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Grim @_grimgonzalez🔁 Stephen Strasburg, 95mph FB and 88mph Changeup (Side by Side/Slow).
Strasburg Max Duchaine @maxduchaine🔁So my Strasburg tweet made @MLB’s “Doctor October!” video...
Strasburg Mark T Herbert @armyofnorthrnva🔁 Strasburg's flu game came on the 93rd anniversary of this newspaper
Strasburg Joe Hepler @jjoehepler🔁This is an absurd stat. I love Stephen Strasburg and his freak nasty change piece very much.
jp @jbpeale🔁 Stephen Strasburg, 95mph FB and 88mph Changeup (Side by Side/Slow).
Strasburg Michele 🐶⚾ @aNatsFan🔁 So my Strasburg tweet made @MLB’s “Doctor October!” video...
C.Corral @CesCorral6🔁 Stephen Strasburg, 95mph FB and 88mph Changeup (Side by Side/Slow).
StrasburgStrasburgStrasburgStrasburg Galip kucukcan @GKucukcan🔁 #Strasburg by night...
Strasburg Brian P. Lanoza @PhillyHouses4U🔁Jonah! (@ Sight & Sound Millennium Theatre in Strasburg, PA)
Big Cat @BarstoolBigCat🔁OMG Stephen Strasburg has been magically healed of his awful sickness!
Pedro Gomez @pedrogomezESPN🔁Recently retired big league pitcher just texted me with the following on Strasburg: "Everybody shamed him into starting."
Sam Guthridge @5WireSam🔁 Stephen Strasburg has allowed zero earned runs in 65 of the last 66 innings he's pitched.
Dylan Hecox @Hecoxanator🔁Earned runs allowed by inning in Stephen Strasburg's last 66 IP:
Dave Weber @davideweber🔁Anthony Rizzo on facing Strasburg: "Basically anyone who goes into the batting cage and doesn’t know how to hit, that’s what it feels like"
Total Furth Move @TotalFurthMove🔁 batters after falling behind 0-and-2: .164/.195/.254

batters vs. Strasburg since his DL stint: .162/.213/.205

Lincoln @BathGod_🔁This ran last night, but I wanted to make sure ᴅɪᴜʀɴᴀʟ ᴛᴡɪᴛᴛᴇʀ saw it. It's about Stephen Strasburg's "toughness"

hoops @hoopsderitis🔁I'm all here for the casual drag of sport culture
Nick Peters @TweeetinPete🔁Stephen Strasburg said he had “a higher dose of antibiotics” before he played yesterday. I can’t help but wonder what that means
Michael Termini Sr @forpar4🔁@ESPNChiCubs @MarkSuppelsa Strasburg owned him. Sucker for the change up.
MattNeidenthal @MattNeidenthal🔁 Nice story from Jason Currence about a terrific group of young guys. Go Tigers!
#NTOTG Podcast @NatsTalkOnTheGo🔁 @NatsTalkOnTheGo Sick like Strasburg
Christopher Nahlik @nahlikcj🔁@NatsTalkOnTheGo Sick like Strasburg
Toronto Bonner @theBlackKaner88🔁Props to Stephen Strasburg. With Nationals facing elimination, SS came thru with a gem -seven shutout innings with 12 strikeouts. 5-0 in 9th
Annette Licitra @AnnetteLicitra🔁 Strasburg's ERA since returning from the DL is 0.69
parkandfield @parkandfieldchi🔁Join us at 7 for the Winner-Takes-All final of Cubs vs. Nats, with our repeat World Series aspirations on the line. N o Strasburg, No Problem
Matt Meffe @mmeffe2🔁...that's how you prepare for Game 5? A feature on Stephen Strasburg?


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