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Jonny Oates @JonnyOates🔁#StormyDaniels - DNC / Clinton smear money has gone up apparently. Clinton foundation 💪🏻
kean k matsumoto @KKeankm🔁 So #StormyDaniels says she's going to tell her tales

Can you say #Shakedown?

#StormyDaniels Alt Vice President Mike Pence @PenceConscience🔁This should be hung up in the White House
#BLM #NoBanNoWall #StormyDaniels
Notabot✌️Kimberlee🌷🇺🇸🌷MAGA @GodBlessPres45🔁 So #StormyDaniels says she's going to tell her tales

Can you say #Shakedown?

#StormyDaniels Stormy Stable Genius @RetroPuppy🔁 This should be hung up in the White House
#BLM #NoBanNoWall #StormyDaniels
Jill Lawrence @JillDLawrence🔁Now more than ever, by and : The hush money scandal is a big deal. We're treating it that way. via twitter.com
Tom Arnold @TomArnold🔁Gotta feel Melania Elevator Tape is close cause last time panicked to cover was when he vomited out “a husband can’ twitter.com t rape his wife” after Ivana’s accusation.
Common Cause @CommonCause🔁Our full statement on the need for the & to investigate after 's attorney Michael Cohen admitted he paid $130,000 i twitter.com n hush money to before the 2016 election following our legal complaint:

Natasha Copson @NatashaCopson🔁Now more than ever, by and : The hush money scandal is a big deal. We're treating it that way. via
Nahum Ramses @RamsesLux🔁Please let the #storm come through #StormyDaniels twitter.com
DJEddy @Davejeddy🔁??
9 minutes to talk about all that??
Ask them why paid through shell companies twitter.com
Aled Scourfield @aledscourfield🔁So lawyer confirms he paid ex porn star, $130,000 days before presidential election - but doesn't explain why. Well that's ok then. It would be downright impertinent to ask...move on
Joe Kidder @joe_kidder2🔁 #StormyDaniels says Trump lawyer #breached agreement, so she's free to talk huffingtonpost.com via @HuffPostPol
Hannah Jones @tangleywood🔁Hpw many ohers like have been paid off to keep quiet?

worthyvoices @worthyvoices🔁Grab the popcorn 🍿 !
Stormy Daniels Says Trump Lawyer Breached Agreement, So She's Free To Talk
American-'nough said @MyraDuke8🔁The media is clamoring on about an affair that everyone involved says didn't happen TWELVE YEARS AGO.
(and it doesn't matter if it did happen)

Its almost as if they are avoiding something....

BVarma @BV2Cents🔁#Trump’s Attorney Michael Cohen says he paid #StormyDaniels with his own money..right! vanityfair.com
Christy @svizzerams🔁Are you going to send back your NRA $$$$? Your “prayers & condolences” are beyond shallow. Where did your lawyer get twitter.com $130,000. You are destroying our nation. No one likes you.
Karl Bremher @KarlShatterhand🔁Pres. should have been impeached before We don't know what or who is protecting Trump! Trump's attorney has paid $ twitter.com 130,000 to porn star Trump has previously denied having anything with the porn star Stormy Daniels has never withdrawn her claim
Culturopoing webzine @Culturopoing🔁[] [] , the Movie: We Suggest the Best Directors to Handle the Story of ’s Former Fling via twitter.com
Rick LeBeau @rick_lebeau🔁 can finally tell the full story about her affair with President Trump. Michael Cohen's "revelation" about paying her $130,000 voided her NDA, now she is free to talk to the media. Which journalist do you want to do the tell all interview?

jgderuvo @jgderuvo🔁This whole thing is much ado about nothing. Lets not forget any dalliance was BEFORE Trump became president. was pl twitter.com aying "free willy" throughout his entire eight years and beyond.
Jakee @urbanjackattack🔁If paid from his own pocket then:

1) Why did he form a shell corp to funnel the money through?
2) Why did the Trump campaign pay an extra $130k dollars to Trump Tower for "rent" in Dec 2016?

Was it for Cohen? A quid pro quo?

Vs. @JFD8🔁Since it's too soon to talk about #guncontrol, how 'bout we discuss #StormyDaniels or First Class Airman Scott Pruitt?
Hannah Jones @tangleywood🔁So is saying didn’t have an affair with , but she WAS paid off just to avoid damage. In other words, will give you a check for $130,000 just for CLAIMING you slept with him.

“I slept with Donald Trump.”

Arsenal Gooner! @gma_27🔁So this paycheck to DOES have a connection to
despite trump’s silent denials! Where’s impeachment proceedings HYP twitter.com OCRITICAL REPUBLICANS!
ReadyForImpeachment @igneousidol🔁Shady ladies--tell us all about Bogus Potus/Tsar Trump.

Nasty in California @CarlsbadDreamin🔁 Spill the beans, #StormyDaniels! goo.gl
Sotomayor2020 @sotomayor2020🔁If it's that ends up bringing down this creature, then so be it. Live by the sleazy-media-sword, die by the sleazy-m twitter.com edia-sword.
Kathy @kdusc🔁No matter what Michael Cohen says you don’t pay $130,000 the month before an election unless she is covering something up. Republicans and those “family values”. Could you imagine what Republicans and Fox News would have been saying if this was President Obama.
Sara Resists @sarajtravels🔁This double payment of "Rent" in Nov 2016 is so obvious. Good work


Riot Housewives @RiotHousewives🔁's Lawyer Claims He Alone Personally Paid Stormy Daniels $130K, But Won't Say Why - riothousewives.com href="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/963909731751358466" target="_blank">twitter.com
DJEddy @Davejeddy🔁If lawyer paid out of his personal funds then we should be able to find the paid check. Unless it was laundered th twitter.com rough Shell Companies...
Cliff Sinclair @CliffSinc🔁re and - i'm definitely going to hire Michael Cohen as my lawyer. He pays money out of his own personal funds, and doesn't seek reimbursement. That's the sort of legal philanthrope I've spent my whole life looking for..
Joe Weathers @not2deepNu🔁If can blackmail into paying $130,000 in secret hush money. Why wouldn’t you believe a foreign power like could do twitter.com the same?
Mehdi Semati @m_semati🔁Now you can have a happy : says lawyer breached agreement, so she's free to talk via twitter.com
Votegate @votegate🔁@MichaelCohen212 @ChrisRuddyNMX @newsmax @realDonaldTrump @POTUS Lol. You paid #StormyDaniels and your warped family is cool with that.
Rose Buckingham @nebraskaredrose🔁:Also remember had a YEAR LONG AFFAIR with PORNSTAR while "MARRIED" to . For most applicants that would DOOM their application--SHAM MARRIAGE. Hmmm

Lisa Haig @LTheresistance🔁This is pure nonsense! If Trump was innocent; his lawyer (Cohen) wouldn’t have paid the $130k...they would have repo twitter.com rted to the for blackmail/extortion.
Leah @leastuart92🔁Title suggestion of tell all:
Fire & Fury: In The Eye of the Storm



Gina @redhed67🔁#StormyDaniels says Trump lawyer #breached agreement, so she's free to talk huffingtonpost.com via @HuffPostPol
It's Stormin' Ba'al @BStG4🔁

It's The New 👇
Porn, Paranoia & Pussy Grabbing!

Whose Pussy Would Jesus Grab, ?


Joe Bridges @joehbridges🔁As the passionate love child of Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels, it really worries me to see so much publicity around twitter.com my conception. Just know that that $130,000 went towards my college fund. Remember how your journalism effects real people
John M @TheFreedomSuite🔁 Did u create one for ? Or at least ?? twitter.com
A Aryeh Perez @Jethro_Aryeh🔁Stormy Daniels will speakout now that Trumps lawyer broke the NDA. But, of course, folks will be upset & uber trigge twitter.com red despite Trump’s lawyer admitting to the pornstar hush money. They have no desire to get the truth. Sad! Remember this fall!
That Unsinn Guy @thatunsinnguy🔁We all know that isn't REALLY a billionaire. But we know he has enough money to afford a lawyer who's not STUPID eno twitter.com ugh to breach a non-disclosure agreement by DISCLOSING SHIT.

Michael Cohen...what a shitshow.

HowardPaulAnderson @plainpersin🔁#NationalNews!
#Bridges falling down and our #FourthEstate out to solve whether Donald and Stormy had a fling in the spring
Meghan MacLean Weir @MeghanWeir🔁I’m not sure any of my friends would pay off a porn star for me and I’m really beginning to question my relationships. #StormyDaniels #BFFs
Lalalinder @Lalalinder🔁Delicious. Please DO TELL
Porn star who alleged Trump affair: I can now tell my story: (from )
Dee's Dissension @Lololupus🔁The 1who gave his lovely bride of13 yrs, , new news of breaking silence on sex w/, courtesy of twitter.com
C Gritz @gritzygravy🔁#StormyDaniels 'free to tell her story' after Trump lawyer statement. #TrumpResign #25thAmendmentNow bbc.co.uk
Barbara Smoyer @BarbaraSmoyer🔁Delicious. Please DO TELL
Porn star who alleged Trump affair: I can now tell my story: (from ) twitter.com
steve ciganek @steveciganek🔁How about we demand all Stormy, all the time until he signs a bill?
#StormyDaniels twitter.com
Cary Schwartz @discojew🔁 Finally, Cary can get excited about what comes OUT of a porn star's mouth. #StormyDaniels twitter.com
Damian Miller @heydee17🔁Grab your popcorn..... #stormydaniels huffingtonpost.com
Rotobacon @RotoBacon🔁Roses are red
This rhyme's gonna fail
Trump had to pay Stormy twice
For her tail/le

#ValentinesDay #StormyDaniels

Paul Rudnick @PaulRudnickNY🔁Kellyanne Conway says that Trump's lawyer was just helping Stormy Daniels pay off her student loans from Trump University


MICH(ael)notMike🏳️‍🌈#Resist #MAGA&#GOP🐂💩#FBR @MICHnotMike🔁Jeez, let’s hope is telling the truth. We have an insecure manchild in the Oval Office who’s willing to pull any kin twitter.com d of distraction to detract from , , , scandals!


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