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Stormy Daniels 芝加哥 @Righteouz_🔁 Trump hires the best people.
Stormy Daniels FOX 5 Atlanta @FOX5Atlanta🔁Porn star #Stormy_Daniels keeps cashing in on #Trump scandal.
More NEXT on #TMZ!
Stormy Daniels Andrew Coyne @acoyne🔁Why Donald Trump’s hair is the way it is, according to Stormy Daniels.
Spanna @SpannaGattinara🔁 .@RWPUSA on the Stormy Daniels saga: "The whole thing's disgusting" #inners
Sue White @swhitey10🔁 .@RWPUSA on the Stormy Daniels saga: "The whole thing's disgusting" #inners
Stormy Daniels M @botchedprez🔁@RadioFreeTom Where’s Stormy Daniels when we need her?
Samuel Sinyangwe @samswey🔁Trump paid Stormy Daniels six figures after she spanked him with a Forbes magazine that had Ivanka on the cover and t here are people who still think the pee tape is too outlandish to be true.
Ben Dreyfuss @bendreyfuss🔁Donald Trump had an affair with Stormy Daniels in 2006.
Daniels said Trump asked her to spank him with a copy of Forb es magazine which had him on the cover.
Trump was indeed on a copy of Forbes in 2006…along with his children.

Ben Dreyfuss @bendreyfuss🔁Stormy Daniels claimed that Trump asked her to spank him with a Forbes magazine that had him on the cover and made h er watch hours of Shark Week
Michael E. Waddell @MichaelWaddell🔁 Who’s inviting Stormy Daniels to the State of the Union?
Salty_Swift @Salty_Swift🔁Stormy Daniels spanked Trump with a Forbes Magazine....

Thumped him with a Time Magazine

Walloped him with a copy of a rolled up New York Times

Beat him with a Wall St Journal

Stabbed him repeatedly with a copy of Newsweek

noirs on mars @HazelTade🔁So Ben Roethlisberger walked Stormy Daniels to her room after asked him to take care of her, per her account in InTouch.
Ariel Grumberg @arielmg47🔁Please do stoop. Reveal b.s. for what it is b.s.! This memo is trumpist porn for the base, the Stormy Daniels of memo s, wrapped in tidy whities.
Libby❤️CONSERVATIVE🇺🇸 @libbster219🔁The proof we've all been waiting for. Trump did have an affair with Stormy Daniels.

Wait🤔 I read that wrong...
didn't have an affair....
I repeat didn't have an affair sorry losers not sorry! 👍😂

Leelee Bowman @bowmanlee7777🔁Just weeks before the 2016 presidential election, President Trump's lawyer formed a private LLC to pay a former porn star in exchange for not speaking publicly about an alleged sexual encounter with the then-candidate, The Wall Street Journal reports
peter kop @koppa63🔁 Looks like government workers are a lot like Stormy Daniels. They both got fucked by trump.
Google @Mario34583659🔁
Whoever invites Stormy Daniels to the State of the Union will be the next President of the United States!
Daniel Isidoro @Chubbibubby23🔁I did NOT, personally pay porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 to hide an affair! I HAVEN'T, watched ALL of her 152 movies! I NEVER, left the DVD of "Trailer Trash Nurses 6" in the Oval Office. Last, I DON'T think Stormy looks like Ivanka at ALL!
Barry Mullen @barrymullen1936🔁I hope Stormy Daniels was on top of things?
Stilgherrian @stilgherrian🔁The sex stuff in the Trump-Stormy Daniels interview is bizarre but I think this is by far the weirdest thing in the whole transcript:
Danielle @donailin🔁This is a real thing.

Tomorrow, the 20th, Trump sex industry worker Stormy Daniels is appearing at a strip club in Greenville, SC.

The SaturdayClub says she's coming as part of her "Making America Horny Again Tour"

Promotional video:

Christy @cammonsey🔁The utter dysfunction and inability to govern cannot be more accentuated than Trump going to Mar-a-Lago to play golf, gorge himself on burgers and KFC, while watching homemade sex tapes of himself with porn star Stormy Daniels, mixed in with reruns of 'Shark Week'.
Harold Clark @clarkharold01🔁To show his bonafides, when Trump addresses DC pro-life rally, he needs to declare that if Stormy Daniels had become pregnant when they had unprotected sex he wld have DEMANDED she bear their child and raise him/her together in the culture of life. Wld be a powerful statement.
BrendaT @BTTorres🔁Putin: Why so sad?
Trump: Senate keeping me up till the wee hours.
Putin: In Moscow you were up till wee-wee hours.
Trump: People know Stormy Daniels is Peggy Peterson.
Putin: That is the least of your P.P. problems.
Trump: You're in a weird mood.
Putin. Maybe urine a weird mood.
#TIMESUP @Lnonblonde🔁Richard Painter Dings Trump Over Stormy Daniels: 'Nothing Sexy About Dirty Old Men in Politics' via
Rick Dusenbery @Rdusenbery🔁@realDonaldTrump 🎶 “I don’t know why there’s no sun up in the sky. Stormy Daniels. 🎶
t @rcwant2be🔁2/ The first question to Trump after this "March for Life" speech should be, "If you had gotten Stormy Daniels pregnant after having unprotected sex with her while married to Melania, would you have urged her to have your baby?"
Lenny Vito @vito_lenny🔁Stormy Daniels appearing at Greenville, SC strip club tomorrow as part of her "Making America Horny Again Tour." Tour poster features photo of Trump & says "HE SAW HER LIVE - YOU CAN TOO!"
Tomi Ahonen @tomiahonen🔁If one had a suspicious mind, one might think the Stormy Daniels pornstar infidelity story was a misdirection of the Russian Putin bromance investigation.
And that now the shutdown is (a ridiculously expensive) misdirection in turn, of the Stormy story

Dean baity @Deanbaity1🔁@kylegriffin1 Gotta pay that Stormy Daniels bill.
Carlos Bustamante @Oso_nyc🔁 WSJ: Cohen paid porn star through private LLC created just weeks before election @CNNPolitics
T2 Stable Genius @recentlydiabeti🔁 Stormy Daniels says Trump is 'terrified of sharks'

Loan Sharks???

cpinkberry @cpinkberry🔁In Touch held back from publishing Stormy Daniels’s 2011 interview after Michael Cohen threatened to sue, ex-employees told AP.

Cohen emailed In Touch’s general counsel in 2011 saying Trump would aggressively pursue legal action if the story was printed.

Michael VanRyswyk @MVRXMRI🔁 security for each of t-rumps golf trip cost 3 times what his salary would be for a year!!!!! Here’s a good picture of Donny Small Hands and Stormy Daniels, his porn star girlfriend!
t @rcwant2be🔁Apropos of (a) the publication, today, of a 2011 Stormy Daniels interview, and (b) Trump's speech today for the "March for Life": a married man who has unprotected sex with a mistress is clearly not pro-life.

And Pence just called Trump "the most pro-life president in history."

xiomara McKnight @xiomcknight🔁 @JoyAnnReid I’m going to have a Stormy Jack Daniels with a Forbes back. Neat.
Carlos Bustamante @Oso_nyc🔁Trump lawyer Michael Cohen paid a porn star through a private LLC created just weeks before the 2016 election, The Wall Street Journal reports
Frank HIll @GtbFrankHIll🔁 The porn star dished that Trump promised her a condo in fictional Trump Tower Tampa. #StormyDaniels
Ben Guralnik @BenGurr74🔁In that case, there is a constitutional parameter set by our founding fathers, that Stormy Daniels gives this years S tate of the Union.
StillBill @BLew1401🔁Waiting for

Let's hear about Stormy Daniels? No ... how about Omarosa?

Claudia Jordan claims Omarosa had a sexual relationship with Trump, “Allegedly, I have a friend of a friend of hers that, there is some talk that there may have been some inappropriateness

ernest lamonica @ErnestLamonica🔁Dear Conservative Christians:

Yesterday, Donald Trump taught your kids the word shithole.

Today, he introduced them to naughty delights of googling something called Stormy Daniels!

How's that votin' workin' out for ya?

Martin Casella @MCasellaWriter🔁Can you imagine what Fox News would be doing with this Stormy Daniels story if it was about President Obama? Just imagine what they and the GOP would be saying.
nyyankeefanforever @nyyankeefanfore🔁With all the talk about Stormy Daniels, it’s time to dredge up the All-Weather Team: Chip Hale, Tim Raines, David Weathers, Mark Clear, JT Snow, Storm Davis, Sonny Jackson. Anybody else?
✡️ Zen 'make nazis extinct' hussy🏳️‍🌈 @zenhussy🔁Stormy Daniels’ profession doesn’t make cheating with her somehow more dishonorable or wrong. It doesn’t deepen the dishonesty or the emotional damage of the adultery. Trump would’ve been just as untrustworthy and mendacious if she were a dentist or a flight attendant.
Michael Devitt @devitt_mdpt🔁My takeaway from the Stormy Daniels interview: Trump displays a pattern of demanding sex in exchange for job opportunities among both women who consent and women who don’t
r c @corruptmillion🔁In Touch has released the full transcript of their 2011 interview with Stormy Daniels.

“It was textbook generic. It wasn’t like, ‘Oh my God, I love you.’ He wasn’t like Fabio or anything.”

Lee Whitman @uncheckable🔁For the one year anniversary gift of paper would you prefer a Penthouse spread featuring Stormy Daniels? Or maybe res ignation papers?

Josie @Josie97579172🔁 Stormy Daniels Reveals Donald Trump Is a Lot Like Harvey Weinstein via @thedailybeast
1stamendmentguru @SadAmericans2🔁@SadAmericans2 Stormy Daniels, KellyAnne, how much more can u take?
Jon @JonEHecht🔁 Did Stormy Daniels need to report the $130,000 payoff on her 2016 taxes?
Becky @Biatch_becky🔁This will dominate the airwaves but it’s the money laundering story that he should worry about.

Donald Trump made porn star Stormy Daniels spank him with a copy of Forbes magazine featuring his own face on the cover, reports claim

rosesansthorns @rosesansthorns🔁 Not all Stormy Daniels fans are trump supporters, but all Trump supporters are Stormy Daniels fans
tina moore @tinar1e🔁I almost don't care about Stormy Daniels story at all (except for what Trump is willing to do to cover up damaging stories). But for a second let's imagine what the right-wing would say if we found out Obama had slept with a porn star and paid hush money to cover it up ...
JenM @Fleas29M🔁“He said that he thought that if he cut his hair or changed it, that he would lose his power and his wealth. And I la ughed hysterically at him.” Stormy Daniels
mynonbelief @mynonbelief🔁@NARAL @FFRF I can't wait to hear Stormy Daniels speech at the march for life
Lee @LeeH3283🔁Convo-

Her: What would Christian Conservatives have done to Obama if it’d come out he paid hush-money to hide he had sex w/a porn star?

Me: They wouldn’t have been able to do anything other than boycott his funeral. Michelle would have killed him.

Jo Romero @joojoobee49🔁 Porn star Stormy Daniels detailed alleged affair with Trump in 2011 interview
Patsy Pennington @pmeadep🔁This has been a bad week for Trump supporters:

Stormy Daniels says she had an affair with Trump, then was given bribe money to stay quiet

Trump loves to get his fat ass spanked

Trump is terrified of sharks

was a hoax

And now,

RD Bacon @DoubleChinner🔁Look past the spanking and sharks and realize the most important takeaway from this story: The possibility that Trump is subject to sexual and financial kompromat is real
Cedric Tillman @cedrictillman🔁Trump had Stormy Daniels spank him with Forbes cover of his face - NY Daily News
cletus @cletus1969🔁 The only way Stormy Daniels was able to have an affair with @realDonaldTrump for as long as she did, was:
Isaac 1971 @RealIsaac1971🔁Trump’s sad, pathetic affair with Stormy Daniels will remind you of his sad, pathetic presidency:
CanGal @CanGal_39🔁In the interview, Stormy Daniels says wouldn't give to shark charities. I checked: the Trump Fdn. gave $0 to any shark-focused charities. Closest was $10K to Florida Keys Reef Relief, where a Trump friend is on the board.


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