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robin williamson @rknrobin13🔁 Not to self - don't interrupt Steven Adams. 😂 #Thunder
Shea Serrano @SheaSerrano🔁lol seeing steven adams strip donovan mitchell on the perimeter and then run a fast break is like seeing a bear walk out of the woods to your campsite and then build a house of cards at your picnic table
NBA @NBA🔁Steven Adams swipe and dish in transition!

#ThunderUp take back the lead in Q2.


Steven Adams Max @MG34_🔁 Steven Adams really looked at the camera like this after baiting Ibaka into that foul 😂😂😂 god I love him
NBA @NBA🔁All knotted up going into halftime!

41 | 41

Russell Westbrook leads all scorers with 15 PTS.
Steven Adams: 9 PTS, 7 REB

Donovan Mitchell: 10 PTS, 2 3PM
Joe Ingles: 9 PTS, 3 REB


Sanos @san_os78🔁 Steven Adams, one of us!
MH @_Michaelinho🔁Steven Adams, one of us!
Vitalii Mykhailenko @VETAL_9🔁Steven Adams says he doesn’t have any summer plans yet, but will probably “pop into Japan. Get a good ol’ bowl of ramen.” He was particularly happy about this.
Vitalii Mykhailenko @VETAL_9🔁Nick Collison of Steven Adams: “He was great for us this year. Consistent. He was a force in the middle. He’s a great teammate. He’s got .., there’s very few guys that totally want to do what’s best for the team. There’s no agenda. He’s one of my favorite teammates of all-time.”
FOH @_fawaz___🔁There ain’t anyone else in the NBA who’s gone through a madder change than Steven Adams and dudes still 25
Brad Wilson @BradWillo15🔁 Steven Adams on if he'll ever shoot 3s: "I'm comfortable shooting it. The tough part is just making it."
Matthew Edwards @Matthew_E91🔁 Other teams still alive should get to bid for Steven Adams.
Shalom @BayemOA🔁Lmao. Westbrook has Playoff P, Melo and Steven Adams. His team is good enough he just have any IQ to run the court th at’s all facts
𝔩𝔲𝔠𝔦𝔞𝔫𝔬 @Tvyvion🔁Cavs get:

• Paul George
• Steven Adams

Thunder get:

• Cavs 1st round pick
• Kevin Love

2018 Draft day trade idea.

• Cavs solve their inside game / rebounding problems and get another reliable scorer. Thunder get to start semi rebuilding while staying competitive.

thelastcavalier @thelastcavalier🔁lol seeing steven adams strip donovan mitchell on the perimeter and then run a fast break is like seeing a bear walk out of the woods to your campsite and then build a house of cards at your picnic table
abortion funding is liberation pass it on @anntieup🔁Here’s Steven Adams, in his own words the weirdest most normal guy in the NBA, and somebody everybody would want to play with:
Graeme Woolf @gcwoolf🔁Not as funny as last year but some good laughs from him.
Thunder exit interview - Steven Adams via
Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespnbot🔁Steven Adams has been traded for Spencer Hawes and a player to be named later, league sources tell ESPN.
Brenda Hawkins @iheartwestbrook🔁Nick Collison on Steven Adams: "He's one of my favorite teammates of all time, and he's going to be one of the best players that I play with in my career."
Former Lillard stan ☁︎ @OK_tay15🔁KD=KD
Draymond >> Ibaka
Klay>>> Young, inefficient 6th man

KD >>> Paul George
Draymond > Stev en Adams
Klay >>>>>>>> Washed, soon
retired Melo

“buT MuH 2015”

Second best player on the Cavs was Matthew Dellavedova lmfao

Isaac Yescas @IkeYescas🔁Someone could make a whole highlight reel of Steven Adams getting hit below the belt. There’s no way he’s having kids at this point
General G @GarDetta_GD3🔁Steven Adams on the Russell Westbrook being tough to play with narrative: “No. Because we’ve had success. As a player, playing with him, it’s not difficult. He just has very high standards and you have to meet them. That’s what ultimately makes you better as a team.”
Kevin Seawright @KevinSeawrightt🔁Steven Adams on if he'll ever shoot 3s: "I'm comfortable shooting it. The tough part is just making it." via /r/nba
Tyler Mussehl @tunafishtyler🔁@laurenwhoisthis What if it’s a Steven Adams jersey??
Dennis Rodman Stan @onlythebulls13🔁 Steven Adams deserves better than this.
8,168-149-3,048 @Harlem19therare🔁I liked a @YouTube video Steven Adams 19 Points Full Highlights (4/27/2018)
Nelsón @nelbertq🔁When a dude is 6’6” is grabbing boards, I’m impressed. When a 6’6” dude is being handed 5 a game by Steven Adams, I c all it a useless anomaly.
Thunder'n'Lightining @ThundrLightin_n🔁It would be like your buddies throwing in on a beer run. I have no fucking clue whey they let Harden go though??? S till, we got Steven Adams from that trade. @MockDraftHQ🔁Guys Westbrook has played with and not gotten a ring :

Kevin Durant,
James Harden,
Carmelo Anthony,
Paul George,
Serge Ibaka,
Victor Oladipo,
Domantas Sabonis,
Enes Kanter,
Derek Fisher,
Steven Adams...

Roy Report @royreport🔁You’re kidding.... if you can’t win 50 games in the reg. season and aren’t capable enough to beat a team who’s best p layer is a rookie when you have 3 future Hall of Famers and a great center in Steven Adams that smells stink.

Lay off the crack-pipe.

Run As One @houstonfan00🔁Capela- Gobert is gonna be a really fun matchup to watch this series. Clint is playing a lot more aggressive than he did early in the season. That was an issue against Gobert and Steven Adams. Hoping Cap negates Rudy like he did KAT.
warren witsoe @witsoeswhatnow🔁It's time for Steven Adams to become a unicorn for OKC. More from a playmaker/hockey assist guy aspect than a scorer. The IQ and skill are there. Likely he'll just have to wait til he finds himself on the pacers to realize his potential though.
#HTownTakeover @patrickmdennis🔁A few UDFA signings, some (or all) of which might be out there:

Steven Dunbar to 49ers
Tony Adams to Jaguars
Quadree Henderson to Steelers
Mason Gentry to Texans
Joe Ostman to eagles
Ray Lawry to Bengals

Lachlan Howe @Lachlan_Howe🔁Steven Adams on the possibility that he’ll shoot 3-pointers in games: “I’m comfortable shooting it. The tough part is making them.”
Matthew Adams @all_in_adams🔁Houston wide receiver Steven Dunbar [] signs as undrafted free agent with San Francisco 49ers, per reports
William Saxman @willosophy_🔁I was just listening to a podcast where they said the exact same thing. He’s the closest thing to Iverson we’ve ever seen and there’s only a very specific way to win with him. Steven Adams is the only player they need to keep. He pairs well.


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