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Steve Kerr #FireErnie @NotToBeThatFan🔁 Arizona guard Steve Kerr rocks the fur coat during a 1987 SI photo shoot:
Steve Kerr MOHEMMED @MEDIABOXSTORE🔁Steve Kerr expects contract-extension negotiations to go ‘quickly’ -
Steve Kerr Lean Harvey Oswald @mentionsclosed🔁 Steve Kerr confirms @NickSwagyPYoung is living his best life.
AuburnGal3333 @AuburnGal3333🔁 "It's an amazing team to coach." - Steve Kerr


ESPN @espn🔁Steve Kerr and Quinn Cook shared a cool moment after becoming NBA Champs.

This is what it's all about.

Steve Kerr NBA on ESPN @ESPNNBA🔁Steve Kerr confirms @NickSwagyPYoung is living his best life.
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater🔁Steve Kerr on the celebration the last couple days: "I didn't get lit. But Nick (Young) got lit for him and for me."
MOHEMMED @MEDIABOXSTORE🔁New post added at cupbord - Steve Kerr expects contract-extension negotiations to go ‘quickly’scriptboy7931695
Ralph Dinlocker @redinlocker🔁For those who remember Steve Kerr from Cairo American College...this is about what his family did after his father w as assassinated.
Jerami Watson @teezythegreat🔁Andre Iguodala told Steve Kerr & Bob Myers he was gonna sign with the Kings: 'I bought it...'
Young Isaac Reign @IsaacReign10🔁@ReformedBroker Steve Kerr on the phone trying to reassure allies after the G7 meeting
#nosurrender @paxxman🔁 head coach Steve Kerr expects contract-extension negotiations to go ‘quickly.’

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linla_nie @linlanee_luli🔁Lowe Post podcast: Steve Kerr on the championship celebration, Curry-KD stylistic tension, Andre Iguodala's free agency fake-out, almost forgetting his dress shirt, lunch with KD, combating apathy, much more:
matt wrong @matt_wrong_🔁Jordan inherit who? vs who Lebron got to win his 1st ring? Man and you're saying you followed MJ's career but accordi ng to your tweets its a LIE because MJ inherited a ROOKIE not a finals MVP and BTw steve kerr didnt have any teams prior to being relevant in 1995-1996
Lisa 🐍 @Purrpatrol🔁Dennis Rodman >
Steve Kerr
Former Bulls teammates; one coaches a good basketball team. 🏀
The other one denuclearize d NoKo & ended over fifty years of war on the Korean Peninsula. ☮️

Hoodrich Quez 💰 @15Kajuan🔁 Steve Kerr think he slick for naming his son Nick Kerr 😂
Kylo Cristian @Chavez4L🔁 Steve Kerr on the celebration the last couple days: "I didn't get lit. But Nick (Young) got lit for him and for me."
Ivante @IvxnIvxn🔁Marty has a kid that takes Steve Kerr’s roster spot on the Bulls. This kid becomes best friends with Rodman and teach es him about politics. The host of The Apprentice becomes president. These two worlds collide in 2018.
Luke Shoe Walker @JayHarvin_🔁Bruh. Steve Kerr got 8 rings 😫
justbnme222 @justbnme222🔁@KamBrothers One small correction Brian. KD didn’t seek the Dubs out, according to Steve Kerr..Steph went/recruited KD very aggressively!
Mercury News @mercnews🔁Steve Kerr weighs in on David West’s mystery comment: ‘I don’t know if anything would really blow your mind’
MyAllies News @MyAlliesNews🔁Steve Kerr expects contract-extension negotiations to go
Sports Entertainment @sport8ent🔁Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers will give Durant new deal he wants: OAKLAND, Calif. -- Warriors general manager B ob Myers expects swift negotiations to re-sign two-time reigning NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant and coach Steve Kerr.
I'itoi @ForzaPalermo04🔁@RonaldoGordon3 @StephenDoull @Aarons_burner @ESPNNBA @NickSwagyPYoung Steve Kerr openly uses cannabinoids.
Outside Clutter @OutsideClutter🔁Hopefully the peace agreement requires a basketball game between the 96 Bulls and the North Korean National Team. And yes, Steve Kerr has to play
Chris Jastrzembski @CFJastrzembski🔁I do wonder what MJ, Scottie Pippen, and Steve Kerr are thinking right now.
Tim Kawakami @timkawakami🔁Kevin Durant's impending contract, David West's comments and more from the Steve Kerr, Bob Myers exit interviews:

Shawn ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @ShawnOnTheNBA🔁Steve Kerr has mentioned multiple times that Golden State plans to get younger. In other words, don’t expect all of the Warriors’ vet free agents to come back.
G @Gthedon_🔁@Its_REC @drswolez You really think they’re guarding the big 4 in Steve Kerr’s system?
NBA River @nbariver🔁Steve Kerr expects contract-extension negotiations to go ‘quickly’.
San Francisco Chronicle @sfchronicle🔁#Warriors head coach Steve Kerr expects contract-extension negotiations to go ‘quickly.’

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Coach OMG @_GTH3🔁Steph Curry on Steve Kerr, "His purposeful over-communication when it comes to all 15 guys, knowing their role and how things can change throughout the course of a year. Making sure everybody was ready."
Mona C @Monachrisluvs1D🔁@Bencjacobs Steve Kerr’s opinion is the only one that matters.
katherine @pvpdfn13🔁'I hope that doesn't sound arrogant' -- Steve Kerr compares 2015 title to 2018 title...
DB @Damien_Butler8🔁Can we trade Dennis Rodman for Steve Kerr?
WronkleDonkle @Wronkle🔁Steve Kerr on Warriors Celebration: Nick Young 'Got Lit for Both Him and Me' - Bleacher Report
Corey LaBounty @calabounty🔁Most Championships as a Player in NBA History:

Bill Russell - 11
John Havlicek - 8
Robert Horry - 7
Michael Jordan - 6
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - 6
Steve Kerr - 5
Kobe Bryant - 5
Ron Harper - 4
Dennis Rodman - 4
Robert Parish - 4
Shaquille O’Neal - 4
Lebron James - 3
Steph Curry - 3

Cheryl Jennings @CherylABC7🔁Steve Kerr gives an end of season press conference.. praises players, owners, fans and city of Oakland!!💛💙🏀🏀
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater🔁Kevin Durant's contract negotiations, David West's cryptic comments and more thoughts from the Bob Myers/Steve Kerr e xit interviews today
katherine @pvpdfn13🔁 Steve Kerr says David West ‘is gonna take some time to see if he wants to continue’ his NBA career.
Adrian @ateezzzy🔁I voted #Kerr2020 on @TheTylt. Kerr knows what America needs.


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