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subban theScore NHL @theScoreNHL🔁Report: Golden Knights fear Malcolm Subban out multiple weeks with injury
subban yzerman29 @yzerman29🔁 Subban hurt, but Golden Knight keep rolling with OT win. MORE:
subban jeremy dee @ChitownNSession🔁 Report: Golden Knights fear Malcolm Subban out multiple weeks with injury.
subban theScore @theScore🔁Report: Golden Knights fear Malcolm Subban out multiple weeks with injury.
subban Connor @Connor_Cairo🔁 Malcolm Subban is hurt.
Justin Levine @JustinLevineHBS🔁 Led onto the ice by Malcolm Subban👇
subban Adam Jazdzewski @LedgerSko🔁Malcolm Subban was having a really nice start for #VegasBorn

Unfortunate injury

subban Esther @EBHockeyFan25🔁 Report: Golden Knights fear Malcolm Subban out multiple weeks with injury
Conor McKenna @mckennaconor🔁At least they got rid of PK Subban and all the distractions he brought.
John Shannon @JSportsnet🔁Malcolm Subban will have an MRI on Sunday after being injured on a save in the 3rd vs St. Louis. Team source says "probably out weeks"
Vegas Golden Knights @GoldenKnights🔁Subban is being helped to the locker room. Oscar Dansk is coming in to take his place.
Patrick Tallon @PatrickTallon81🔁Imagine if Subban, McDonagh, & Sergachev were all still Habs. Does any team in the NHL manage their assets more poorly than Montreal does?
Daniel Mokoros @DMokoros🔁Goalie woes get worse for the Knights. Too bad. Subban was impressive during his short stint as a starter. @SinBinVegas🔁@mudbutt702 Subban and Dansk are basically identical in my eyes. @SinBinVegas🔁He's basically the same as Subban. It's weird to say but they are basically the same situation in the goal. 23 y/o h ardly any experience
Dana Lane @DanaLaneNHL🔁Malcom Subban will have an MRI today but the early thought is its bad enough where he'll be out weeks.
Rick Deyulio @RickonTK99🔁@Cusememes Yeah, there is no one with that type of personality anymore. Maybe Subban but even he doesn't come close.
ᏌῆᎥṯ @unittron🔁I'm all of a sudden worried about the #VegasBorn goalie situation. Subban had 3 solid starts this week too.
Lou @L6080A🔁@GMolsonCHC Wonder what D squad with MacDonough, Subban, Mete, Sergachev, Beaulieu and Juulsen would look like? Probably like the modern NHL
Turnip-Head @Coganon🔁I have such genuine concern and worry for my boys Fleury and Subban 😥 protect my boys #vegasgoldenknights
BillyD @billd389🔁 Vegas up 2-1 in the 3rd with goals from Reilly Smith and Colin Miller, 37 saves from Subban. lol
Tariq Rahman @lmcrahm🔁 If only the Habs has Subban, Markov, and Beaulieu, no way they lose a stupid number of games in a row
Gabe @LasryGabe🔁I love subban, but there's a reason why Babcock is taking him years ahead. Deal doesn't make sense but I wouldn't sa y Habs lost
Lace Em Up @LaceEmPodcast🔁Two of those wins came in overtime, and they've played 3 different goalies (Fleury, Subban, Dansk).
Carlie @CarliePlays🔁Pulled another 2 in back to back resets, for me its been 1 skating enhancement, 2 Keslers 2 Golis, 1 Subban, 2 Line C hanges, 1 Pep talk
Gabe @LasryGabe🔁@TylerRockman19 U think Babcock is taking subban or Weber for his squad this year
Dark Blue Jacket @DarkBlueJacket🔁All you fans sleeping:
Former Jackets draft pick Oscar Dansk has his NHL debut (Subban got hurt) and Wild Bill Karlsson wins it in OT.
Christen Hammons @christeno🔁@CoyoteDucks54 I feel like I'm bad luck. Have Fleury and Rask in fantasy. Hurt. Picked up subban to fill in for them. Hurt.
Random Hockey Bear @thehockeybear🔁Report: Golden Knights fear Malcolm Subban out multiple weeks with injury | 🚀 by
Broncoman @MountainMan_77🔁Report: Golden Knights fear Malcolm Subban out multiple weeks with injury
Jeremy Bowen @JB_WSU🔁The puck was somewhere around Subban’s left arm/hip. His entire body is basically in the net. Science and logic says that’s a goal.
Brad Valentine @MoreShamLessWow🔁Fleury and Subban are hurt and somehow we still manage to win!!!…
darkmojo @manojrao🔁If only #Habs could have a D-Man like Subban, Markov or Sergachev Did the Habs Lose Too Much for Drouin?
#1 Nik Antropov Fan @hockeylake72🔁Actually Subban stopped 37/38 before getting injured
Michael Lodi @mlodi3430🔁@BruinsNetwork @MattKalman Getting concerned they fell in love with Zane that we lost a viable backup in Subban
Pat @TrishTheMiddle🔁Would have helped that game when puck was lost in Subban's equipment; he ended up in the net. Refs didn't see puck cr oss the line. No goal.
Stacy Dempsey @StacyDempsey🔁Sorry about Subban. Such a crappy turn after a great start. Sending good vibes, heal quickly. #AllTogetherNowSTL #vegasgoldenknights
American Nimrod @AmericanNimrod🔁This is awful news. Not even worth the Calvin Pickard comments; Subban and Fleury both great guys who don't deserve this.
Sean Sullivan @SeanSullivan_🔁Somewhere Subban is just laughing at how bad the Habs are doing right now, so much blame was put on him...
🏆Crosby87localfan🏆 @Crosby87hfxfan🔁@GoldenKnights 😄 Hope Subban is ok. I miss the great 🌺 though. 😔
Brouwer Fan Club @Graham_CGY🔁Subban out long term... Brouwer+Gillies to Vegas for Riley Smith would be just fantastic Brad... please and thanks. #Flames
Christina Hennessey @hoopslibrarian🔁This good wife was going to wake @trivialnunz to tell him to accept that trade of Subban as he is injured...oops, there is more than one
A-L-L-Y @letangier🔁First Fleury now Subban are out for VGK, what is going on there with the goalie injuries??
Tyler @TylerSkortz55🔁Uh oh. Vegas has a problem, Fleury and Malcom Subban are both hurt now. 😐
John Walsh @jwalsh2me🔁Report: Golden Knights fear Malcolm Subban out multiple weeks with injury
nicole➰ @Hawksfan2650🔁 Oscar Dansk made 10 saves in relief of Malcolm Subban to earn the W in his NHL debut.
Cynthia @Cyn0510🔁Prayers for healing.
Report: Golden Knights’ Subban ‘probably out weeks’ after injury versus Blues – ProHockeyTalk
ThuyAnh @taphengsai🔁I always remembered how Subban took it on him after being down 0-2 vs Pens in SCF by saying firmly that Preds will w in next game & delivered
PUCKOOLER @puckooler🔁 Report: Golden Knights’ Subban ‘probably out weeks’ after injury versus…
ThuyAnh @taphengsai🔁If only Molson hired Julien Brisebois back then and Gerard Gallant as head coach. PK Subban and Habs will surely still be a thing. Sigh!
Vixie Rayna @VixieRayna🔁@BWildeRecrutes With M Subban injury and Fleury concussion, Vegas needs help in goal...should Lindgren be part of trade for Shea Theodore?
#1 Nik Antropov Fan @hockeylake72🔁Former Bruins having a great ttime in Vegas. Subban stopped 47/49 vs STL
Reilly Smith has 7 points
Collin Miller has 3 points
Mathew Galvao @MGalvao_Sports🔁Malcolm Subban through 3 games this year is 2-0-0 with a 2.06 GAA and a .936 save percentage. Left last nights game w ith an injury.


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