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Homeward Bound @HomewardBoundAZ🔁Slam dunk! We’re thrilled to be a Phoenix grant recipient! Thank u for helping homeless families! twitter.com
A New Leaf @ANewLeafAZ🔁Thank you and @PhoenixSunsCharities for transforming lives of children and families at ! Go Suns! twitter.com
Dr. Javier Cardenas @theconcussiondr🔁Thank you for supporting AZ Athletic Trainers Initiative! Putting athletic trainers games. twitter.com
Ken Borkan @KBMIA🔁Congrats to on their grant!! What a deserving program, helping students reach their potential twitter.com
RMHC Phoenix @RMHCPhoenix🔁Thanks to the and for granting us $5000 to help us achieve our mission of keeping families close. twitter.com
ExpectMoreAZ @ExpectMoreAZ🔁Great play by ! They're helping ensure that every child in AZ has access to a great education. twitter.com
Free Arts @FreeArtsAZ🔁Thank you for your support of over the last 20 years! Happy 50th Anniversary twitter.com
Save the Family @SavetheFamily🔁A huge thank you to for supporting our FACES program that will help families overcome homelessness. twitter.com
SharingDSArizona @SharingDSAZ🔁THANK YOU for your generous support of Sharing Down Syndrome AZ! We are thankful 4 partners like you! twitter.com
HopeKids AZ @HopeKidsAZ🔁Thanks to & we will bring HOPE & more events for 1,400+ families! We HOPE you have a great season! twitter.com
360 Sports & Fitness @Ability360Sport🔁A BIG THANK YOU to the for the generous grant donation! Funds will be used to purchase youth sport wheelchairs an twitter.com d provide scholarships to adaptive youth sports programming! your support to the community is incredible!
Lost Our Home @LostOurHome🔁These cuties helped accept this generous donation from to support Lost Our Home's mission! twitter.com
Melissa Goldenberg @melissagoldenb1🔁 helped award over 100 grants to deserving Arizona nonprofits. I was so proud to be a part of it. twitter.com
Helen's Hope Chest @HelensHopeChest🔁TY for awarding HHC with a $5,000 grant to help provide shoes to Arizona's foster kids in need! ☀️🏀👟🎉 twitter.com
AZA United @AZAUnited🔁Thank you to the and for helping us provide individualized supports to families affected by Autism!!! twitter.com
AFFCF @AFFCF🔁Thank you @PhoenixSunsCharities & playing on 's team to help more kids in foster care just be kids! twitter.com
Boys Hope Girls Hope @BHGHAZ🔁BHGHAZ is a 2017 grant recipient. Thank you for directly support scholars living in the homes! twitter.com
Veterans Heritage @VHP_501c3🔁Thank you @PhoenixSunsCharities or making our community stronger by helping to Connect Students with Veterans. twitter.com
kidsneedtoread @kidsneedtoread🔁Were presented with $5000 grant by for our work providing literacy programs to children via ! twitter.com


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