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Super Bowl Sports Sidelined NFL 🏈 @SidelinedNFL🔁 NFL announces Arizona will host Super Bowl in 2023, New Orleans in 2024.
The Checkdown @thecheckdown🔁Best game-winner in Super Bowl history? 🤔
Super Bowl TheValuePerspective @Thevalueteam🔁What investors can learn from the controversial 2015 #SuperBowl #va lueinvesting
Super Bowl Gwen Filosa @KeyWestGwen🔁 Who's ready for Super Bowl LVIII in the Big Easy?! #NOLA
Super Bowl New Orleans Saints @Saints🔁Who's ready for Super Bowl LVIII in the Big Easy?! #NOLA
Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid🔁The irony of the NFL owners’ action is that *they have now hyper-politicized the anthem, for not just every black pla yer and ally, but every potential anthem singer or Super Bowl halftime performer. That few minutes before a game will now look like a forced nationalistic display.
Robert Leonard @RobertLeonard🔁The irony of the NFL owners’ action is that *they have now hyper-politicized the anthem, for not just every black player and ally, but every potential anthem singer or Super Bowl halftime performer. That few minutes before a game will now look like a forced nationalistic display.
✨iRiE💙✨ @__aye04🔁Niners unveiled their alternate Throwback uni’s, paying homage to the ‘94 Super Bowl Champs 🔥

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🙌SANECANE🙌 FISHING🎣 LIFE movies🎬 #MSDH @sanecane🔁 @flasportsbuzz Yeah and they are going to the Super Bowl. Fake news!
m @mchimwang🔁the boys constantly get mobbed and the fact that some army attempted to tackle jimin like she was about to take the winning touchdown during the super bowl isn’t okay-at this point prohibiting fans inside of the airport and just setting barriers outside wouldn’t be a bad decision
n0n1ckname @n0n1ckname🔁WOW!!! Last year I did watch the Super Bowl, but now I'm done. Bye-bye ! You've prove your allegiances. Enjoy your demonic spiral down your alt-right a-hole.
Nick Bergeron @bergeron_nick🔁@SInow Every single Super Bowl should be in New Orleans during Mardi Gras
colinsmith @colinesmith🔁@NFLUK Patriots, they weee underdog in my first viewed Super Bowl ! Was a good choice! #gopats
Paul D @paulDAVO1972🔁Raiders, because my Uncle brought back a Los Angeles Raiders t-shirt from his holiday in 1983 then they won the Supe r Bowl in 1984. It’s been a tumultuous relationship since then.
Kimberly Hampton @jimmom0117🔁@chuk85 @Nate13Burleson No. No QB gets to a Super Bowl alone.
Lord Donut Toe @joeybagovdonuts🔁Best 90s video game tournament, Nintendo bracket Finals: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time vs GoldenEye007 vs Mario Kart 64 vs Tecmo Super Bowl
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Linda G @lindagsanpedro🔁The announce 90s throwback uniforms with a video featuring Steve Young's 94 team that won the Super Bowl, a 90s-style hip hop soundtrack (sounds very Ice T/New Jack to me) and 90s vintage tech (VHS! That TV!). My Thursday is unlikely to get better from here 😍
Atlanta fanclub @Atlantafanclub🔁NFL wants roof open for next season's Super Bowl in Atlanta - ESPN
Marissa Yvette @ArizonaGirl94🔁 It's official. The Super Bowl is coming to Arizona in 2023.
James Kuechel @JKuechel🔁I fell out with them after the last “partnership” and they got to the Super Bowl final and I was like “wayhey let’s c heer them on” and in true leeds fashion they put out the worst performance I’ve ever witnessed in an NFL game.
Pretty Boy @PBENTLLC🔁Beyonce Announces The Formation World Tour Beyonce is fresh off her halftime performance at Super Bowl 50 and has
CharLIIes Smith @CharlesSmithC🔁 This. Go @JOEL9ONE. Thank you. And for Super Bowl thing too.
Republic Buzz @republicbuzz🔁NEW YORK (AP) — Comcast's NBC is airing both the Super Bowl and the Olympics in February, a double-whammy sports extr avaganza that ...
Trebooks @Trcv_ebooks🔁I hope China doesn't ruin the Super Bowl.
Rob Wilson @robwilson922🔁@JOEL9ONE Why do they have to play the anthem before every game? Just the Super Bowl... Maybe Thanksgiving.
Ensign Lorenz @coltismypassprt🔁Mychal Kendricks had such a strange career w/

Gets drafted in 2nd round, shows promise, gets paid, gets platooned, gets frustrated, wants out, in trade rumors, in trade rumors, requests trade, stays anyway, sits on bench, becomes starter, wins Super Bowl, gets cut.

JB @JayBreezy06🔁@MikeO1088 I was 15. You were the age I was when I last saw the skins win a super bowl haha
Mocha⚜️Sha🦁kah⚜️Khan™🇪🇹 @WKid901🔁My column... NFL gets it right: New Orleans is the best Super Bowl city on the planet
The Hosk @Hosk26🔁 Favourite team is the started watching NFL the year they got got Super Bowl V 49ers but sadly lost. Used to love the Ickey Shuffle 🏈
Adam @adam_dbt🔁Only Perry and Waters had more yards and TDs than Craig, and Waters was there for one super bowl, not three. Perry wa sn’t there for any super bowl. You act like Craig’s versatility doesn’t matter, when in fact if he wasn’t so versatile I guarantee the 9ers have less rings
Father Goose 🦆🦆 @DomInzinna🔁@AP_XxX11 @Eagles It was before the super bowl....
News @installerblog🔁 Sports NFL Awards Super Bowl to Arizona (2023), New Orleans (2024)

The Su per Bowl is headed back to New Orleans f or the 11th time and will make its fourth stop in Arizona.

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from ESPN 99.1

News @installerblog🔁 Sports NFL Honors Washington High School for Development of Nate Gerry

The Wa shington Warriors have been awarded a football from the NFL in honor of helping develop Nate Gerry into a Super Bowl champion.

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KarhanFhan @KarhanFhan🔁It's pretty insane that people remember the Seahawks more for their Super Bowl loss against NE than their Super Bowl win where they brutally slaughtered Denver.


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