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Steelers Juan D. González @JuanDavidGnzlz🔁 The card that made it all happen. #SteelersDraft
Steelers Ash Holtom @AshHoltom🔁 With the 28th pick in the 2018 #NFLDraft, we have selected Terrell Edmunds.
👑💕 @Queen12Hunnid🔁 First the Steelers don’t take Ronnie Harrison. Now Lamar is a Raven?
Swervn Meyer @traplandlife🔁 So awesome to see this – Ryan Shazier appears at the NFL Draft for the Steelers' first round selection.
Steelers #LetsGoBucs @dwilley412🔁 Welcome to the family, @rell_island6.

#HereWeGo #SteelersDraft

Alex Z @AlexNFlorida🔁 So awesome to see this – Ryan Shazier appears at the NFL Draft for the Steelers' first round selection.
Steelers Alfredo Gomez Jr. @Alfredo_G818🔁 We all #SHALIEVE.
Steelers Jason Brown @Terrible__Towel🔁Labriola on Day 1 of the #NFL Draft #STEELERS
Steelers Steelers Depot @Steelersdepot🔁Video: Steelers S Terrell Edmunds College Interception Compilation Highlights
Steelers Jeric @ItssJeric🔁 Raiders acquire Steelers WR Martavis Bryant in exchange for their 3rd-round pick (75th overall)
Steelers courtney @c_rose89🔁 Amazing moment.

Ryan Shazier walks to the podium and announces the Steelers' 1st Round pick.

Steelers Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Chills.

Ryan Shazier walks out and announces the Steelers pick.


Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers @steelers🔁With the 28th pick in the 2018 #NFLDraft, we have selected Terrell Edmunds.
Pittsburgh Steelers @steelers🔁We have traded WR Martavis Bryant to the Raiders for their third round pick (75th overall).
Derrick @derrick_daKidD🔁Terrell Edmunds describes the frantic moment he got the call from the the bathroom
Stephen Berry @StephenBerry63🔁Lol. Edmunds (Steelers #1 pick) was projected to be a 3rd rounder. SMH. And Jackson was there to be drafted. Oh well , who am I to question Colbert?
Brian Rose @BrianRoseMusic🔁 What a special moment seeing @RyanShazier come out to make the Steelers pick.
Derrick Dixon @DerksChillin🔁 Steelers are trading WR Martavis Bryant to Raiders for third-round pick, sources tell ESPN.
SITARA S_group 🌟🌺🌸 @sitaravirgo🔁My sweet friend Jasminka Jillian Anamica and all
have a beautiful Friday
lovely weekend starts
life is fantas tic
Steelers Depot @Steelersdepot🔁More on the way, #Steelers fans
Andrea Jackson @AJacksonTV🔁Watching Ryan Shazier walk out to announce the Steelers pick was the best moment of the

James MacSorley @JamesMac23🔁 v tap-off the EuroLeague 2 Finals in 24 hrs. Full schedule on Sheffield Steelers Facebook Page and Competitions site.

Show your support for the Steelers this weekend at EIS Sheffield - 27 - 29 April 2018

♈️🇦🇸🇼🇸Red Sox 17-4 @ATevaseu🔁Bruh I really don’t like the Steelers. But JuJu is one of my favorite players in a long long time
Nancy C. Hoff❌an @hoffman_c🔁AMAZING! Ryan Shazier WALKS onto draft stage to announce Steelers' first-round pick
Sarah @The_Lovely_Miss🔁Absolutely incredible moment as announces the ' 1st round pick in the 2018 : ().

Sleep God @BallNisMyHobby🔁 @steelers RIDLEY!!!
#LetsGoBucs @dwilley412🔁. What a moment. Can't wait to put on my gear and put this work in. Check out my card
Steelers RT @SteelersRetweet🔁 linebacker walked out on stage with his wife Michelle at the NFL Draft to announce the team’s pick. It’s his first big appearance since suffering a devastating spinal injury during a game this past December. Watch :
Steelers RT @SteelersRetweet🔁 Weapons for the raiders, Steelers got more tho 😈? ?
Alex Shaw @alexshawsport🔁@olearyc5 Ravens...A-
Steelers RT @SteelersRetweet🔁Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier walked on to the NFL Draft stage 4 months after scary spinal injury


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