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#StopBush Ann German @wankerjustice🔁 Bush is too extreme for the bench. #StopBush #CourtsMatter
Richard Gozinya @DinggusR🔁 #StopBush GROW UP YOU STUPID LIBERAL'S
#StopBush Dr. David Romei @DavidRomeiPHD🔁 John K. Bush does not respect a woman’s right to choose. #StopBush #courtsmatter
NARAL @NARAL🔁Trump’s judicial nominees will leave a lasting legacy of extremism on the federal courts. That’s why we must fight b twitter.com ack & !
Yuvraj Joshi @yuvrajjoshi🔁BREAKING +26 LGBT groups ask Senate to twitter.com
Havilah Vaskeritchin @Havilah_V🔁John Bush called for Nancy Pelosi to be gagged. Now Trump wants him on the 6th Circuit.
Mary Ellen Pierce @ME_Pierce🔁Trump’s judicial nominees Schiff & Bush are unfit to be judges afj.org
Mary Ellen Pierce @ME_Pierce🔁Trump judicial nominees John Bush & Damien Schiff are unfit to serve & a threat to equality.
Mary Ellen Pierce @ME_Pierce🔁. is voting on controversial Trump nominees this Thursday. Tell senators to and !
mmboucher8 @mmboucher8🔁.'s 6th Circuit nominee John K. Bush wants MORE money in politics, not less. That's alarming.
EireKav 4 Pres.Trump @EireKav🔁Don't he knows the definition of murder & torture. Murder and torture is going on in Planned Parenthood. Babies are slaves in 2017
matilda @matilda2day🔁BIG DEAL ALERT: We brought 27 national orgs together to & .
Havilah Vaskeritchin @Havilah_V🔁John Bush, Trump’s pick for the 6th Circuit, said he believes abortion is a NATIONAL TRAGEDY
ProgressOhio @ProgressOhio🔁 Trump's 6th Circuit nominee has espoused views ripe with misogyny #StopBush #courtsmatter msmagazine.com
Havilah Vaskeritchin @Havilah_V🔁Trump‘s picks for the federal courts will affect the lives of women and families for generations.
Michelle Zachry @MjZachry🔁Even GOP said he’s “not impressed” by John Bush’s anonymous blog posts. Neither are we.
Michelle Zachry @MjZachry🔁Even Republicans are “concerned” & “not impressed” w/ shady blogger John Bush. He should not serve on fed. bench.
Valerie Logan @VSHLogan🔁 6th Circuit nominee Bush has used rhetoric highly offensive to LGBTQ individuals #CourtsMatter #StopBush on.nwlc.org
Lukas DeVries @Luxordus🔁BREAKING +26 LGBT groups ask Senate to
ImNotFakeNews @harpus88🔁Don't he knows the definition of murder & torture. Murder and torture is going on in Planned Parenthood. Babies are twitter.com slaves in 2017
Michelle Zachry @MjZachry🔁. will continue to and urge the Senate to and 5/5 hrc.org
Bear Gazette @BearGazette🔁The latest The daily Bear Gazette! paper.li Thanks to @damianjh @alanilagan @TheGayUK #stopbush #worldemojiday
💐🎶Michele🎶💐 @ShellyBksf🔁Our democracy should work for all of us, not just an elite few. That's why we must & .
Valerie Logan @VSHLogan🔁Care about our democracy? Twitter storm on why — and how you can act to protect them begins NOW.
🌀brenda_v71🌀 @brenda_V71🔁6th circuit nominee John K. Bush argued in favor of keeping women out of Virginia Military Institute.
Journalism is Dead @ysBones🔁The president gets to nominate. The senate's job is to confirm or not. So like it or not, #StopBush rants are a waste of time & energy.
Col Doug Applegate @ApplegateCA49🔁The judge that Trump is appointing has been on the wrong side of LGBTQ issues and woman's rights. Just like Pence, Bannon, etc. #StopBush
brandon lancaster @brandonlancast2🔁#stopbush 50 percent of people say they prefer Obamacare compared to 24 percent who prefer the GOP proposals introduced in Congress.
Six-Tiddy Batarian @NaahidJohnspoon🔁 "We all expect better than these 2 Trump judicial nominations" bangordailynews.com via @GLADLaw #StopBush #MEpolitics
brandon lancaster @brandonlancast2🔁#stopbush No one is going to stop anything ...Trump gets to do what he wants..whenever he wants....WHO exactly is stopping him?
Mike b @Putterhead54🔁If franken doesn't want him then you know he's good for America. If you follow franken then you are not. #StopBush


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