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Susan Rice finally confesses to unmasking officials

Eric Garland @ericgarland🔁BOOM: Susan Rice says "Yes, I unmasked some Trump people WHEN THEY WERE MAKING A BACKCHANNEL TO PUTIN IN LATE 2016."
Katherine Brown @KbrownKatherine🔁 Congenital Liar Susan Rice
Then: I know nothing
Now: Speaks at length about unmasking Trump
Beverly R. @Beverly99139999🔁PATHOLOGICAL LIAR

Susan Rice finally confesses to unmasking officials

Marshall Cohen @Marshall_Cohen🔁CNN SCOOP: Susan Rice told House Intel she unmasked Trump aides to learn why UAE Crown Prince secretly visited NYC
Roger Stone @RogerJStoneJr🔁As President elect Donald Trump has the full authority to have any back channel with the Russians he wants. Susan Rice must be prosecuted
BK @BKaysac🔁BREAKING: Liar Susan Rice Admits She DID Unmask Trump Officials – Truthfeed
Kathy👌 @katt9454🔁The Big Switch
Susan Rice THEN: "I know nothing about it"
Susan Rice NOW: talked at length about unmasking Trump officials
L. Becerra Michaels @luisgbm777🔁House Republicans let Susan Rice testify in private so that they could selectively leak testimony to attack Trump.
Cindy morahan @cindy_morahan🔁Susan Rice deserves an apology from the orange monster. So does President Obama. So do all of us who
Herb Lewis @GhlewisJr🔁Wow! Susan Rice's "unmasking" of Trump officials was due to their attempt to have a secret back-channel to Russia.
Rob Clark @MAGATrumpster🔁If Susan Rice unmasked Flynn's discussions (justifying it as a matter of National Security), her duty is to report her findings to the POTUS
TxMexLC @TxmanLC🔁SCOOP: Susan Rice Admits To House Investigators She Unmasked Senior Trump Officials !! Was she also leaking ???

A Zayas @FigZayas🔁The UAE "had failed to mention" to Obama admin that Zayed was coming to US. He met with Bannon, Kushner, and Flynn.
Atlanbe @Atlanbe🔁 BREAKING: Susan Rice Admits To House Investigators She Unmasked Senior Trump Officials **RT**
Janette Knows @DawnaRickelz🔁BREAKING: Susan Rice says she unmasked IDs of sr. Trump officials to understand why crown prince of UAE was in NY
tliarch @tliarch🔁BREAKING:Susan Rice Admits She DID Unmask Trump Officials
Ludicrous reason from a congenital LIAR

KTis @KSTksti🔁🔥NUNES🔥

Fmr NSA Susan Rice told House Intel she unmasked Flynn, Kush & Bannon‼️GOP Reps Gowdy & Rooney👉NOT illegal

iamBoomie @iamb00my🔁They all wanted to know about the Susan Rice unmasking until they learned why. Now it's a move along nothing to see h ere.
Tuesdays With Toomey @TuesdaysToomey🔁Reminder: Just after Susan Rice looked into this, UAE joined the effort to facilitate a secret back-channel between Russia & Trump team.
Coffee @Rainaaz17🔁CNN: "'I didn't hear anything to believe that [Susan Rice] did anything illegal,' Florida Rep. Tom Rooney, a Republican" told CNN.
We The People @wtpbn🔁FLASHBACK: If everything was so hunky dory W/ Susan Rice Unmasking Trump officials days before leaving office then why did she about it ???
suzanne robson @sr78🔁CNN SCOOP: Susan Rice told House Intel she unmasked Trump aides to learn why UAE Crown Prince secretly visited NYC
Susan Bell @susiecoyote🔁Hi Andy. Watch her answer at the beginning of this video. Then kindly reblock me

Nickie Mouse @Politmouse1🔁Buried in Susan Rice story: Steve Bannon was in meeting where Russian backchannel was attempted to be setup-welcome Bannon to 😱
Wu @Wu66727909🔁Susan Rice is as corrupt as Loretta Lynch.Both of them are just as corrupt as the remainder of the Obama administration!American justiceNOW!
Ken Wessr @kwesr🔁 Another part of the puzzle fits into place. Oh those sneaky democrats.
Alba Rodriguez @albarod123🔁Fact that Susan Rice was unmasking members of Trump cabinet 1 month b4 leaving office screams of Nixonian scheming
Mitch @mitch_spears🔁Democrats have unleashed Hillary Clinton to shift focus from corruption cases, Susan Rice confession and Democratic mayor's sex crimes
Mo @moreenie31🔁. Obama's CoverGirl
Susan Rice The Pathological LIAR 🤥🤥🤥🤥"This was a spontaneous reaction 2 a Video"

Linda J @curious1102🔁Bleeding Red: BREAKING! Susan Rice admits to House intel she unmasked Trump team. She MUST testify in public! RT!
Traci Adomiak @traciadomiak🔁BOOM: Susan Rice says "Yes, I unmasked some Trump people WHEN THEY WERE MAKING A BACKCHANNEL TO PUTIN IN LATE 2016."

Marina @mystic_escape🔁So Hillary has massive amounts of evidence against her & Susan Rice admits to illegally unmasking Trump team, yet they both are not in jail.
EqualRightsForAll @hearwhatIsay2🔁New: Susan Rice unmasked Americans (who turned out to be Trump associates) b/c she wanted to know why a UAE prince came to US unannounced.
Robert Young @reysr4🔁⚡️ “Susan Rice unmasked Trump team meeting with UAE official, per CNN”

carole martini @carolemartini1🔁Gowdy, Rooney, & Conaway (top R on probe) all praised Susan Rice's testimony & absolved her of wrongdoing.

Nunes has made a fool of himself

Douglas Henderson @djh0002002🔁Oh so Susan Rice investigated CF 4 Billy's 1M bd gift. Or $100M Giustra+nucl mines+DOS awards?
bbnanny @NanbumHall🔁Wait, are you saying that we now know that noted truth teller Susan Rice wasn't truthful here? Why, I never!
Susanna Whitman @SusannaWhitman🔁Bipartisan agreement: Susan Rice's confidential unmasking was fine.
Joe Kidder @joe_kidder2🔁CONFIRMED: Susan Rice is a patriot. Unmasking of duplicitous Trump team due to secret meeting w/ UAE crown prince
NoRacism @endofracism🔁Flynn, Bannon & Kushner tried to setup Russian backchannel-THAT'S WHY SUSAN RICE UNMASKED THEM🇺🇸

Occupy Wall Street @antonio_hickman🔁. & racists say Trump isn't a racist, but he pardoned Arpaio, banned Muslims, went after Susan Rice, Obama, Kaepernick & Jamele Hill!
Lacey Smith @LaceySm88791881🔁 This was the meeting related to Erik Prince setting up a backchannel to Russia in Seychelles.
Karen #Resist @IowaJudo🔁Former national security adviser Susan Rice told the House Intelligence Committee...

( Sent from Headli nes )

Dennis @diwatts🔁
MAGA finding out Susan Rice unmasked names cuz Drumpf held a secret meeting
Bannon Flynn Kushner Emitates 👑
Jackie G @JackieJackielg🔁. (R, FL): "I didn't hear anything to believe (Susan Rice) did anything illegal." Faux scandal, RIP.
L. Tucc 🇺🇸 @l_tucc🔁 This is very interesting
Cait Forde @kathleenirish38🔁Breaking ➡️ Susan Rice DID request unmasking of Trump! let her keep security clearance!??

gasmd @doclounz🔁@KFILE Lying Susan "Benghazi" Rice at it again...
andrea norwood @andreanorwood3🔁Rice Admits To House Investigators She Unmasked Senior Trump Officials

Rice Admits Unmasking Top Trump Officials...

Max Sped @MaxSped🔁As I told you. I can't stand Susan Rice but the kook-right attack on her re: unmasking is ugly and totally untrue.
Jodi Spangler @MacFindHer🔁 Susan Rice carries an EpiPen around in case she ever accidentally tells the truth
Susan Bell @susiecoyote🔁Here's an interview on your network. her response is "absolutely false." to Zakaria asking her about unmasking.

Edwin Bond @EdwinBond12🔁Security counsel moves all records on the unmasking of Trump officials by Susan Rice to Obama Presidential library. Sealed for 5 years.
tyty @t_phuck🔁As I reported, Steve Bannon has been a Russian asset for over five years. He is under investigation for espionage.
Andrew Coffman Smith @CoffmanSmith🔁 Helluva scoop by @mkraju --Rice told investigators why she unmasked Trump aides


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