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Dr Schnuffies @dr_schnuffies🔁 It snowed #utah #Sundance2018 #snow #snowday2018 #sundance
#Sundance2018 Steve Shor @ShorFilms🔁Sundance Snow Day. #Sundance2018 #ParkCity #Utah @SonomaFilmFest @nbff
#Sundance2018 Keith Lea Movies @keithleamovies🔁 Ayee!! Thanks for showing love @EW We y’all at #Sundance2018 next week!!
#Sundance2018 Dr Schnuffies @dr_schnuffies🔁 Park City Main Street #sundance2018 just before snow fall. @SonomaFilmFest #sundance @nbff
Amaralina @FatimaStew🔁 Chloe Sevigny talks about playing #LizzieBorden at #Sundance2018.
#Sundance2018 Monica @J454Monica🔁 Okay my selfie with Nikki Beharie happened! Yaaaay! #Sundance2018 #BGNSundance
Be Yourself Babydoll @krisbianhearted🔁 Chloe Sevigny talks about playing #LizzieBorden at #Sundance2018.
IndieWire @IndieWire🔁MTV host Franchesca Ramsey will debut her pilot at . More TV to keep an eye on from the festival: twitter.com
Jamie “Is February 16 2018 Here Yet?” Broadnax @JamieBroadnax🔁 is Black AF and explores gentrification in Oakland in one of the most provocative ways. This is one of the films yo twitter.com u MUST see at Sundance and lemme just say freestyle was everything!!!
Austin Evans @austinnotduncan🔁I'll never make fun of CGI again. 😂 's artificial intelligence experience is such a legit way of exploring in 3D at twitter.com .
Tom & Lorenzo @tomandlorenzo🔁Chloe Sevigny unveils another alter at . Darlings, meet Rebekah: tomandlorenzo.com
Scott Macaulay @FilmmakerMag🔁"These are his images, playing with historical context while creating their own connotations and attempting to see f twitter.com amiliar territory afresh.” on RaMell Ross’s “Hale County This Morning, This Evening.”
The Young Folks @TYFofficial🔁Our first two #Sundance2018 reviews are live! Find out our thoughts on #PrivateLife and #Blindspotting. theyoungfolks.com
Media Inc Magazine @MediaIncMag🔁🎬 @sundancefest 🎬 Things to do today! #sundance2018 #Sundanc twitter.com e
Annika Andersson @Cinespons🔁Excellent coming of age story!!! Congrats 👏 #Sundance2018 #EighthGrade #movie twitter.com
The Daily Buzz @FSDailyBuzz🔁Ever wonder about aliens? Or alien abductions? If yes, there is a new VR project called Dinner Party that tells this twitter.com story in one of the most intense and unique ways possible!
Ovation @ovationtv🔁@colliderfrosty Stay warm! We can't wait to watch interviews! #Sundance2018
John C Crissey III @JC_Crissey🔁Day 3: will be a busy day here at the / . Six meetings scheduled to discuss potential projects. … twitter.com
Cricri! ✌🏼 @2bitchplease🔁World Premiere first screening of drew numerous gasps from the packed house. I can't imagine actors more talented than and turning in such heartwrenching performances.
Amazon Studios @AmazonStudios🔁 #DontWorryHeWontGetFarOnFoot is one of the best films Gus Van Sant has ever directed. I loved it. #Sundance2018
Bryan Galviz López @BryanGLoCombla🔁We're so pleased that Redford Center grantee makes its premiere today—it's an impactful story of some young people who are destined to make their mark on the future of the planet.
Jessica Farrell @farrelljessica🔁Yesterday at was great!!!! Thanks for a great premiere! Reminder all, our 2nd screening for BACK AT THE STAIRCASE ( twitter.com ) is MON, JAN 22nd @ 2:45pm. See you there!
Vanessa @vanessamoviefan🔁Just spoke to Joaquin Phoenix, and Jack Black for 'Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot' at . Look for the interview on soon.
JR&F @ReligionFilmUNO🔁@rramji Screened her first #Sundance2018 movie. #BEAST is a great mystery thriller film. Great acting.
✨Nadia Gonzalez✨ @linett1114🔁 BLINDSPOTTING is one of Sundance's best so far. #sundance2018 birthmoviesdeath.com
🥃Donald Clarke🎬 @DonaldClarke63🔁The admirable @jhoffman is among many going nuts for THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER at #Sundance2018. theguardian.com
Dr Schnuffies @dr_schnuffies🔁Day three! A late night with more reviews from . SUBSCRIBE and listen on .
iza @twirkstranger🔁The stunning Chloe Sevigny, star and producer of World Premiere Q&A. Co-star Kristen Stewart was here in spirit. Most shocking movie of the year so far.


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