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Carol 💕Trump 🚂💨🇺🇸 @AnnCarolPerry1🔁 This stain won’t wash out anytime soon.

Freda Warlick @FredaWarlick🔁 Peter Strzok squirming and smirking like a psychopath during the #StrzokHearing today.
#StrzokHearing Mark Hines @mavhines57🔁 RETWEET if you agree: Peter Strzok is a PSYCHOPATH!

#LockHimUp #StrzokHearing

Mark Hovis @HovisMark🔁 I knew I've seen that smug shimmy before. #StrzokHearing #PeterStrzok
Ted Lieu @tedlieu🔁The hearing, like the Nunes memo, was a disaster for GOP. So what are they going to do? They are basically going to twitter.com do it again! Tomorrow we interview agent Lisa Page in closed session. Which means GOP will later have another open hearing into ... Hillary's emails.
James Woods @RealJamesWoods🔁What is more dangerous than an internal mole working feverishly to befoul the integrity of a presidential election? #StrzokHearing
Dan Bongino @dbongino🔁And here it is. Bruce Ohr gave Steele oppo research to the FBI.
Holy moses.
Deidre Carmody @CarmodyDeidre🔁QUESTIONS FOR THE GOP

Has resigned?

Have stolen babies been reunited with their parents?

Does Flint have clean water?

Are children going hungry while you enrich billionaires?

Do our allies matter to you?

Or are you just posturing to harm ?

Be Best just Walk Away @sassylittlebear🔁Good Lord. Yes, I wrote "ignorant hillbillies" but clearly I didn't mean "ignorant hillbillies" when I wrote that. This is what democrats really think of you, middle America.
Disgusting that Democrats on the committee are cheering this racist bigot.

Deplorable Hispanic @CowalaMari🔁There is no doubt the movement will pick-up steam after .

When Democrats suggest Peter deserves a Purple Heart after answering questions from Republicans.

How absurd!

Covfefe Clannad @clannadlore🔁 Do you think today was the longest #Strzok has ever gone without texting Lisa Page?
Trecia @TreciaM🔁There would have been riots in the streets had Strzok made such derisive comments about then-candidate Senator Barack Obama while investigating President Barack Obama. Would dems have said, "Move along, nothing to see here?!? ARE YOU KIDDING???

Rick Cobian @rickwartooth🔁The Democrats applauding Peter Strzok a man who plotted with another FBI Agent to overthrow the President democratically elected by the American people.

This is the Democrat Party.

Clara Nuss @clanu2🔁In case you missed yesterday, here's FBI Agent Peter Strzok's full testimony before a joint hearing of two House committees responsible for FBI and Justice Department oversight.
Peggy Mala @malama00🔁The hearing, like the Nunes memo, was a disaster for GOP. So what are they going to do? They are basically going to do it again! Tomorrow we interview agent Lisa Page in closed session. Which means GOP will later have another open hearing into ... Hillary's emails.
Dan moda @damoda35🔁Today Peter Strzok showed he is the new face of & also the poster child for
They should run him in 2020 as their Presidential Candidate with Anthony Weiner!

Help us beat these bastards @

Troy🇺🇸 @Troy75801🔁The Blame Game Begins

Peter Strzok (Who doesn’t know the definition of BIAS) Testifies That Disgraced FBI Agent James Comey Directed Him To Focus On Trump NOT HILLARY (As We All Know,The Guilty One)

✠ Decker ✠ @Interstate_85🔁Not surprisingly a President Trump hater and currently the face of the FBI, by no means is a patriot nor was he ever.

larry harper @CUfish2🔁 #StrzokHearing #hilarious He is batshit #crazy twitter.com
4 AG Sessions⚖️🇺🇸 @5945USARTR🔁You Will NOT Get Justice From The Democrats

Democrats Gave Strzok Hugs And Kisses, Apologies And One Democrat Wanted To Give Strzok The

Democrat Contempt For The On Display

Carol 💕Trump 🚂💨🇺🇸 @AnnCarolPerry1🔁High Profile Government Officials obstructing justice:

Hillary Clinton
Peter Strzok
Lisa Paige
Jim Comey
Jeff Sessions
Loretta Lynch
Barack Obama
Eric Holder

SydneyDiane @VistaBellaOcean🔁“Wow, that was intense! It was like A Few Good Men but with even fewer good men. I was wondering why Gowdy was slumped so far down in his chair. Turns out it’s because he had his ass handed to him.” --
Kim @spldrtn77🔁I’m an OIF Vet who earned a Purple Heart, Bronze Star & Combat Infantry Badge fighting 4 USA.

SADLY I am telling ALL of you, we need 2 divide up the Union & go our separate ways.

The smugness of w/Democrats offering him medals & applauding him is UNFORGIVABLE.

David Decker @dwdecker63🔁Congressman Trey Gowdy tells FBI Agent Peter Strzok: "I don't give a damn what you appreciate...I don't appreciate having an FBI agent with an unprecedented level of animus working on two major investigations during 2016."
#ShallNotBeInfringed #NotABot @MaryBranham3🔁The appearance of FBI counsel in the interview with Lisa Page, who left the bureau in May, also frustrated Republicans Friday. The FBI is trying hard to keep secrets from Congress.

Carol 💕Trump 🚂💨🇺🇸 @AnnCarolPerry1🔁Interesting that 's lawyer, over his left shoulder, is Aitan Goelman, who is a former Obama Administration official. Of all the possible lawyers! 😝 But hey, Strzok had no ill intentions, right? 🙄
Shakefellow @bonashdav🔁Do you believe Peter is being truthful in his testimony to the House Judiciary Committee? Please vote then retweet!
Saz @PeoplesPulse4U🔁Silence of the lambs?

I think we need to check Strzok’s basement for bodies.

Rich Thomas @homefunding🔁A Hillary Clinton sycophant;
A disgrace to the oath of office he took; and
An arrogant traitor to the United States a twitter.com nd her people he swore to serve

April Cooke @cooke_april🔁“So you were not interested in Russian interference with our elections in 2012, but you were interested in Russian interference in 2016?”

Carol 💕Trump 🚂💨🇺🇸 @AnnCarolPerry1🔁“ is a very nice gentleman, but he will cut you. I mean, rhetorically speaking.” –
Nellie Belle @onthesoundshore🔁Peter Strzok basically at the today:
I despise Trump and I can't stand the people who voted for him, but I'm not biased.
Chrys @chrystalized94🔁In the most bizarre exchange of the so far, proclaimed:

"I'm a dentist, so I read body language VERY VERY well."

Do some body language watching of your own & enjoy 's smirk.

It's the smirk of someone likely trained to read body language. 🙄

Toni B. @Toniraebenedic1🔁Both and Peter Strzok have a lot in common. They are liars and they think the American people are idiots.
Bonnie4progress #BASTA @BonnieRenouf🔁Trump was informed earlier this week.
He informed the GOP.
The GOP Postponed the hearing to Yesterday.
GOP was Trying to Embarrass the fbi yesterday.
The Knew the Indictments were coming.
Mike @harrypotrocks🔁 youtu.be I'd like to thank Peter Strzok for coming, testifying, and dealing with the crazy right wing attacks against you. I twitter.com 'd also like to thank you him for fighting back against these attacks. The chose the wrong agent to mess with.


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