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Edidtsa Santa Cruz @Edidtsa🔁Our faith future looks as bright as the Christmas star. #steubiewest @go2steubenville
#SteubieWest#SteubieWest#SteubieWest#SteubieWest Micaela M. @hollywood_mica🔁Great weekend 💯🙌🏽🙏🏻 #steubie17 #SteubieWest
#SteubieWest#SteubieWest#SteubieWest Jason Evert @jasonevert🔁Thanks so much for your prayers. God bless the teens at #steubiewest @LifeTeen
Marie Hahnenberg @MarieHahnenberg🔁 walking out of confession like.. @go2steubenville #Steubie17 #steubieWest
#SteubieWest#SteubieWest t-rex @blue_julia_🔁 first #steubiewest ever!!
#SteubieWest Taft LifeTEEN @LifeteenICCTaft🔁 What an incredible weekend at Steubenville 💗 God is Good❤️ #steubiewest
#SteubieWest#SteubieWest#SteubieWest Taft LifeTEEN @LifeteenICCTaft🔁#steubiewest was a success! "We come alive in the river!" #elevate #SteubenvilleWest #steubenville
#SteubieWest Taft LifeTEEN @LifeteenICCTaft🔁 The 20 hours and 2 flat tires were sooo worth it! #quevivacristorey #steubiewest
#SteubieWest Taft LifeTEEN @LifeteenICCTaft🔁 no regrets coming ((': #steubiewest
#SteubieWest#SteubieWest#SteubieWest Monique Ruberu @PHILLY40D4L🔁 Thanks so much for your prayers. God bless the teens at #steubiewest @LifeTeen
#SteubieWest Liv 💅 @mosleyliv🔁It was as great weekend ❤❤ #steubiewest #STEUBIE17 #realtalk
#SteubieWest#SteubieWest#SteubieWest#SteubieWest Just Rosie @rmnxoxo🔁Back to where I feel me. #steubiewest #GodIsGreatDONTHesitate
#SteubieWest Marisol Moreno @mariselanmoreno🔁 New Mexico repping ❤️ #steubiewest #elevate
#SteubieWest David Leininger @davidleininger🔁These two ladies are super tired from a powerful weekend at #SteubieWest. Thankful to be on this team.
Barbara Diamond @cvbars🔁God: knows your sin and calls you by your name.

Satan: knows your name and calls you by your sin.

lex 🌷 @Alexiafelicitas🔁 @go2steubenville @LifeTeen Thank you for the best experience of my life this past weekend ✝️❤️ #SteubieWest
PK 👑⚾️ @ayeedoe_kenz🔁@go2steubenville @LifeTeen Thank you for the best experience of my life this past weekend ✝️❤️ #SteubieWest
maria paola @mariapaolamusic🔁 "Friends are like elevators: they either take you up or take you down." @jasonevert #SteubieWest
Rachel🌻 @_21_rachel_🔁This weekend was one of the most eye opening experiences and was the first step to the new life I want to live
Albert De Santos Jr. @AlberttJunnior🔁Seeing all of @lifeteen's posts about #SteubieWest are pretty great. ❤️👌🏻
Adopt-a-Priest @adoptapriest🔁 "The question is not: is God present in the Eucharist? The question is: are we present in the Mass?"@jasonevert #SteubieWest
Sam the Coconut @samvillalobos2🔁"It's fine, I'm fine, you're fine." - me all weekend.
We made it though with no caffeine and 6 hours of sleep total.
Catherine @catcatpitat🔁So happy to have attended for the first time! It was awesome! 🙏🏼
abbielyn kohler @AbbielynK🔁 "The Church will grow because of your joy." @ennie4 #steubiewest #steubie17
Julia-Inez @juliaainezz🔁 "It's not about a moment, it's about a movement." - @ennie4 #steubiewest #steubie17 #elevatesocialmedia
Robert Mendoza @ramthewall🔁 "He sent the Paraclete. We are not alone. We have power!" Fr. Joe Espaillat at #SteubieWest Sunday Mass
Robert Mendoza @ramthewall🔁 was a success! "We come alive in the river!"
Taft LifeTEEN @LifeteenICCTaft🔁If you've been at or you know about hope in the battle against porn. You can begin now.
Taft LifeTEEN @LifeteenICCTaft🔁 "God is raising up a new army and you are that army... because you are good soil." -Fr. Joe Espillat #steubiewest #steubie17
Rachel @_rachel_medina🔁 Real talk: Hop off the teat. @ennie4 #steubiewest #steubie17
deborah zambrano @dz_iii🔁When your youth group wants to listen to nothing but Jesus songs after #steubiewest ❤️
Eloisa Damulo @louloulemon44🔁 "I don't get a lot out of Mass."

"Well, what are you putting into it?"

#convicted #SteubieWest

Andrew Starbuck @The_Starbuck🔁 helped make awesome and I'm thankful for our gif-and-Jesus fueled friendship!! Still no tho...
Alejandro Capote(AC) @capotealejandro🔁 "Sainthood is the full bloom of the human personality. Sin is what dulls individuality." @jasonevert #SteubieWest
deborah zambrano @dz_iii🔁This weekend was absolutely amazing! I would take a weekend with Jesus & those that love him over anything! #SteubenvilleWest #steubiewest🙏🏻
deborah zambrano @dz_iii🔁 a little sleep deprived but my first steubenville conference was amazing. ❤️✝️ #steubiewest @go2steubenville
karina @ewkarinaa🔁a little sleep deprived but my first steubenville conference was amazing. ❤️✝️ #steubiewest @go2steubenville
Nimo's Cause @nimo_cause🔁 "He hears our cry and He stops for us. He sees us where we are and He calls us to be with Him." @nic_frank_ #steubiewest
Nimo's Cause @nimo_cause🔁 "You're not your failures. You're not your accomplishments. You are sons of God." @nic_frank_ to the men of #SteubieWest
Richard Rivera @ymrichard🔁Stay close to Jesus. #SteubieWest
rajna @macaRONAncheese🔁Jesus spoke to me at adoration with at :

My eye is upon you.
My heart is inclined toward you.
My hand is in yours.

Rachel Leininger @raleininger🔁it really takes a village. , you were an incredible conference where things got real…
nayeli. @_nayelir🔁"God is raising an army, and the devil ain't happy right now!" - Fr. Joe during the vocations call
Andrew Starbuck @The_Starbuck🔁I got to wear THE HAT! @zorinmcguire made my #SteubieWest complete!


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