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Susan Collins 🌹(sinéad)🐦•basement broho• @tanlogadas🔁Also seen at #WomensMarch

"BADASS women not to mess with:
Cardi B., Susan Collins, Wendy Williams"😐

Steven Dennis @StevenTDennis🔁"I think you've rendered me speechless," Susan Collins tells me after pausing, stunned, for several seconds, when I t old her this quote from Ted Cruz.
Topher Spiro @TopherSpiro🔁Danger here for Democrats. This sounds like what happened to Susan Collins. The bet would be that if the Senate passe s a bill it will be impossible for House Republicans to escape blame for a second shutdown.
Amy Klobuchar @amyklobuchar🔁In 2013 I worked w/Susan Collins as 1 of 14 senators (7 dems & 7 repubs) who led the effort to end the last shutdown. That group has gotten together again (w/some new members)& we’ve been working for past 2 days to find bipartisan solution. Making progress. Heading to Capitol now
Think 1st @AlwaysThinkHow🔁Senator Susan Collins was just told in a scrum that Ted Cruz claimed to be consistently against government shutdowns. She stood there, mouth literally agape, for several seconds before saying "you've rendered me speechless."
Janeal Dame @janeal_dame🔁Susan Collins says McConnell deserves credit for "moving" on DACA. Yes, from a firm "no" to a worthless promise. Susan Collins is a sucker.
AndreaKnits @AndreaKnits🔁Watching Susan Collins and Jeff Flake talk about commitments from McConnell is like watching Charlie Brown accept commitment from Lucy on the football
Trumptastrophe1 @Trumptastrophe1🔁Susan Collins wants us to believe that Mitch McConnell will honor his pledge to vote on DACA on Feb 8th

Susan Collins also wants to you forget that Mitch McConnell lied to her personally when he promised to vote on Health Care policies when she agreed to vote for the tax bill

Park Ranger @netminnow🔁2017: Democrats mocked Susan Collins for giving McConnell her vote on tax cuts in exchange for McConnell's promise to give her a vote on her healthcare bill. Mitch lied.

Fast Forward: Democrats under Schumer surrender their leverage on gov. funding for a McConnell promise.

Michael Hinsley @chezmichel7🔁 Susan Collins throws shutdown shade at Ted Cruz: 'I am rendered speechless' - CNN
christine @balanceforever1🔁"I think you've rendered me speechless," Susan Collins tells me after pausing, stunned, for several seconds, when I told her this quote from Ted Cruz.
Sherry @stemeakabrunson🔁 Susan Collins throws shutdown shade at Ted Cruz: 'I am rendered speechless' - CNN
🌸Juniebug7 @Juniebug7🔁 Susan Collins, recently duped by Mitch McConnell, tells Democrats to trust Mitch McConnell
J.L. Martin @pushandpulljlm🔁Susan Collins is proving why Dems should hold the line. She was promised a vote on her issues for her vote on tax reform and never got it. Believe nothing McConnell says.
♋👩‍💻яυţħчσ!∞🎄☃️ @prosperuthy_oxo🔁Sen. Ted Cruz told reporters he has "consistently opposed shutdowns," leading to this response from Sen. Susan Collins: "I am rendered speechless"
J.L. Martin @pushandpulljlm🔁Dems need to be careful not to pull a Susan Collins. Preserve leverage. Make sure there's a short second CR starting Feb. 8.
Chandra Yesiltas @clyesiltas🔁 ‘Speechless’ Susan Collins scoffs at Ted Cruz for claiming he’s ‘consistently opposed shutdowns’
J.L. Martin @pushandpulljlm🔁 Susan Collins is uniquely qualified to evaluate promises from McConnell...
Ric Ball ✌️🏳️‍🌈 @Ricball🔁EXACTLY 🤮 Susan Collins, recently duped by Mitch McConnell, tells Democrats to trust Mitch McConnell 🤮
Ethan Slipher @BatSkywalker🔁What is the point of forcing a two-day shutdown if Democrats are just going to cave? Paul Ryan still has refused to commit to a vote for the dreamers. McConnell’s promise to get DACA done is as phony as his promise to Susan Collins.
Just Kidding, I Am That Ben Platt @NotThatBenPlatt🔁Then Susan Collins is embarassing herself. A promise from McConnell is worth about as much as a fart in a hurricane.
DrWAVeSport @DrWAVeSportCd1🔁 @CharlesPPierce Susan Collins let us down by Voting for the tax deal, I have no respect for her anymore!
Mark Thomas Geiger @mtgeiger1184🔁Susan Collins throws shutdown shade at Ted Cruz: 'I am rendered speechless'
Vote Sean Casten @VoteCasten🔁 You realize Susan Collins fell for the same trick on healthcare, right?
#TRUMPWINS4USA @Brendag38323989🔁The Democrats caved because common sense proves they chose illegal aliens over Americans. Yet Susan Collins is on TV attacking Trump, praising Chuck Schumer, Lindsey Graham is attacking Stephen Miller, & Jeff Flake is praising illegals.

These RINO’s need to be removed. Dreadful.

ImpeachTrump @DrKC4🔁Heads-up: Susan Collins is the power-player to watch this year.
Ms Galahad @flipsville🔁People who scoff in glass houses: Speechless' Susan Collins scoffs at Ted Cruz for claiming he's 'consistently opposed shutdowns'
Corinne Sueta @cssueta🔁A big loss for Schumer and the Democrats These Democratic Voted For Republicans because These Demorats Are Up For ReElection. Then back to Crooked ways. Vote All Out Plus, McConnell, Wife, Pelosi, LindseyGraham, Susan Collins, DNC Period.
Shawn Griffin @509ShawnG🔁@SenatorCollins used 'talking stick' during negotiations via @usatoday
ben miller @binhamin🔁 If you're going to act like children, Susan Collins is going to treat you like children.
Obtuse_Muppet @Obtuse_Muppet🔁 Notice how before ‘s failed President Run he was ALL over the news Grandstanding, leading Govt Shutddown, being a A-hole & accomplish nothing. After 2016 Crickets, other than kissing ‘s ass
MI-RED-STATE-ESQ. @MIRedState🔁Dear Lord, really Feinstein?
Jill Twiss @twister2254🔁Sen. Susan Collins is the fake friend that was cheated on and tells you "Sure but you should go ahead and date him. He'd make a great boyfriend"

Gurl please! Sit down. 😒

Kimberly Willardson @kimberrry🔁Sen. Susan Collins throws shutdown shade at Sen. Ted Cruz: "I am rendered speechless"
Rafferty Lorin @RL7007🔁So the "Senate Democrats" caved. They knew Trump's Megalomania would make it impossible to reach a deal. But if Sen Schumer believes McConnell would keep his promise he should talk to Susan Collins.
Ronnie Dorsett @MyInfoRonnie2🔁Lindsay Grahamnesty, Jeff Fake and Susan Collins are the last people the republicans need negotiating anything on our behalf!

do not bend to these people who couldn't run a lemonade stand!

They are all open border, amnesty happy, morons

Jamie Carter ❄ @JCTheResistance🔁@tedcruz must go!

Donate to @BetoORourke and vote Cruz out of office!


Tim Bush @zamboni5454🔁Glass Elephant Nearly Shattered After Sen. Collins Makes Shutdown Negotiators Use 'Talking Stick'


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