composed, and I haven't seen a swan lake program like that since Sasha's twitter.com in '04. Also, Gabby is a freaking rockstar and fighter and deserves all the love. Alina FUCKING NAILED IT YESl!!!!!
Courtney Anderson @and_courtney75🔁No Swan Lake/Black Swan allowed at Beijing 2022 ❌😤❌
AJ Wolf 🐺 @AJWolf84🔁Clearly the scoring system needs adjusting.

And also if I never see swan lake or a tutu again it'll be too soon. Per twitter.com sonal option, but I want more girls to go out there with pants, leather vests and rock songs.

Penelope Cellucci @PeneCell🔁Happy ! ABT will be performing excerpts of "Swan Lake" alongside the St. Louis Symphony at the Lied Center for Performing Arts this week.

See these gorgeous costumes come to life onstage:

Jontom Abbett @JontomAbbett🔁Swan Lake= @kaetlyn_23 Wow! What a show! #olympics #bronze #canada #dance
Sarah E @SCExo🔁❤️ congratulations on your Olympic victory tonight! as a ballerina I must say your “Swan Lake” was absolutely gorgeo twitter.com us and your artistry is just unparalleled. so proud to have you on ! 🍁
Shveta Kataria @MrsShveta🔁The love that you showered on us has forced us to bring your favourite Swan Lake back to you!

Tickets available at

Esther Zuckerman @ezwrites🔁So like Zagitova’s short program was technically to Clint Mansell’s Black Swan score…but it was basically the part o twitter.com f the Black Swan score that was just Swan Lake so...
Gabriella Russo @gabriellarusso0🔁Sophie Martin and Christopher Harrison, “Swan Lake” choreography by David Dawson, Scottish Ballet 📷 Rimbaud Patron
Daniel @DaNieL778818🔁Swan Creek winter wonderland near Bear Lake
Gabriela @_bonitagordita🔁They both skated so beautifully!! And Osmond I’m like girl be original and don’t skate to swan lake. Even tho it’s be twitter.com autiful I’m like 😒 lol I’ve already seen that song already with skaters
riley @RileyWesolowski🔁"Their [Noelani Pantastico and Seth Orza's] Act III pas de deux was a triumph, one of the trickiest in the literature to achieve well." -
Elizabeth Estey @LizEstey🔁@cschleichsrun If you're gonna skate to Swan Lake, be like Kaetlyn Osmond. So impressed with her performances!
Lori Foy @WIBeetle🔁 Wow.
#KaetlynOsmond did such a magnificent job with that Swan Lake.


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