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#Summit2017 Alex Harris @harrisalexc🔁Today. (If we haven't met, come say hi!) #Summit2017
#Summit2017 alissajean @alissajean🔁Full house! #summit2017
#Summit2017 Daniel Stander @StanderDI🔁@SEFL_Compact 2017 Summit speaking on “the business case for economic resilience” panel. #summit2017 #resilience
#Summit2017 TheGreenerBusiness @TheGreenerBiz🔁#summit2017 great discussions among the compact members.
#Summit2017 Coastal Risk @CoastalRisk🔁We are at booth 34! Come visit us!
@SEFL_Compact #Summit2017
TheGreenerBusiness @TheGreenerBiz🔁 Senators Farmer and Book, Reps Jacobs and Raschein talk about getting the state legislators educated and on board wi twitter.com th effects of climate change on Florida economy. Glad to have them in Tallahassee!
Greenpeace Miami @GreenpeaceMiami🔁Real estate industry panel at the SE Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit: Sea Level Rise is not YET priced i twitter.com nto the market. Yet...
Broward County Gov @BrowardCounty🔁9th SOUTHEAST FLORIDA REGIONAL CLIMATE LEADERSHIP SUMMIT 12/14/2017 County governments as resilience leaders! twitter.com
Thomas Mooney @cityplanr🔁#Summit2017 . Attending the 2017 Climate Leadership Summit
MIT Architecture @MITarchitecture🔁Miho Mazereeuw will speak tomorrow w/ at the on Resiliency Innovations: Science, Tools, and Projects. Excited to present some of our work!
RMS @RMS🔁“South Florida is at a crossroads. Own the economic risk of inaction, or it will own you” urges business & governmen twitter.com t leaders to understand & build to the economic impacts of current + future climate.

Matteo Ferrer @MWFerrer🔁"Risk has not been factored into real estate prices but it will be." - Dan Lindblade, CEO of Greater Fort Lauderdale twitter.com Chamber of Commerce.
SeaLevelRise_FL @FAU_CES🔁"Resilience is what you want it to be" -Daniel Stander, Global Managing Director, Risk Management Solutions #Summit2017
UK in Florida 🇬🇧 @UKinFlorida🔁UK Economic Resilience Roadshow partner from speaks to the need to look at “Resilience through an economics lense twitter.com
Keren Prize Bolter @SLRBrowardFL🔁Good news! Price quantifiable impacts of risk reduction into the market & communicate risk savings twitter.com
Margarita Wells @margaritakwells🔁I agree with that there is a time to share the good news & a time to share the bad news when it comes to risks like twitter.com climate change. Do you agree?
ISC @SustainableComm🔁At the ? Come visit us at our booth and learn more about the 's new Regional Climate Action Plan. twitter.com
ISC @SustainableComm🔁ISC's Steve Adams announced the launch of the Regional Climate Action Plan 2.0 at the twitter.com
Matteo Ferrer @MWFerrer🔁Is impacting real estate in ?
CEO, Steve Palmer- "It's not on their radar yet, however, sea level rise is happenin twitter.com g, it's a fact."

Alex Harris @harrisalexc🔁Steve Palmer, COO of Stiles Corp, cites this story and says it's true. “It’s not part of the equation yet.” twitter.com
UK in Florida 🇬🇧 @UKinFlorida🔁Great start to Summit 2017 w/ panel on “County Governments as Resilience Leaders” including our economic resilienc twitter.com e roadshow local government partner .
Margarita Wells @margaritakwells🔁Another win for green infrastructure! Administrator Bertha Henry shared in this morning’s panel that the areas where twitter.com the county built dunes avoided devastation during Irma.
MIT UrbanRISKLab @urbanrisklab🔁Miho Mazereeuw will speak tomorrow w/ at the on Resiliency Innovations: Science, Tools, and Projects. Excited to p twitter.com resent some of our work!
Broward Environment @BrowardEnv🔁County governments as resilience leaders! twitter.com
ASCE Miami-Dade Branch @ascemiamidade🔁We’re proud to live & work in southeast Florida, where our counties & cities work together to tackle regional issues. twitter.com This morning’s county government panel is a testament to the importance & power of this collaboration.
Rosemary O'Hara @RosemaryOHara14🔁Just heard County Administrator Bertha Henry has been named public official of the year by Governing magazine. Congr twitter.com atulations!
Marcia Tobin @mjtobin🔁Bravo south Florida for leading the way! #summit2017 @AECOMBuildPlace @AECOM twitter.com
Rosemary O'Hara @RosemaryOHara14🔁Administrators of Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Monroe counties talk challenges of climate change/sea level ris twitter.com e.
Margarita Wells @margaritakwells🔁“If any of you have any travel plans, cancel them & come down to the . We need you.” — Administrator Gastesi’s plea twitter.com for post-Irma tourism now that the Keys are open for business
David Capelli @DavidKCapelli🔁Honored to be here w/ Dep. Mayor Osterholt "County Governments as Resilience Leaders" twitter.com
Florida Moms @CleanAirMoms_FL🔁Thank you @KHayhoe for your inspiring presentation as part of the @SEFL_Compact #Summit2017!
Rosemary O'Hara @RosemaryOHara14🔁Attending the SE Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit with my editorial board colleagues as well as those from twitter.com Miami Herald and Palm Beach Post editorial boards.
Rosemary O'Hara @RosemaryOHara14🔁But in Florida, you can see the impacts (of climate change, sea level rise( with your own eyes. #Summit2017
Rosemary O'Hara @RosemaryOHara14🔁The most dangerous myth (on climate change) is not that the science isn’t real. The most dangerous myth is global war twitter.com ming won’t harm me personally. — Katharine Kayhoe, Texas Tech climate science center.
Kate Stein @stein_katherine🔁“Everybody loves to be the hero, helping after the disaster happens. Nobody wants to be the nanny, making sure everyo twitter.com ne’s okay beforehand.” scientist speaking to South Florida leaders
Margarita Wells @margaritakwells🔁According to , the most dangerous myth we’ve bought into is that climate change won’t harm us personally. I don’t que twitter.com stion (with the rusting undercarriage of my car as proof) that it can. How has it affected you?
Alex Erlenbach @aerlenbach🔁 watching your talk . Do you have a report from those small towns that didn’t believe in but changed their tune aft twitter.com er looking at the data? THANKS!
Daniel Stander @StanderDI🔁"The past is no longer a perfect predictor of the future when climate is changing". Yes, , ... AND the past is ne twitter.com cessarily not a perfect precedent for extremes today, period. Ergo act now.
Carla Mays, MPA @CarlaMays🔁 here for The Business of Resilience. Resilience is more than climate change! It's infrastructure!
Margarita Wells @margaritakwells🔁“Start building resilience for the risks that already exist.” — on how to start building resilience toward an uncert twitter.com ain future
David Capelli @DavidKCapelli🔁Dear philanthropy, public sector, & social impact leaders: THIS. twitter.com
Samantha A. Medlock @FloodPolicyWonk🔁Honored to lead this prestigious panel of local officials and senior leaders from and on reducing the risks & costs twitter.com of & | 💙🇺🇸🌎
David Capelli @DavidKCapelli🔁 here for The Business of Resilience. Resilience is more than climate change! It's infrastructure! twitter.com
Alex Erlenbach @aerlenbach🔁@sefl_compact #summit2017 #hippieconvention @ Broward County Convention Center instagram.com
SeaLevelRise_FL @FAU_CES🔁CES is excited to attend this year's Climate Leadership Summit about "The Business of Resilience" tomorrow and Friday twitter.com ! Videos of the Summit sessions will be available shortly after the event on the Compact website
RJ Nidhi @RJNidhi1🔁great to be part of this amazing #Summit2017 😀@UNICEFIndia twitter.com
SeaLevelRise_FL @FAU_CES🔁CES will be attending this year's Summit "The Business of Resilience" this Thursday and Friday! Can't attend? Video twitter.com s of Summit to be posted on the Compact's website
Sink or Swim? @SinkorSwim_SLR🔁Proud to participate in the 9th Annual @SE_FL_Compact People Power panel on Friday, December 15th from 11:20 to 12:20 twitter.com ! Hope everyone can attend this important symposium!
Celina Flores @CelinaFlores4🔁@stephrae11 Lmfao #NIXONNCA 2017! I'm dying!!! #Summit2017 😭 ALA V
lynn kyle @daftfisher🔁
SW is messy but e cannot lose sight of human kindness and compassion within challenging structures. People within structures make partnerships work not structures themselves
Joonas Trel @marketer_way🔁Only 17 Hours left for The ® Summit
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AlloaAcadParents @AlloaAcadPC🔁Sounds good - let’s help make it happen @AlloaAcademy #summit2017 twitter.com
annemarie monaghan @AmmMonaghan🔁
SW is messy but e cannot lose sight of human kindness and compassion within challenging structures. People within st twitter.com ructures make partnerships work not structures themselves


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