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#SundayMorning#SundayMorning aj @cilokane🔁 My heart just melted. ❤
Khary Penebaker @kharyp🔁Why are so many Christians against migrants & refugees? One reason is because they’ve been so demonized and dehumaniz twitter.com ed.

Khary Penebaker @kharyp🔁Camilla Hudson, a black woman, says white CVS manager, Morry Matson, called police because she had wrong coupon. Mat twitter.com son is running for 48th Ward alderman. He was a state delegate for Donald Trump in the 2016 election
Ted Lieu @tedlieu🔁In advance of the Putin meeting, let's review the last time met with an authoritarian. North Korea still has NOT:

- twitter.com Eliminated any nukes
-Gotten rid of any missiles
-Destroyed any chemical weapons

But US stopped military readiness exercises.


Russell Rosenkild @RussellRosenk1🔁He colluded. And he continues to lie about it, obstruct justice, and enable our enemies.

Every. Single. Day.

With the full support of the entire Republican Party.

We don’t need Mueller’s report to know this.

And that’s all I have to say this morning.

abeer @abeer350🔁The BEST moments in your life come from achieving something you once thought you couldn’t achieve. Keep reaching!

Roberto Gallegos @rberto13194848i🔁Do you Approve of the job has done since becoming ??

Please vote and retweet to spread poll for a more accurate outcome!!

Currently following back

Duchess of wherever I am @ the moment @mrbmom🔁

For with God is help for love
For with God is help for career
For with God is help for illnesses
For with God is help for marriage
For with God is help for eternal life
For with God everything is possible

#JusticeForAll 🇺🇸 @Lilliston🔁Which one of these outlets pushes the most ???

Please vote and retweet to spread poll!

Lucky Draw. @sterlingwords1🔁BLOCK this masked low numbers commie core Russian Patsy TROLL❣️

First block starts here 👉

Frank oldaker @frank_oldaker🔁When the Loony Left calls we patriots gun toting, Bible clinging, 2nd Amendment supporting, Right Wing Extremists; we should swell with pride as this means we share company with our glorious Founding Fathers.
Keep up the good work, !

Ed K @ejkjr🔁Camilla Hudson, a black woman, says white CVS manager, Morry Matson, called police because she had wrong coupon. Matson is running for 48th Ward alderman. He was a state delegate for Donald Trump in the 2016 election
Evan Garneau @Bamdude90🔁Oh, hell no.
Fuck this.
White people, stop calling the cops on black people for stupid shit.
Damn it.

Anthony Selby @HUMPTYSCRUMPTY🔁The perpetual Trump critics now whining because he did not bow to Queen.
UK we stopped bowing to you in 1776.
Get over it

Now we only bow to God

Richard D Halas @RichardHalas🔁Ruth B Ginsburg.. jurist who, wanted the age of consent lowered to 12...Has some "thoughts" about our Constitution, the document she swore to uphold!

mark nevin @marknevin5🔁In advance of the Putin meeting, let's review the last time met with an authoritarian. North Korea still has NOT:

-Eliminated any nukes
-Gotten rid of any missiles
-Destroyed any chemical weapons

But US stopped military readiness exercises.


Wally Doerge 🌺🌴🌋🏖️ @KewaloKid🔁Purple Finch.
"Sparrow dipped in raspberry juice"-Roger Tory Peterson

Corinne Scott Joly🇺🇸#BoycottNRA🚫 @JOLYZOO🔁Republican priorities are on full display. Line the pockets of the wealthy and well connected while distracting and dividing our nation. Blaming immigrants, women, minorities, poor, starving and sick for our nations problems. We must stand together against fear
basket dweller @kilnntime🔁The reason Mueller witch hunt has not been able to find a single shred of evidence of collusion against President Trump is simple. The real election collusion was FBI colluding to help Hillary win. Rand Paul is exactly right; protect elections!

john a @YankeeFanBk🔁✔RETWEET✔ if you a pray for DAILY! He is under attack from to fake memos.
Keep it up because God IS listening and answering. The more he is attacked, the more successful he and America become!
God is GOOD!

Mrs C's magic settee @SpringerSaint🔁There's no more room in kennels and we are having to say no to dogs in need. Please share details of our website where all dogs' details and and an enquiry-form can be found. We are in Shrewsbury UK but can rehome nationwide in most cases.

Sheldon Harding @CPAsheldon🔁☪️Islamic Attacks for July 7-13☪️

410 people murdered in 12 different countries.

Here is a list for just the last 4 days.👇


SEKOULA @kilulasteve🔁Plantain & Egg Frittata= 😍

Here's the recipe:
3 ripe plantains
3 table spoons olive oil
½ medium onion
½ medium red & yellow bell pepper
¼ teaspoon curry powder
1 seasoning cube
¼ teaspoon ground pepper
8 eggs
1 cup chopped sausage

You're welcome😛

Thomas Paine @peaceliberty🔁 couldn’t even articulate his goal was re: the “Uh I’ll let you know after the meeting”
Dena Stowe @StoweDena🔁Senator Rand Paul on defending Russia.

Calling the Mueller investigation a witch hunt.

Are all Republicans Russian stooges?

Are they all traitors?

Tom Rhodes @tomj_rhodes🔁Democrats don't want war with Russia.

We just would like some defense against their attacks on our democratic republic.

Why is that seen as too much to ask?

BABS--01 @aircrafttest1🔁Lori is back. 7 day Suspension.


Tues July 17 2018 at 10AM EST, Twitter will testify.

PLEASE CALL 202-225-3951

⁠ ⁠

binugazi @binugazi🔁Watch a poor man and his family’s admiration for PM narendra Modi for changing their lives for better.
Its the love and belief of his million fans which givesPM the energy to serve the nation.

Md Imran @MdImran63235908🔁Brighten up your sunday morning with this beautiful pic of ! We say that simple is really beautiful! What do you guys think?

Bink @atxflyboy🔁My beautiful wife of 34 years and I at a charitable event in Las Vegas. We are in a fight here to bring Nevada back to the Conservative state we were prior to 2008. We will win!

Vision🔸Resists @ItHasBegun2016🔁He's too dumb, naive and owned to play it any other way.
He'll meet with Putin with no one else in the room and it will show the world where his loyalties lie.
, ?
Yeah, right.

#MissGranny @PrettySarahG🔁PRAY THE ROSARY EVERY DAY!

👫Pedo Hillary ‘n Friends👭 @PedoHillary🔁A pimp goes into planned parenthood and talks about the “girls” he represents who are the age of 14.

Apparently knows how to cover everything up. Even 12 year old girls.

fototec @fototec_fu🔁The European Union is NOT America's foe.

Trump is the biggest foe of the United States.

forestgreencoyote @ElephantCoyote🔁 Quick Action!
Follow These Candidates!

Help Amplify Them!

david128 @jacobsolomon128🔁Nature is a powerful force. It can help you mind, body and soul. Spend time in nature, as often as you can.

Army Colonel @army_colonel🔁 Seems Schumer Has Less Clout Than He Thinks



Dolores Benton @annwalter_ann🔁
Well and this is why, just in case your still a SLEEP !!!🙊🙉🙈😉😉
**** TRUTH****


cliff morrison @cliffmorrison7🔁Excellent idea !!!!!

Matty Living For Jesus @matty_for🔁May the Lord meet you today in every area of your life. May He keep you through every experience, regardless of what that may be. May your day be filled with good things, happy things, things that with remembrance bring a smile to your face & joy to your heart.


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