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#SundayMorning Fords Fluent N' Food @FluentNFood🔁We are committed to the craft of cutting-edge food trends. #SundayMorning #Foodie #foodprnshare @PBSFood @LAFoodie
#SundayMorning Bret Salzer @BretSalzer🔁 #SundayMorning

One day closer to 2018.



#SundayMorning Jordan @Cali4niaguy🔁North Koreans rallying against U.S. IN N.Korea. 😂😂. Very Effective. #KimYooJung #POTUS #NorthKorea #SundayMorning
#SundayMorning #HANDMADE #SOAP @handmade_soap🔁46K Tweets #SundayMorning include 1. @Twitter from #coffee soap #aoap
#SundayMorning Tara @wheninco🔁#DenverBroncos #mcdonalds sweet tea and #tradersjoes truffle chips! Happy #SundayMorning
#SundayMorning lostinthewest @hexanowl🔁 #SundayMorning shark smiles to you! 🌊😀🦈
AUT Techno Bot @AUTechnoBot🔁 Going to make some bangers now. <3 #chiptune #techno #edm #music #dance #electro #retro #SundayMorning
#SundayMorning Nisi O'Ruairc @GrandNomadic🔁Buttonwood Park Zoo New Bedford #SundayMorning
#SundayMorning Jennifer Rhea @jenelisarhea🔁 Barnabas Comfort Dog action shot!
#SundayMorning #dogsoftwitter #goldenretriever
Tom Hall ☘ @TomHall🔁First Rule of Goat Club:

Don't Talk About Goat Club!

🤾🏽‍♂️ 🐐

#SundayMorning #SundayFunday

#SundayMorning#SundayMorning#SundayMorning Jenna Kempie @JennaKempie🔁Sister Sunday brunch at @VBC_Rochester. 🍳🥓🍞 #ROC #SundayMorning
#SundayMorning jerri wolf @jerri_wolf🔁 🔴Boycott The #NationalAnthem❓ #BoycottTheNFL❗️🔴


#SundayMorning Kathy @kizgold🔁 Literal Trump quotes.


Holly O'Reilly @AynRandPaulRyan🔁There.
NFL edition.
Obama supports NFL team name change: bad.
Trump bashes NFL players : good.

Holly O'Reilly @AynRandPaulRyan🔁Saturday Trump tweets:
☑️"Little Rocket Man"

No tweets about:
❌3.5M Americans without power in .

AM Joy w/Joy Reid @amjoyshow🔁Thanks for watching ! 's interview with will re-air on *SUNDAY* at 8 pm ET . See you
Rhonda Hurley @RhondaHurley2🔁Wouldn't be surprised if OBAMA
was in contact with as well

Che Guevara @i4iTheMC🔁This #SundayMorning The #NFL is making the #Dotard look bad!
#15 @Kiya_WasHere🔁 If you are not afraid to proclaim the name of Jesus. Retweet #sundaymorning #sunday #Jesus #christfollower
غزال شمس @t9CwgmZtOiZWUzx🔁Great Announcement , I hope everywhere in the world are full of love and tranquility

Colorado RedTraci @goptraci🔁Who do you stand with?

Sheidaa @Sheidaa68🔁 We are all human beings and we should have the same rights. We are one.
(((badhombre))) @Ronraj777🔁 Thread☆☆☆☆☆ #TakeAKnee #NFL #SundayMorning
Sheidaa @Sheidaa68🔁 Love can save us all.
Brian Anderson @BAndersonHeaith🔁That's a sick -- killer ; !
HDrelaxation for you @HDrelaxation4U🔁 Happy Sunday to all ! - Photo by HD
Corey @CoreyKjhaga🔁
😂NFL ratings are down
😂Jenifer Lawrence movie bombed
😂Emmy ratings hit low
😂Madonna new album failed
Pamela Coordsen @pscoordsen13🔁 coffee for you ladies. I'm calling it a night soon. Enjoy!
MS.⭐ MAC❤AMERICA👠 @MadonnaMadsen🔁Because the first amendment gives us the right to kneel, does it make it right?
Sheidaa @Sheidaa68🔁Either you run the day or the day runs you.

Kevin W. @kwilli1046🔁

It’s appalling that athletes have turned the American flag into a political football. Shame on you!

cincol @cincol🔁There was a beautiful dawn sky this morning too
Sheidaa @Sheidaa68🔁The longest way must have its close - the gloomiest night will wear on to a morning

🇺🇸Storme🇨🇱 @stormestone🔁 Are you going to watch any games today?

VOTE/RT to spread poll

Rex Ryan

Lindsey Drennan @lindsey_drennan🔁Watching Catch Me If You Can for the first time. How is it that I'm just now seeing this!? #SundayMorning
iqpeacebot @iqpeacebot🔁The is reliving the legacy of prophet Muhammad (saw) of establishing peace.
AmericanA @amtwsk🔁We the people stand with our in calling out those who

Sheidaa @Sheidaa68🔁Beautiful morning with beautiful flowers, have beautiful moments.

Susza Conahan @SuzaSusan🔁
If . gets dementia,
how will we know?

👉🏻Lawrence’s Last Words
The Russians Hacked Me

UrbanTakeOne @UrbanTake1🔁Clapper: Intelligence community ‘cast doubt on the legitimacy' of Trump's victory #SundayMorning #TakeAKnee
Angel Goulet🤓 @AngelGoulet🔁 Trump shows a dangerous disrespect for America.

#TakeTheKnee #1stAmendment #resist #sundaymorning

The Mad Hessian @TheMadHessian🔁Which hashtag do you support: or ?

Cheryl @CherylCheryl94🔁Pretty much.

ZamoMakhanya @SlaminoZamo🔁 Always focus on what you can give... If you only focus on what you can get, you'll never get very far... #sundaymorning
michael @michaelhamaker1🔁You can while you're not at your job, do it in your living room, backyard

H Oz @Caramba60🔁

Some have said over 100 NFL players will

More NBA players will take sides

America ÷ Trump = Righteous Unity

Kingdom Power @Kingdom_Power1🔁You can’t focus on what people say is your end. You have to focus on what God says is your end.
-Apostle R Kelso Clar k

Mark Adam @Powerfactor1🔁THINGS I WON'T BE DOING TODAY
—Watching the political shows call Trump a racist

—Watching pampered players

sajo JR⚽️🇳🇬 @Nogahs🔁A vision can see what's possible. But it's the massive action that transforms the impossible into possible!
Lisa Marie Ⓥ @GoVeganTweets🔁15 Vegan Ice Creams That Are Changing the Game #vegan #AnimalRights #govegan #sundaymorning #food #dessert
BlackandRight @blackand_right🔁@NFL @POTUS The #DaBears stood for our anthem & the Steelers didn't. Now the Bears are up 7-0!! Don't mix politics w/sports #SundayMorning
debbie @darthur111🔁


American Athletes
Are Dividing America
By Refusing To Support
Their Country, Flag & POTUS

UrbanTakeOne @UrbanTake1🔁UNC national championship team not visiting White House #TakeTheKnee #TakeAKnee #SundayMorning #TakeAKneeNFL
Theresa Picard @tpicard2🔁 Majority of Americans disagree with NFL - What are you protesting? America doesn't owe you anything‼️
The Kitchen Vixen @TheKitchenVixe1🔁Fancy giving the family a treat🤔why not give my 🧀 and 🥓 breakfast muffins a go 😍
#ImpeachTrump @AmericanWhoaMan🔁 On this #SundayMorning, let's not forget the ongoing suffering in the wake of the #MexicoEarthquake and #HurricaneMaria.
🌶MAGA"GᖇIT"Groot👠 @SusanStormXO🔁This , let's help a Disabled Vet who didn't but instead fought for the freedom we enjoy.


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