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Supreme Court Rajesh Chavan @rajs51🔁 Moronery thy name Supreme Court?
Supreme Court Harry Downing @HarryDowning113🔁 Trump announces UNPRECEDENTED plan to transform the Supreme Court
Supreme Court Ellen Eftestöl-W @EllenEftestoW🔁World class teaching on marine insurance by Judge of the Swedish Supreme Court Svante Johansson @helsinkiuni
Supreme Court Vikas @vikas1689🔁 This is a good decision by Supreme Court. Now, Rangeela Rasool can be distributed at SC campus.
Supreme Court Pujara's biggest fan @JpkPreet🔁 after Supreme Court's crackers ban, Patanjali launched eco-friendly crackers!
💕💕ثناء میر PTI💕💕 @Sana_meer_144🔁 Babar Awan Media Talk Outside Supreme Court Islamabad (16.10.17) 1/4
#PanamaPapers @BabarAwanPK
Supreme Court Rudra🇮🇳 @RudraThirdEye🔁 Banners near Supreme Court, Patiala House court.
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁...approvals of The Keystone XL & Dakota Access pipelines. Also, look at the recent EPA cancelations & our great new Supreme Court Justice!
Keith Boykin @keithboykin🔁Republicans shut down the government and refused to even hold hearings on President Obama’s Supreme court nominee. T hat’s obstruction.
Makarand R Paranjape @MakrandParanspe🔁Absolutely--let's not ban books. Please, Hon. Supreme Court, won't you revoke ban on "Satanic Verses"?
ellie hayes @iamvalchooch🔁Republicans shut down the government and refused to even hold hearings on President Obama’s Supreme court nominee. That’s obstruction.
Monicah Bucher @Nashnicah🔁Give us baaba and your Supreme court and we'll give you migingo Island, Museveni and the whole cabinet
Mark Dennehy @MarkDennehy🔁US Supreme Court will hear appeal by the US government in the case involving emails on Microsoft servers in Dublin.
Sue Leugers @SueLeugers🔁 A Supreme Court securities fraud case might go away. via @bpolitics #SCOTUS
Bhushan Chhabra @Kadva_Doodh🔁is this years #Diwali on a downer side bcoz of demonitization or bcoz of the supreme court, Or is it just coz there are less extroverts now
The Other Guy @david_odu🔁 High Court ~ Any Act of parliament in contravention of the 2010 Supreme Constitution is unconditional. #NASADemosWeek4
Hindustan1st @owen_hendricks🔁Dose Supreme Court is gone mad?
विनिश वरमानी @vinish_ind🔁Similarly,from next hearing entire BJP including PM should stand behind you as Hindu in the Supreme Court asking for RamTemple
Adam Bernstein @articleguru🔁Employers in the firing line. Supreme Court case law which makes it free for employees to lodge claims against employers. (ref. 4712)
Jimmy @anxiousjimmy🔁If the ECJ has jurisdiction over EU citizens here, should the US Supreme Court uphold the right of American expats to bear arms?
हिन्दी शायरी @Hindi__Shayari🔁'पटा.. के'.....
ना छोडे........

Order of Supreme Court 😂

Vijay Singh Dalal @VDalal1074🔁Never done this after 2008..but thank you Supreme Court for your inspiration, motivation & showing us the way to celebrate our own festival.
lennutrajektoor @lennutrajektoor🔁Protectionists the world over will love this, giving them justification to block US companies from their countries.
RajNewsTelugu @RajnewsOfficial🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Delhi People Happy With Supreme Court Order On Diwali | Raj News Telugu
Ankur जय श्री राम। @vastalitech🔁#RahulJawabDo kerala was the real face of congress or your affidavit in supreme court was because what you are doing in Gujarat is fake!
Cathyleen @gulsinag1a🔁QuebecIssues: better get to work and charge the team behind the - no more delays…
Live Law @LiveLawIndia🔁Supreme Court stayed the Judgment and the matter is still pending before the Supreme Court

K.C. @kimred1🔁Supreme Court backs push to remove Ten Commandments monument THIS IS SIGN,STAY TUNED. AMEN
Jim Mantzakos @j_mantzakos🔁 U.S. Supreme Court rejects Guantanamo detainees appeal
Avinash Vishwakarma @avinashvis🔁high time to conduct an audit on the net worth of these sellouts after BJP came to power....n yes by a supreme court monitored agency.. not just now ...also the coming years ahead
سعد ملک @saaadmalikk🔁Judges of the Supreme Court are so trusting. So left wing bleeding heart liberals who believe in more than a fair trial.
amit sharma @amit7tosawar🔁Justice delayed is justice denied. Especially when it's a matter of survival.. Hope our Supreme Court is listening!
Sunny chaubey @praveenaiims12🔁Rofl 🤣 see the priorities of Supreme Court .. next is dance bars without munni Badnam hui and Sheila Ki jawani songs is absurd
Jack Rankin 🇬🇧 @jackmrankin🔁Lefties urging the ECJ hv jurisdiction re EU citizens: Think what you'd say if US Supreme Court said US citizens in UK hv right to bear arms
JaiHo Narendra Modi @JaiHoNaMo🔁The Supreme Court judgement ordering ban on sale of fire crackers in Delhi has created some real difficulty for 1000s of families.
Adeel Islam @adeelislam1🔁Lucky I've got an OCD filing system & could locate a statement from 2003 from a bank that has since closed...

Safdar Ali Safdar @SafdarAS🔁Supreme court of pakistan issues notices to centre over @Gilgit_Baltistan people`s rights.

SUJITH NAIR @sujithnairutram🔁The Supreme Court last week tested how progressive the Central Government is on three vital issues – Life, Death...
Tari Thomason @tari1231🔁 Sick. Just sick.
By @fawfulfan

SoulCentral Magazine @Soulcentralmag🔁Supreme Court backs away from Go Global or Stay Local - :// href="" target="_blank">
SoulCentral Magazine @Soulcentralmag🔁Supreme Court backs away from Go Global or Stay Local - @Soulcentralmag @Soulc entraltv
Amna Mawaz Khan @Anarchistani🔁supreme court of Pakistan's full bench adjourned hearing of provision fundamental rights to people case till 14 November
Carla @carlaakins🔁President Crazy Pants Predicts Two Women On Supreme Court Will Die via @deepstatenation
Aakash Gauttam @AakashGauttam🔁Diwali without firecrackers is not absurd!
Bloodshed on Bakra Eid is not absurd!
Banana republic with rogue judges?

kriz @101minus1🔁@Deepali_Dwivedi @scroll_in What can we do to force the Indian government to respect the supreme court?
Jeremy Kearney @jeremykearney🔁 Microsoft’s refusal to hand over Irish email to US authorities is going to the US Supreme Court
FJN @nyambega_felix🔁 PREDICTION: Supreme Court to rule that there is nothing to clarify in their ruling, arguing it was very clear
MAK @TweetsMak🔁Judges of the Supreme Court are so trusting. So left wing bleeding heart liberals who believe in more than a fair tri al.
CERBERUS IP @CerberusIP🔁 refuses to hear case alleging has become a generic term not worthy of registration as a
Wanda Sgro @WandaSgro🔁Ohio's voter purge process defies protections outlined in the National Voter Registration Act. We're pushing back.
Charles Christian @ChristianUncut🔁#Privacy - US Supreme Court to hear #Microsoft Dublin datacenter case in Spring 2018
CBS 21 News @CBS21NEWS🔁Pa Supreme Court denies appeal to allow Golf Enterprises to develop 300 housing units

Savana @savanamidtlyng🔁The Supreme Court ruled back in 1943 that students don’t have to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Still the law.
Bobchinsky @Robert_onyino🔁 The Kenyan high court suspends ban on demos. Interesting times in Kenya.
The law is supreme.
Anindya Chatterjee @canindya🔁Dear Supreme Court- air quality terrible; no crackers. What will you ban next?
Sundas Kareem @SundasKareem🔁IK backtracks on original defence in SC, claims yet again full banking record submitted but bank statements missing
Alia-malia-jamalia @Reachsyedzia🔁Of course, there is scant respect for the Supreme Court directions by the Executive.. But whom to blame? When SC don't bother about it?
Blues Daddy @Kennymack44🔁Supreme Court Backs Push To Remove Ten Commandments Monument via @TPM


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