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#supplychain Modupe_C @Modupe_C🔁Congratulations 🎉🎈🍾 @WeAreCisco #supplychain we are #3 on @Gartner_inc Top 25 Supply Chain Rankings!!
Marsha Collier @MarshaCollier🔁Digitization Makes the Agile & Customer-Related

#supplychain CIOReview @cioreview🔁Here are few rapidly growing trends in the #ecommerce landscape goo.gl @PraxairInc #Supplychain
#supplychain JobsInLogistics @JobsInLogistics🔁Riiiiight...
#logistics #shipping #freight #supplychain #warehousing
Kirk Borne @KirkDBorne🔁An Executive’s Guide to in Management:
by HT blog.kinaxis.com

Graphic by twitter.com

UKWA @UKWarehouse🔁all movements will require frontier declaration to, as a minimum, count activity – i.e. risk of interruption of today twitter.com ’s seamless flow to/from Europe - will be mitigated by more stock in ; leading to potential growth of stock holding in hinterlands of Dover corridor.
charu sharma @charu494🔁Holisol has expertise in designing Supply Chain solutions for Multi-Channel retail. We enabled customers to accomplish their business targets in almost every retail platform – be it online or offline.
charu sharma @charu494🔁"VERDIS" gives you real time end to end Supply Chain visibility on a single screen. For more information
For more detail contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Dana Gardner @Dana_Gardner🔁Balancing costs w/ conscience—New tools build ethical & sustainable #supplychain #management @SAPAriba #procurement briefingsdirectblog.com
Warehouse Life @warehouse_life🔁3 Ways To Make Customer Service Your Best Supply Chain Strategy twitter.com
Саша Гайдай @nord011🔁Omnitude's CEO Chris Painter talked to about all things , , , and how we will use technology in the future. Check it out >>

Abraham Altcoin @AbrahamAltcoin🔁For next-generation security, needs . We're thrilled to announce our partnership with to enable tamper-proof readings of smart sensor data! Learn what this means for condition monitoring in and
KBIT AFRICA @africa_kbit🔁Prepare your business for the future with intelligent nextgen :SAP S/4HANA Cloud!
Luis Martinez @Luis_JDA🔁New reveals 57% of & 50% of include real-time product visibility as a top driver of investment twitter.com
UltraShipTMS @UltraShipTMS🔁Promote your to your carriers. Share the benefits it drives like improved scheduling, quicker settlement, longer le twitter.com ad times, more accurate tracking and more. Convey the value of TMS and capture capacity. Video from@talkinlogistics explains!

Fronetics @Fronetics🔁1/3 of & companies have taken zero steps to create or feed their future talent pipeline. Don’t be one of those comp twitter.com anies!
Teknowlogi @Teknowlogi🔁 Supply Chain Executive Conference Attendees: Grab a quick breakfast then make plans to settle in for the session: LE twitter.com S: The “New Normal” in Supply Chain Platform Intelligence – starts in 1 hour.
San Antonio S-Chain @tmj_SAT_schn🔁Time will fly by serving hundreds of people with flexible schedules you can accommodate school or other jobs. Plus y twitter.com our co-workers are awesome! Apply online now for our latest opening in , TX!
Albuquerque S-Chain @tmj_ABQ_schn🔁At Dave & Buster's, we believe that having the passion, pride and drive are what make the difference. Sound like some twitter.com one you know? Refer them to our latest opening: Receiver , NM
Inbound Logistics @ILMagazine🔁Inbound is sponsoring an APICS Scholarship for undergrads pursuing a or degree. Just complete an essay and you'r twitter.com e in the running! For more information visit:
Diageo North America @Diageo_NA🔁Gartner has announced its 2018 Supply Chain Top 25 and Diageo has jumped 7 places from 2017 to achieve a global ranki twitter.com ng of #16 this year,
including a perfect score in .
Максим Жидких @MaximZhidkih🔁Great community video by - really explains the Blockshipping value proposition in great detail. Thank you!

The ICO is live - join it on

ATI @UKAeroInstitute🔁Get involved with SC21 Competitiveness & Growth, is the advice of David Fellows of Senior Aerospace Weston: the twitter.com can't afford to be complacent, it enables benchmarking across industry and it offers an holistic approach
Adam Sprague @adamsprague318🔁What do you do, & what are your options, once you determine your business has outgrown its facility? Examine the steps to take for modifying your operations.

Марсель Гайнуллин @marsg1988🔁Stand by for the Blockshipping ICO as the public sale starts very soon!

Be part of the success and join us on when we open the public sale.

Peter Drakeley @PeterDrakeley🔁Thinking about taking the first steps on your #inventory #optimisation journey? #supplychain lnkd.in lnkd.in
aPriori @aPriori_Inc🔁Do you have challenges like Cost Information, Manufacturability, or Production Standards? See the new Storyscape from and to get help meeting your cost reduction goals!

Alexandria S-Chain @tmj_LAA_schn🔁Want to work at Department of Veterans Affairs? We're in , LA! Click for details: twitter.com
Antony Welfare @AntonyWelfare🔁Not a bad view whilst chatting to Austin Earl and Arabella Derhalli about the Blockchain Live event in September, whe twitter.com re I will be hosting the and sessions, as well as judging the Retail and Supply chain awards.....watch this space for…
Paul Dyer @paulmdyer🔁Real Time visibility is the top driver of Investment by manufacturers according to new and research. See more at twitter.com
BellaBabyPhotography @BellaBabyPhotos🔁Budget and a negative attitude toward change are some of the roadblocks preventing digital transformation in the . twitter.com

happy @cucakih🔁Join 's now


BoulderCO S-Chain @tmj_COB_schn🔁See our latest , CO and click to apply: Shipping Associate in Longmont 2nd shift - twitter.com
Daniel Stanton @stanton_daniel🔁 for from p 211 of Supply Chain Management for Dummies. After listening to the presentations this week, would love t twitter.com o hear from others at .
mahakamrafi @mahakamrafi🔁more info visit blockshipping.io
Warrant Group @WarrantGroup🔁Warrant Group's global Strategic Partner Network are affectionately known as 'local heroes'. We travelled to Buenos A twitter.com ires for a 4-day conference to meet our South American partners & exchange news on the latest developments.
Mathew DeFreitas @MathewDeFreitas🔁Outstanding presentation by EVP Craig Kahoun on Building Customer Loyalty through a Data Enabled , at yesterday!
Go-Crypto's @BhemmaJ🔁 Will Power ’s Location Solution to Kontakt.io Enable Secure Sale and Sharing of Telemetry Data ! Learn what this means for condition monitoring in and
CGN Global @CGN_Global🔁Outstanding presentation by EVP Craig Kahoun on Building Customer Loyalty through a Data Enabled , at yesterday! twitter.com
Enaksis @_EnaksiS_🔁Stand by for the Blockshipping ICO as the public sale starts very soon!

Be part of the success and join us on when we open the public sale.

Atlanta CSCMP @cscmp_atlanta🔁Congratulations to on its new center for innovation! Point A will offer a collaborative space for businesses rangin twitter.com g from multi-national corporations to emerging startups and academic institutions.
Oliver Wight AP @OliverWightAP🔁The basis of our enviable record of is our commitment to the proven methodology we have developed over more than 40 twitter.com years in .

Discover our Proven Path:

AVM Enterprises, Inc @goavm🔁Check out our Deal of the Week! Plain card key holder 500 per case - goavm.com
Controlant @controlant🔁Legacy cold chain loggers haven't empowered businesses to gain visibility and control over the entire supply chain, w twitter.com hile driving down costs. Today's smart solutions do that and more.
Server Seek @serverseek🔁Digital Manufacturing Cloud integrates with , SAP's cloud-based and technology
eric carlson @ericpkg🔁Online grocery = new & challenges. New Deal With To Bring U.K.-Based Online Grocer To The U.S. twitter.com
3GTMS @3GTMS🔁At , our own JP Wiggins discusses two recent and innovative capabilities: Continuous pool optimization & the enhance twitter.com d abilities of rating systems


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