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Roberta Holiday @7Mo0oDex🔁 PK Subban scores with a rip from center ice
Sportsnet @Sportsnet🔁P.K. Subban talks video games, country music and of course hockey on the latest edition of After Hours.

Andrew Berkshire @AndrewBerkshire🔁If Drouin was P.K. Subban he'd be traded after that move.
Vegas Golden Knights @GoldenKnights🔁CAREER WINNING PERCENTAGES

Malcolm Subban (With VGK): .818
Clayton Kershaw: .692
Pedro Martinez: .685
Randy Johnson: .646

Z Mines @Z_Minesy7🔁Now your gonna try and make it a race thing. Which it’s not. Because it’s about the attitude. I think very Highly of both these guys as people, PK Subban is one of the Most charitable Athletes in a city he doesn’t play in, And Wayne I know does a lot with kids in Philly.
Patrick Tallon 🇨🇦 @PatrickTallon81🔁1-Here’s an unpopular thought. We’ve spent countless weeks talking about the need to fill a huge hole on left D, specifically, the need to find someone to play with Shea Weber.

Meanwhile in Nashville, Subban is shining with a very average Alexei Emelin...

eddy g @eddygeeeeeee🔁@CANADlEN A Subban Samsunov and Radulov doll.
Chris @chrismtl78🔁So we traded Subban for Weber who was suppose to be our Leader\Character guy to help Paciroetty be Captain.. Yup tha t worked out well.. Looks like we got worse should of kept Subban and traded Paciroetty at least subban is fun to watch

Malcolm Subban (With VGK): .818
Clayton Kershaw: .692
Pedro Martinez: .685
Randy Johnson: .646

TellingTalesFestival @TellingTalesFFS🔁Still looking for a holiday gift idea for young readers? Here are a few suggestions:
Dave @baltimoredavey🔁@OnTheForecheck What if I want to vote for P.K. Subban?
SNSportsNews @snsportsnews🔁@GoldenKnights Subban?
The Vegas Squares Podcast @VegasSquares🔁2 big emotional contests for fleury coupled with the fact that subban isn't your average BU and will see more ice tim e than a normal 2nd goalie would. I'd say 70/30 splits. Plus TB, Wash and Tor coming up. All 3 probably have MAF starting.
Claudio Rocchi @ClaudioRocchi1🔁‘ Imagine Habs with Sergachev on D + Subban + Markov !!!!! + Radulov ( unused cap $) We would be Cup contenders. This is not fantasy, MB could easily have had this.
Blain Potvin @Potsy_70🔁@CJ_Casselman @HabsUnfiltered @SonierJa @HABS_Lifer @AllHabs Don't get me wrong. Subban is great too. They're just different styles
Claudio Rocchi @ClaudioRocchi1🔁@mtlgazette Imagine Habs with Sergachev on D plus Subban + Markov !!!!!!
That’s why MB has to go.
Steve Forni @SForni413🔁Good Morning, #Bruins fans. Malcolm Subban is now 8-2 witha .922 SV%. Wups.
Joe Tay @nhltay21🔁Luca Sbisa will not be in the lineup today. Gerard Gallant says he will be going with the same lineup as Thursday vs. PIT.

Except Subban, not Fleury, starting in goal.

Oliver Johansen @oliverhockey75🔁@DumoEgo @GoldenKnights Subban played, not Fleury. Genius...
Kyle O'Howe @Killhowe🔁@rescuedrestored Major injuries should definitely include losing Fleury Subban and Dansk. They stayed afloat with Legace lol.
Hutstradamus @HUTpredictions🔁Week 14 TOTW
93 John Tavares
90 Patrice Bergeron
90 Josh Bailey
89 Vincent Trochek
88 Anders Lee
88 David Perron

91 P.K. Subban
87 Ryan McDonagh
86 Anton Stralman
84 Alex Edler

91 Corey Crawford

Hutstradamus @HUTpredictions🔁Week 14 TOTW Offence
NSH - RD/TWD - P.K. Subban
4 Points - 91 OVR

TBL - RD/TWD - Anton Stralman
4 Points - 86 OVR

CHI - G/HYB - Corey Crawford
3 Wins, 93 Saves, 4 GA - 91 OVR

Irate Overlord @LLOYDKOFIBANKS🔁Subban casually drops McDavid's humorous nickname again during postgame interview. VIDEO @
cranbot @cranbermsays🔁it's obvious he's been real useful. Subban HAS GOT to shoot cause he was here….
RotoWireNHL @RotoWireNHL🔁Malcolm Subban: Makes 16 saves to edge Panthers -
jesus garcia @JG_Swifty🔁yup, malcolm subban has been on the ice more than any other of our players through two periods😉

Brayden McNabb's 16:41 is the most by any skater

jesus garcia @JG_Swifty🔁 Gerard Gallant says Malcolm Subban is starting in goal today.
Blake Malugin @BlakeMalugin🔁What does me, Roman Josi, Ryan Johansen, P.K Subban from the have in common, we have all been in the bottom of the just saying if you need another player I'm here listening to
Tom Eastham @TomEastham1🔁@GoldenKnights Subban
Deadpoolsheik @Deadpoolsheik🔁 As much as I love Flower, I really hope that Subban can become the main starting goalie for VGK. He has stepped up his game, and has proven that he can help bring the team to the playoffs this season.
Awesome Balls @FantasyNerdFix🔁Wheel Snipe Johnny (4-6) upended Subban Death (2-8) 146 to 124.25! Shayne Gostisbehere with 19.25 points, Gabriel Lan deskog with 14.75!
rick casey @rickc565🔁@GoldenKnights Malcolm Subban of course
Sean @FiletMignSean🔁Lemme Haula at you real quick, cause another Knight, another win out in the desert. Shout out to Malcolm Subban for m aking middle children everywhere look good. ⚔️⚔️⚔️
@SaileshNarayan @SaileshNarayan1🔁Today’s game and many others were a disappointment if things don’t get better I’m moving to another team,I’m fed up w ith excuses,they already got rid of Jordan Subban they never gave him a chance,is it because he is black or what?thats bullshit
Mark Monsma @monsmaark🔁How the Dowd trade probably went down:
Benning: What'll you give me for Subban?
LA: uhhhh... I dunno. I guess you can have our boy Dowdy
Benning: Holy shit, really? Subban for Doughty?!
LA: yep
Dowd arrives in Vancouver
Benning: What the fuck.

VRadio Las Vegas @VRadio🔁@GoldenKnights I will now be getting my Malcolm Subban sweater!
jonathan bazo @baz1919🔁Weber > Subban
retire29 🌸 @burghforever87🔁Most positive thing from tonight is that Subban settled in , and they only gave up 16 shots. Proves they can win mor e than 1 way
Todd Krieger @ToddKrieger1🔁@GoldenKnights So the Dodgers should offer Subban a contract.................
YEEZY SZN @BSchutte14🔁 Calling P.K. Subban a yard ape = not okay


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