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Stephen Hawking Karen Grunwald#NHSLove @karen_grunwald🔁 My absolute favourite Stephen Hawking quote
Stephen HawkingStephen HawkingStephen HawkingStephen Hawking pink punk @vedvlin🔁 rip stephen hawking, a brilliant mind and deliverer of sick burns
Armangcg16 @GhannadianArman🔁 Stephen Hawking 's last words
Stephen HawkingStephen Hawking dominick @JayneDominick🔁 Stephen Hawking had taste.
clem @rufusonpIuto🔁 Stephen Hawking died aged 76. Here's some of the awesome things he achieved in his lifetime:
Stephen Hawking Jensen/Dean/Harley @MishasLilJester🔁 Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane Wilde, 1965
AJ+ @ajplus🔁Stephen Hawking died aged 76. Here's some of the awesome things he achieved in his lifetime:
The New York Times @nytimes🔁Stephen Hawking liked to say he was born 300 years to the day after Galileo died, and he died 139 years after Albert Einstein was born, on Pi Day, a holy holiday for the mathematically inclined.

That was a fitting bookend.

The New York Times @nytimes🔁Stephen Hawking took part in a zero-gravity flight when he was 65. Asked why he took such risks, he said, "I want to show that people need not be limited by physical handicaps as long as they are not disabled in spirit."
ss @simonealexa_🔁So let me get this straight..... Stephen Hawking

-died on Pi Day
-died on Albert Einstein’s birthday
-was born on the 300th anniversary of Galileo’s death

The cosmos is cosmic af

mayorga @imayorga_🔁 stephen hawking dying the same day as this is a little suspicious i wont lie
Elizabeth Hipwell @lizhipwell🔁Stephen Hawking's words of wisdom on Donald Trump

"By denying the evidence for climate change, and pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Donald Trump will cause avoidable environmental damage to our beautiful planet, endangering the natural world, for us and our children."

Crystal Kennedy @osher85🔁Stephen Hawking, an incomparable scientist, passed away. He leaves famous phrases like: "The disadvantage of my celebrity is that I can not go anywhere in the world without being recognized, it is not enough to wear dark sunglasses and a wig.
@TWEET FOR PEACE ✌️# VOTE FOR HONOR @GailSte98258479🔁@glorifing @Franklin_Graham Also Stephen Hawking.
Zeemo @zombiezeemo🔁You fuckers saying Stephen Hawking is "free" from his wheelchair now: Disabled people are here, reading your tweets. Do you think we ought to die? Cause that's what you're saying, actually.

Don't you dare try to sell death as freedom.

Hawking's wheelchair was freedom.

Cydney ♡ @askingcydney🔁Relevance of 3.14 (Pi) day:

Birth of Albert Einstein (3.14.1879)
Death of Karl Marx (3.14.1883)
Death of Stephen Hawking (3.14.2018)

Relativity | Revolution | Radiation

Three great minds. Three great contributions to the world.


Rest in power, sirs!

Nike @Moonlightcalbae🔁 It’s only been a few hours and Stephen Hawking already mathematically proved, to My face, that I don’t exist.
Captain_Cody @codydawson47🔁@barstoolsports Why did you have to mention Stephen Hawking? Like that wasn’t necessary. I wasn’t offended, it just wasn’t funny.
Cy❄️ @cydolllaz🔁“If there is an afterlife, Stephen Hawking now knows the answer to every single lingering question he had about the universe”
Steve D'Souza @sdsouza007🔁Professor Stephen Hawking was leading legal action against Jeremy Hunt to prevent him ‘Americanising’ the NHS

The senior healthcare professionals he was working with will be continuing the fight

Please RT if they have your full support

panagiotis pavlidis @47panagiotis🔁when stephen hawking callet samos PARADISE ON EARTH !!!!🇬🇷🌹🌹Foto Samos island !!!molis eftase stin samo to 1988 anafonise "o paradisos tou kosmou "🌹🌹🌹
Paul Holdengraber @holdengraber🔁This was a very special Commencement memory: the embarrassment of riches of meeting Stephen Hawking, Ella Fitzgerald, and Adrienne Rich all at once. We serenaded the great Ella F with her songs as she marched alongside us.
(Photo: Harvard Archives)
AbangJeff @ahshik7🔁 Stephen Hawking was an atheist. Here’s what he said about God, Heaven and his own death
Claire @claire_nk🔁Stephen Hawking was born on the same date that Galileo died, and died on the same date that Einstein was born.
c @chloeenp🔁Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with ALS at 21 & given just 2 years to live. Not only did he defy the odds for 52 years, even as his body failed him, his mind soared. I hope his meeting with the Universe was beyond even his wildest imagining. 💜
Sabertooth Pieta Ⴟ @YungLazerBrain🔁Stephen Hawking dies and it's nothing but jokes. Lil peep died and if you've said one bad thing about him, you're a piece of shit.
Elise 💀 @XElxse🔁honestly SHUT UP on the 'Stephen Hawking died bc he's aethist' Okay for one, he DIED so show some respect. It's so disrespectful that people would make fun of him. If he was related to you, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't make jokes like that.
Booo @SpookerSkelling🔁Just asked Google now "how old is Stephen Hawking?"

"Stephen Hawking died tomorrow at age 76"

Anyway, timezones are hard

Swapichou @Swap_I_Chou🔁 'Stephen Hawking’s dire warning about what Trump’s policies will do to the Earth'
yvonne wallace @yvonnewallace41🔁Gal Gadot’s Seemingly Innocent Tribute To Stephen Hawking Offended Some People
Osowo IAM @OsowoIAM🔁What was Stephen Hawking like? And what was my daughter doing with his shoelaces? A Nobelist remembers the genius who could be humble, too
En Marche Barraud Turenne @EMBarraudTur🔁🌇 [ ] Stephen Hawking : sa vie en 10 grandes dates
Katherine Jelich🍋 @KatherineJelich🔁His passing has left an intellectual vacuum in his wake. But it's not empty. Think of it as a kind of vacuum energy permeating the fabric of spacetime that defies measure. Stephen Hawking, RIP 1942-2018.
European Union 🌐 @EuropeUnion🔁⭐ Stephen Hawking: Physicist who was light years ahead of the Nobel prize ⭐
Read more HERE ▶️
AnnaH @AnnaHohe🔁Here's a look at the achievements of physicist Stephen Hawking, who has died at the age of 76
Lauren Prince @LaurenEPrince🔁Please, for the love of all things, read this: "Hawking — a tireless advocate for rights when he wasn't busy unlocki ng the secrets of the universe — viewed [disability and use of his wheelchair] as a positive."
Md Asif Khan @imMAK02🔁 Stephen Hawking must be turning in his grave !
grace @krishamaeayson🔁Rest well, Stephen Hawking. One of the greatest minds of our time has left us in person, but not in the form of all the knowledge he has given us.

Here's a video of him answering a question about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction

"Finally, a question about something important"

Paul Holdengraber @holdengraber🔁"Nowadays, the list of writers whom I hold dear is quite long, and it grows longer by the year. It is filled with names like Woolf & Kafka, Borges & George Eliot. But no matter how much I read ... I always know that it begins with Stephen Hawking"
wolf @rxchyouth🔁They said Stephen Hawking had 2 years to live in 1963.

They said Stephen Hawking would never speak again in 1985.

He stuck around until 2018 with one of the loudest voices on the planet.

Nothing kept him from his dreams. We honor him by living the same way.



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