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Suicide Squad ไม่ใช่โยฮันเคปเลอร์โยฮันกูเตนเบิร์กแต่คือโยฮันน่า @XBXJohanna🔁 ภาพแรก Suicide Squad Hell to Play
Suicide Squad LILAH @CHAlNTEXT🔁 Suicide Squad (2016)
Suicide Squad DC Comics Movie @DCComicsMovie🔁Oscar Winning Producer Michael De Luca to Join the Suicide Squad Sequel -
Suicide Squad なかっぺ @deadshotkoki2🔁 Suicide Squad Animated Movie Cast Led By Tara Strong, Christian Slater
Suicide Squad Suicide Squad Street @SuicideSquadSt🔁Review – Suicide Squad #33: The Innocent Bystander - GeekDad (blog)
Suicide Squad swarm of lions @dreamofzeal🔁 Suicide Squad (2016)
taylor @katejgecko🔁 margot robbie falling whilst filming suicide squad (2015)
Suicide SquadSuicide SquadSuicide SquadSuicide Squad Pollito 🐣 @Vengielf🔁The suicide squad animated series is gonna be liiiit
Suicide SquadSuicide SquadSuicide SquadSuicide Squad Lazy Hot Dog @LazyHotDog1🔁 New stills from the upcoming animated film, 'SUICIDE SQUAD: Hell to Pay.'
Suicide Squad Trần Ngọc Duy Mỹ @green_tea2003🔁Harley Quinn-Suicide Squad- Actress Margot Robbie
Suicide Squad eva @ezramattmiIIer🔁i'm randomly watching suicide squad. and he's here
Suicide Squad Carmen Rivera @paqui123🔁 Suicide Squad
Suicide SquadSuicide Squad raindrop @rainsanburg🔁 Suicide Squad (2016) deleted scenes
ComicBook NOW! @ComicBookNOW🔁WILL SMITH, MARGOT ROBBIE & JARED LETO's JOKER all reported to be confirmed for SUICIDE SQUAD 2!
DC @DCComics🔁Meet the voices behind the villains in this exclusive cast reveal for SUICIDE SQUAD: HELL TO PAY:
Warner Bros. @WBHomeEnt🔁'Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay' Sets Voice Cast (Exclusive)
matthewleetodd @matttodd17🔁@beverlylove you should've played Harley Quinn in suicide squad 😎
Feeya @FeeyaBee🔁The haters just dont understand Suicide Squad. I vape and i work at Hot Topic. Total cinecomics junkie 😝
C.D. @MegaCesarZ🔁UPDATE: and long time DC movie producer Charles Roven is officially back for
THE NERD SUPREME @Thembisoh🔁New rumor says The Batman might not be in continuity, & that Ben Affleck may show up in Flashpoint or Suicide Squad 2! -
Atomic Scott! @yahboyantman🔁“We”

Uhhhhh I hated Suicide Squad from the first scene, whereas I like Justice League and can’t imagine that’ll change. We’ll see though.

William Mullally @whmullally🔁Honorable mentions:

- Some kind of 'suicide squad'?
- Some kind of 'geostorm'?
- Some kind of 'seabiscuit'?
- Some kind of 'Mr Magorium's Wonder Imporium'?
- [In Mayan] Some kind of 'apocalypto'?

liz 💗 @sunsetstump🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Suicide Squad Trailer (Ft. P!ATD, FOB, TØP, MCR, ect.)
Brayden Sylva @BraydenSylva🔁Meet the voices behind the villains in this exclusive cast reveal for SUICIDE SQUAD: HELL TO PAY:
Jason P. Todd @ArmoryOutlaw🔁“I didn’t co-sign the Suicide Squad to join us at all on this mission..”


Trevor♌ @TheBigComicNerd🔁I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again the Suicide Squad sequel should be Waller sending the Squad into Luthor’s company to steal his plans for Kryptonite weapons with a side mission of someone going in to also assassinate him.
Ziggy @CameronZiggy🔁Rumor: ’THE BATMAN' Not in Continuity, Ben Affleck May Appear in ‘FLASHPOINT' or ’SUICIDE SQUAD 2’ -
👽carolina @upinthemars01🔁The latest 2 reprot seems to confirm that 's will be returning:
AutGOW 🐸 @autgow🔁I liked a @YouTube video Injustice 2 Online - SUICIDE SQUAD ENCHANTRESS!
glitter cat @judashookah70🔁@sirenadeIcaribe Hillywood’s parody of Suicide Squad. I actually loved it
Cooper Van Vlijmen @KamikazChickenX🔁I liked a @YouTube video Saving Captain Boomerang - Suicide Squad
billy batson @shazwm🔁suicide squad: the album - various artists
bohemian rhapsody
sucker for pain
you don't own me
Maria Williams @flashnewsportal🔁SUICIDE SQUAD Extended Cut – Joker & Harley Couple Footage (2016) Margot Robbie, Jared Leto Movie HD
alex barrera ☀️ @noe_villa4🔁 i slept so well during the first (and only) time i watched the first suicide squad
RajDaCreator @AdamsRaiijah🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Batman vs. Suicide Squad!
RajDaCreator @AdamsRaiijah🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Suicide Squad In All Its Glory!
david cabal @davecabal🔁 the commission I’ve been dreaming of to ask is beautifully drawn on the JLI omnibus. Ostrander/McDonnell Suicide S quad drawn by Kevin Maguire. 💚 Duchess we need more of her!
. @ispysebbystan🔁people really thought margot robbie was overrated and that they'd get rid of her after suicide squad but she's out here starring in one of the best movies of 2017, got a golden globe nom, won a critics choice and is coming for that oscar... y'all just gonna have to deal w it ☕️
J. Caleb Mozzocco @jkaylub🔁I am reading SUICIDE SQUAD Vol. 7: THE DRAGON'S HOARD, and I think Mrs. Gradenko is my new favorite Squad villain ever.
taher1111 @grommashh103🔁SUICIDE SQUAD FIRST SCENE REVERSE: via @YouTube
zbudgetdirector @zbudgetdirector🔁Superhero Bits: Marvel’s New K-Pop Superhero, Suicide Squad Animated Movie Voice Cast & More
Tristan James @imtristanjames🔁 Will Smith, Margot Robbie And Jared Leto All Reportedly Locked For Suicide Squad 2
Sheri @qcheur🔁Will Smith, Margot Robbie And Jared Leto All Reportedly Locked For Suicide Squad 2
meghan @malfoyloki🔁i slept so well during the first (and only) time i watched the first suicide squad
Gannon Lee Hayes @Gannonlee🔁Jared Leto in Blade Runner > Suicide Squad.
Brenda @Dalzotto_Boxler🔁@FerminDalzotto1 Suicide squad
Mariel Reinne @ANerdyFangirl🔁I liked a @YouTube video DIY Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Cosplay HOW TO
Malik @MalikabdulF🔁The new animated movie is not a sequel to 'Assault on Arkham'. It's unrelated, and the first in the DC Animated Universe
James @JamesConoway🔁If everyone could kindly fucking stop leaking Suicide Squad pics, that'd be great. Getting really spoiler-y now

Rick Kind @UnkindToRicky🔁suicide squad, ghost in the shell, war for the planet of the apes... and prolly others. what a time to be alive/have a decent nbn connection
StormDriver Films @SDRfilms🔁Superhero Bits: Marvel’s New K-Pop Superhero, Suicide Squad Animated Movie Voice Cast & More - Are you ready for Marv el’s new K-Pop superhero? Did you know Loki almost got a totally new haircut in Thor: Ragnarok? Who is voicing Deadshot in the Suicide...
Will Walker @Forgeyboy26🔁@RyanDubbbya *Whispers under breath*

...And Suicide Squad & Wonder Woman

digitalhomeboy @digitalhomeboy🔁 ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ producer joins ‘Suicide Squad 2’
Netguide @netguide🔁Margot Robbie, Jared Leto et Will Smith reviendront bien dans Suicide Squad 2
NADVI @nafis_nadvi🔁Soon America will cover by suicide squad.
Steven Patrick Lee @stevezilla1961🔁Because why not? — watching Suicide Squad
tomas alejandro @tomasal21857079🔁Me gustó un video de @YouTube twenty one pilots: Heathens (from Suicide Squad: The Album) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Gerardo💀 @Squad_Lord🔁this nigga really hopped on a suicide awareness song talking bout “it’s gon be a homicide, it’s gon be a homiciiiidddeeee” lmao
Ryan Busch @SweetMeat_Ryan🔁So what exactly is the deal with the Suicide Squad movie? Like, in that everyone only seemed to like the movie until they noticed that critics didn't like the movie? Sure not everyone straight up loved it but they didn't hate it until later either.
Mech @MechWarriorNY🔁 (wakes up from a coma) what idiot called it suicide squad instead of knights of anhedonia
Finding Joy 🎂🎈 @StayingStellar1🔁@ScifiSpirit @whyrntulaughing I agree Tanya. I also liked Suicide Squad, but overall, Marvel has a much better franchise.
porkle @HABOOSKl🔁 so suicide squad won an Oscar but gnomeo and juliet didn’t???
VikingTwin @mntwindan🔁#livepd

LivePD is like the Suicide squad tonight. So sad.

Nate @n_zebley🔁 a suicide squad and emoji movie double feature was not how i was hoping to spend my friday night
Chris Wong-Swenson @nexuspong🔁 Looking forward to the next 4 DC Films movies -
- Aquaman 🔱
- Shazam ⚡️
- Wonder Woman 2 🙅🏻‍♀️
- Suicide Squad 2 ☠️
I am a Meat Popsicle @TwitringMachine🔁I am not capable of reading my Suicide Squad comics without hearing and at every Harley and Joker line and I love it!!
❤🖤❤🖤♦ 💜💚💜💚
Sp_Gamer_Live @Sp_Gamer_Live🔁What if it’s actually educational or reporting on it, also Suicide shouldn’t be a flagged term ( Look at Suicide Squa d)
Miguel Angel @Thrax_rm7Crikey cobber! Guess who's getting a run out as Captain Boomerang in the new Suicide Squad!? :) 🔁 Hell to Pay' Sets Voice Cast (Exclusive)
Miguel Angel @Thrax_rm7🔁Becsuse playing one Flash Rogue wasn't enough for him: 's (Weather Wizard) is voicing Captain Boomerang in the upcoming animated movie : Hell to Pay! Full cast revealed exclusively by !
Panfur Radio @panfurradio🔁Superhero Bits: Marvel's New K-Pop Superhero, Suicide Squad Animated Movie…
Emerald Knight 317 @xfors_317🔁Next week, & 's DAMAGE #1 hits the shelves! I'm really looking forward to the series. Damage looks really powerful, on par with & Doomsday. He'll be taking on the Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, & the supposedly the entire Justice League
porquetetas @porquepechos🔁Suicide Squad won’t be hitting theaters until 2016, but the film is already making 2015 headlin...
sarah @fastjelIyfish🔁so suicide squad won an Oscar but gnomeo and juliet didn’t???
Adriana! @desert_flower7🔁Finally watching suicide squad & Harley Quinn was pretty annoying🙄😂
Harley 16 @ArkhamHQ16🔁@KalEl84 Isn't it Suicide Squad Hell to Pay ?
Daniyal. @DaniyalRaider🔁Gavin o'connor and Michael De Luca working on Suicide Squad 2...

I am really excited, Glad its in such good hands, i cant wait!

(P.s please give more screen time thnx)

scarlet. @alpheraatz🔁@arcadixn_ yes. pretty much. the ones that exactly like in the comic, not like in the stupid unrelated movie called suicide squad.
Jack @whyrntulaughing🔁Marvel made Hulk/Black Widow a thing. They are not without sin.
DC gave us Heath Ledger’s Joker. They have their mer its.
On the flip side.... Suicide Squad vs Thor Ragnarok.... so everyone has their ups and downs.


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