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#StopSuicide AFSP Central Ohio @AFSP_CentralOH🔁 A2: Encourage your loved one to seek professional help. #StopSuicide
#StopSuicide Asher Center NU @AsherCenterNU🔁"Mental illnesses are medical illnesses." -Suena Massey, MD @SuenaMassey #StopSuicide
#StopSuicide erica chapman 🏳️‍🌈 @ericamchapman🔁 Q1: What are the warning signs and risk factors for suicide? #StopSuicide
#StopSuicide Mpowerment Project @MPCAPS🔁 Suicide is preventable. We can #StopSuicide.
#StopSuicide HC-CSB Mental Health @CSB_MNTL_DGSG🔁 A1: The Five Signs of Emotional Suffering can also be warning signs. #StopSuicide
#StopSuicide Edgewood Center @EdgewoodCenter🔁 A1: Talk, Mood, & Behavior signs #StopSuicide
#StopSuicide NAMI @NAMICommunicate🔁A1. There are several warning signs for suicide to look out for. #StopSuicide


NYPD NEWS @NYPDnews🔁Join us via tomorrow with & to . You can make a difference
Rep. Jamie Raskin @RepRaskin🔁It's Suicide Prevention Week. Those who need to talk can call the national suicide prevention lifeline - 1-800-273-TALK. #StopSuicide
cody bray @_the_weird_one🔁 If you or anyone you know are in need of help, please reach out!! Call …
_stigmafreehse @_stigmafreehse🔁Seeking help is not a sign of weakness. Help IS available. We are always here for you
_stigmafreehse @_stigmafreehse🔁 Together, we can #StopSuicide.
Ellifox the spoopy!! @ElliJCntryDiva🔁A5: Ask your doctor or local hospital about resources. They can help!
Humanity Enabled @HEnabled🔁A2: Here's four tips used by hostage negotiators & other police experts in crisis that anyone can use to
MDC Hope @MDC_Hope🔁 acknowledges this week as (9/10-9/16) National Suicide Prevention Week. Need help? Call (253) 593-2740
Jeffco Public Health @JeffcoPH🔁 Start a conversation, go here for tips. #stopsuicide
LMovieLowdown ✊ @LMovieLowdown🔁A5: Please remember that most attempt survivors go on to live satisfying, healthy lives.
Scrambled Heads @ScrambledHeads1🔁A3: Spending time with your pets can be great for your !
Julee Jacks @Jm_Jacks🔁Please join us in 10 minutes for our Twitter Chat on “How You Can ” w/ , , & !
Maryellen Cardillo @ethologist🔁#StopSuicide I once read that depression is anger directed inwards.
LendingPad @LendingPad🔁It’s National Suicide Prevention Week – be a lifesaver and join us + show your support for the fight to
Tonk @ktonk🔁 A5: If you are struggling or in crisis, please call @800273TALK or text “Talk” to 741741. They can help. #StopSuicide
Era 🍕 @Erato7cups🔁 A5: @CrisisTextLine and @800273TALK are great resources to seek help! #stopsuicide
Mary @XO_PCStyle🔁 A1. Research shows that 90% of individuals who die by suicide experience a #mentalhealth condition. #StopSuicide
Morgan Berk @MorganBerk🔁 Have you tried helping someone only to lose them to suicide? Read this. #NSPW17 #stopsuicide

dsmith @DebrinaSmith🔁A5: We will always recommend ! For more training, check out !
Tyler @TylerBaumann9🔁 raised over $15,000 for by hosting Walk for Waltman. Learn how you can at
erica chapman 🏳️‍🌈 @ericamchapman🔁A3: Taking a moment to relax your breathing is a simple method of ! You can do this anywhere, too!
dsmith @DebrinaSmith🔁 I'll tell you what you can do, you can #BeTheVoice! #StopSuicide
jubad @djuba52🔁This a great resource available for everyone. Great stuff
Kate Winkler @k8winkler🔁This week is National Suicide Prevention Week. has a guide for how you can help .
Lauren Hope @LaurenHope84🔁A2: Don't be afraid to start the conversation and be open and honest. Take time to actually listen, too!
Nicole @NicolieC🔁Proud of our partnership with to prevent suicide in schools utilizing tech :
GlenbeighFamily @GlenbeighFamily🔁A2. When somebody you know is in emotional pain, and ask the tough question: “Are you thinking of killing yourself?”
PoliticQues @politicques🔁The belief that suicide is inevitable thwarts prevention efforts. We can’t give up on ppl in pain. We can .
Caitlyn Tetmeyer 🦄 @CaitlynTetmeyer🔁This beautiful video tells Kevin's story of surviving a attempt & going on to get better. So moving!
Kristin Pressley @kristinpress🔁 Together, we can #StopSuicide.
Bridgeway Recovery @BridgewayRS🔁This , we are sharing our reasons for speaking out against suicide. What's yours?
Andrew Berger @hereforthewifi🔁Be mindful of your own thoughts and the actions and feelings of those around you. Follow you passions & learn to like yourself. #stopsuicide
Babyf8ce @Shalisa_Renee🔁 A5. The NAMI HelpLine can also be reached via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. More info:


Babyf8ce @Shalisa_Renee🔁 A5. The National Sexual Assault Hotline can be reached at 800-656-4673, 24/7 for access to free services. #StopSuicide
oops @mindcure4u🔁A3: We created Five selfcare tips, which are the Healthy Habits of Emotional Well-being.
Joe Chenelly @jchenelly🔁We're encourage #veterans to reach out to other to let them know they are not alone. #BeThere. What should they know first? #stopsuicide
Teashii @ClucklngPunny🔁A1: Some warning signs include increase in alcohol or drug use and feeling no sense of purpose.
Active Minds@Colegio @activemindsuprm🔁Let’s get this conversation started! Tweet @ us introducing yourself and tag to follow along!
Heather Collins @Hollins84🔁 A1: Keep your I on the suicide warnings: Ideation, isolation, irritability, insomnia, indifference. #StopSuicide
NAMI @NAMICommunicate🔁@800273TALK @afspnational @TalkToMe Glad we could support your great work! Thanks for all that you do to #StopSuicide


Clare Francesca ⓥ @ClareFMoran🔁Remember: lies.
You matter.

Sebastian @SebDylanTrent🔁A1. There are several warning signs for suicide to look out for.


#MHRevolution @CalculatingMind🔁Remember: #Depression lies.
You matter.
#StopSuicide #SuicidePreventionWeek #SuicidePrevention #Suicide #mhealth #MHrevolution #EndTheStigma
LaRae LaBouff @LaRaeRLaBouff🔁One quarter of people with bipolar disorder die by suicide. It can be prevented. #StopSuicide
Mental Health CO @CO_MentalHealth🔁These conversations are so important, thank you @afspnational and everyone who participated! #mentalhealthmatters #stopsuicide
✡️ hates nazis🏳️‍🌈 @zenhussy🔁A5: If you are in a state of distress, reaching out is the first step to safety.

Anastasia K. Bond @AnastasiaKBond🔁 There is no shame in asking for help, receiving help, or sharing your story of how you received help. #StopSuicide


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