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#stateofvegas Roberta Nunes @jeannneliz🔁 Tune in now to learn about the Citywide Master Plan: cityoflasvegas.link #StateofVegas
#stateofvegas Casey @Lucado702🔁 Congratulations to Mayor Goodman and the State of the City #StateofVegas
Edwin Dearborn @edwindearborn🔁Our future looks as brights as the lights on The Strip #stateofvegas
Michael Lee Sherwood @msherwood🔁 The best Mayor in all of the land 💫 @mayoroflasvegas #stateofvegas
Nick Giolito @Ngiolito🔁 Photobombed at #StateofVegas #Vegas
#stateofvegas myHendersonNV.org @GrumpNV🔁 A busy night for our amazing @cityoflasvegas team at #stateofvegas 🌟
#stateofvegas Desired Destinations @wandertrix🔁 #stateofvegas The Mayor talks about our beautiful healing garden. @CityOfLasVegas
City of Las Vegas @CityOfLasVegas🔁It has been a big year for sports in Las Vegas! is talking about , , & . Tune in now: twitter.com
City of Las Vegas @CityOfLasVegas🔁"Words can't express the gratitude we have for our first responders (, & & others), hospitals, emergency management twitter.com , legal aid teams, our selfless residents & visitors who each answered the call to help."-
Douglas Ryan @Douglas_E_Ryan🔁 #StateofVegas #Vegas is the first city with 100% renewable energy. First in the country. #rockon
Douglas Ryan @Douglas_E_Ryan🔁 #StateofVegas We will not be defined by terror, but by our strong, resilient community. @mayoroflasvegas
Teener Martinez @Nv_Dogs🔁It’s a new era for & Southern Nevada - welcome @raiders@goldenknights
Ancientsouth @Ancientsouth🔁I wish @mayoroflasvegas could be in charge of technology investment at #McCarran #stateofvegas
Rob Jensen @RobWJensen🔁The Las Vegas Real Estate market is already off to a strong start! #stateofvegas
Vangelina Salazar @VangelinaS4🔁all dolled up for , but mostly so I can take selfie snaps using this fun filter today. make sure to use it if your near City Hall!
DJ Electric Shock @ShockDJElectric🔁So great to see all my old Assembly members tonight at Assm. Munford & McArthur!
DJ Electric Shock @ShockDJElectric🔁Thank you for the honor of attending with tonight. Incredible future plans for our homeless population. recognized ’s great wor and saw old friend Assemblywoman .
Nathaniel Glasgow @nateglasgow🔁Use Booking.com and they'll reward both of us with a US$20 gift! booking.com https://twitter.com/i/web/status/952027954644766720" target="_blank">twitter.com
jayne dahl @jndahl🔁"We all have ability. The difference is how we use it." -Stevie Wonder inspiration Y'all get on board with
Las Vegas Locally 🌵 @LasVegasLocally🔁 Will @DerekJStevens run for Mayor of Las Vegas someday? #StateofVegas
John Nehme @JohnNehmeRE🔁What did you think of @mayoroflasvegas‘ #stateofVegas speech?
Casey @Lucado702🔁We’re also looking forward to the opening of the expanded and Renovation!
Dave Evers 🇺🇸 @IrishDaveE🔁Good luck to tonight for her address! Watch the pre show starting at 4:15 and the speech at 5 or on the Facebook page:
DeonWashLV @DeonWas96596341🔁 Congratulations @mayoroflasvegas on a job well done at the #StateofVegas! We love this city! twitter.com
Jay A Severns @jay_a_severns🔁 I love our city and our amazing Mayor! #stateofvegas @CityOfLasVegas
Vanessa McConnell @VNewz🔁 Exciting to hear of Las Vegas strengths and future by Mayor Goodman.
GolfEntertainmentPRO @Launch4Charity_🔁 Good luck to @mayoroflasvegas tonight for her #StateofVegas address. twitter.com
A legendary king999 @Alharthy1111111🔁We're thankful for ’ support over the years, and we'll be tuned into her speech tonight at 5! Watch here:
Poker-chips-ahoy @amanda_vegas🔁 now please do something about the casino robberies - not looking forward to standing in line at the cashiers cage on twitter.com ly to have some idiot decide he want to rob the place
Karen Duddlesten @KDuddlesten🔁 Such an incredible video by the #KCLV team for #StateofVegas! twitter.com
myHendersonNV.org @GrumpNV🔁 Proud to work with Mayor Goodman and all of the Mayors in SoNV. Henderson stands Vegas Strong! #stateofvegas
DTLVAlliance @DTLVAlliance🔁#ICYMI - a recap of yesterday’s #stateofvegas by @mayoroflasvegas. twitter.com
Kelly Crompton @adpikelly🔁Mayor Goodman emphasizes the importance of UASI federal funding in our region. twitter.com
Michael Lee Sherwood @msherwood🔁Humbled to be a piece of the larger puzzle that is plan for the . has been an incredible experience and we were honored to be selected by as the winner of the by
Kerrie M Kramer @Kerrie_Kramer🔁From last night, Committee on Public Lands today, I love the diversity in issues I get to handle as part of my job a twitter.com nd the places they take me.
Wi-Fiber @WiFiberUSA🔁Humbled to be a piece of the larger puzzle that is plan for the . has been an incredible experience twitter.com and we were honored to be selected by as the winner of the by
Diversity Matters Las Vegas @diversity_LV🔁“We are a diverse, proud people..we will never be defined by hatred, anger, bigotry or fear. We will live, we will e twitter.com njoy life, and we will move forward.” #2018
Plaza Hotel Casino @PlazaLasVegas🔁Congratulations @mayoroflasvegas on a job well done at the #StateofVegas! We love this city! twitter.com
Whitney Genevieve @Whitney_Gen🔁Thank you for tonight’s and for for paving the way for in



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