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QuinnGriffeyJr @Quinton_Harris🔁 .@MeekMill’s “Dreams and Nightmares” re-entered iTunes Charts after #SuperBowlLII
Josh @Pxcasso🔁 .@MeekMill’s “Dreams and Nightmares” re-entered iTunes Charts after #SuperBowlLII
Akiresatmidnight @AkiresHenri🔁 .@MeekMill’s “Dreams and Nightmares” re-entered iTunes Charts after #SuperBowlLII
#SuperBowlLII Steven Wallace @Python_Starbuzz🔁 HERE WE COME PHILLY!!! #SuperBowlLII ✈️
#SuperBowlLII Trey Burton @TreyBurton8🔁HERE WE COME PHILLY!!! #SuperBowlLII ✈️
Qasim Rashid, Esq. @MuslimIQ🔁My one tweet:
•Voice of deceased Black musician who fought racism:✅
•Voice of deceased Black preacher who fought rac twitter.com ism:✅
•Voice of living Black athlete who fights racism:❌

America glorifies the memory of fighting past racism—while advancing present racism😐

Donnie Wahlberg @DonnieWahlberg🔁I could tweet about the cold, the game or even about the ...

Instead, I will tweet about the wonderful, gracious & twitter.com welcoming people of Minnesota!

Thank you for making weekend so much fun for me and my family.

Jordan Markovic @JordanMarkovic🔁I bet against Nick Foles every round of the playoffs. The man proved me wrong in a BIG way. This is why football is g twitter.com reat.
J. SELLZ @jsellzrap🔁 needs to go play for the since the want to bench him. After all did the same thing and it worked out pretty well twitter.com for him!
Nelson Talent @NelsonRecruits🔁It's ALWAYS Sunny in Philadelphia...especially when the gang brings home a Championship!

The people of Philly prob twitter.com ably destroyed Paddy's Pub, so clearly they need new jobs. We can help them...and you!

DM us and let's get you in a dream job!

UFO USO J-ROD @ufouso6🔁Aliens, UFOs, and the.... Super Bowl? texasufosightings.com
Tayna Carr @taynacarr502🔁Easily create and join open predictions this . PREDICT THE BIG GAME. COMISSION FREE! Use token to place your prediction on who will win the. Anonymous decentralized peer to peer sports prediction. 1:1 Payout on all action. 🏟🏈🏆🚀
CCX News @ccxnews🔁Suburban hotels feel Super Bowl bump. The hub of activity may have been in Minneapolis, but had an economic impact c twitter.com lear out to the suburbs. Watch here:
zAids middle eye @EyeZaids🔁 Congratulations Eagles fans! Now get out there and destroy your city! You deserve it! #SuperBowlLII
Jessica_Tiller @jessicatiller🔁 So far the 20 seconds of dead air that just hit NBC NY was the best ad yet. #SuperBowlLII #SuperBowlAds
Marvin P. Android @smrt_sarcasm🔁 was a dream. My studio recording of "America the Beautiful" is available for download and proceeds will go to the "I Have a Dream" Foundation. Thanks to Jordan Purvis and for your hard work on this track! Get yours at:
Amanda Berry @mlleberry🔁The TRUE story of #SuperBowlLII gq.com
Scott Stansbury @ScottSATC🔁Irish veteran Scott Tully talked 2018 season, graduate school and on the Jack Swarbrick Radio Show.

Stay tuned for the full interview!


Notre Dame Baseball @NDBaseball🔁Irish veteran Scott Tully talked 2018 season, graduate school and on the Jack Swarbrick Radio Show.

Stay tuned fo twitter.com r the full interview!


BETMANIA @BetmaniaSports🔁And the Lucky Winners are... You put your skills to the Ultimate Test and you've proven yourself the TRUE Football e twitter.com xpert!
Look for your name in the winners list for the Prop Contest below; our team will contact you with details shortly. Congratulations to All!
Football Radio Show @footballrs🔁Super Bowl LLI Recap footballradioshow.com


| e. 🍁⭐️| @ericDdang🔁The philly special #SuperBowlLII twitter.com
Noah Shusterman 孫達文 @ncshusterman🔁 getting to the heart of the problem w/video replay: "the act of review itself becomes the medium through which ever twitter.com ything that happens on the field is experienced"

Edward Anthony @edjamin88🔁Just got out of the hospital, worst time of my life. Should never have listened when encouraged all of us to eat Tid twitter.com e Pods during the first half of on Sunday.
Jimmy Henry @RedTilDed🔁As a massive Brady/Belichick/Patriots fan, would have been the perfect moment for yet another motivational quote & inspirational image

Instead comes out with this absolute gem.

A hero. But not as we’ve known it before.

Zach Brendza @zbTrib🔁. coming through with that next level shade. Good on you

PHL Business Journal @PHLBizJournal🔁UPDATED: & announce service changes for on Thursday bizj.us om/i/web/status/961025472145645568" target="_blank">twitter.com


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