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State of the State Alban Jarry @Alban_Jarry🔁The power of the State in the face of decentralized communication (with @sophperrin)
Sara A. Carter @SaraCarterDC🔁John Kerry was briefed on the Dossier by his Chief of Staff in September 2016. Will be on tonight at 9 pm to discus s latest: House Intelligence Committee Investigation Turns to John Kerry, State Department via
Laura Ingraham @IngrahamAngle🔁The “Experts” predicted a Dem “blue wave” in Texas state elections. Of course it didn’t happen. Record GOP turnout!
James Woods @RealJamesWoods🔁People say to hell with , as if we deserve the needles-and-feces strewn streets gifted us by liberal . Many of us love what this glorious state was (and still could be) if the desire for illegal Democrat votes hadn’t destroyed her once regal beauty.
1 UP. @CalculoCiens🔁: Today marks the 53rd Anniversary of Bloody Sunday when 600 peaceful marchers were assaulted by state troopers on 's Edmund Pettus Bridge during their 54 mile march for Voting Rights from Selma to Montgomery.
George Kurian @Georgekurian4K🔁Sorry state of affairs in Punjab. An elected representative MLA Kultar is being stopped by administration to fight for the rights of people who were ignored under MNREGA while Govt disbursed payments wrongly to vote bank of Congress.
ron white @gibbonape🔁The absolute state of this..
The Britain of my childhood was my Dad on a three-day week and learning to read by candlelight. No TV and a cold house because of power cuts.
Who wants a return to that for their kids?
Karla DeVito @KarlaDeVito🔁First, the President and Attorney General Sessions supported state efforts to disenfranchise minority voters.

Now, they sue California to stop us from protecting vulnerable immigrant families.

Justice may be blind, but the rest of us see a deeply distributing pattern.

Muneer Ahmed @muneer_mirani🔁I was flabbergasted and dismayed by the behaviour of The Free State Times two weeks ago when it chose to run a story about the burning of The Weekly newspaper.

Dr.SanjeevRajpurohit @DrSanjeevRajp4🔁I am in Jaipur today to launch Project Shakti, the initiative, the brainchild of Ji, to strengthen Rajasthan state unit by engaging and energizing the party workers.

Carlos Valdez @CapnCarlos🔁I’d love some people’s thoughts on the current power struggle between the state of California and the federal governm ent in regards to California’s status as a “sanctuary” state.
Wine Fansclub @WineFansclub🔁Columbia Food and Wine lineup announced, plenty of favorite local eateries included - The State
Appleton Oshkosh @AppletonOshkosh🔁Appleton Post Crescent Appleton North bolstered by difficult schedule on its way to state tournament Appleton Post C rescent APPLETON - Only a handful of teams played a schedule as tough as the one Appleton North endured this season. The…
Doxie Dachsie @doxiedachsie🔁They could also have voted with fake US identifications. Apparently if you have an NRA ID you can vote.Thank you for staying on this❣️Midterm just a few months away.The State Dept have not spent $1 on protection the votes. Trump said“we’re taking lots of steps”Lies🙄
I Trust Sport @itrustsport🔁Governance standards in the sports sector have risen significantly in the last 20 years – but more progress can still be made. Read our new joint report in collaboration with , ‘The State of sports governance’ Are you leading or lagging?:
🍦🍦 TWO SCOOPS! @southernliving0🔁6. Either way, this seems a very well executed surprise attack, that will speed up BIGLY the enforcement phase we have been waiting for. The MSM & Obama/Clinton stooges involved will be in a state of huge panic right now, as this new reality sets in.

Buckle up!

The end.

Nola H @nola_chwica🔁Im so proud of my state Democrats!! Loving the #BlueWave
Shabina Hussain @shab302611🔁"Acts of genocide" against "may have taken place in Rakhine State since August" - recommends that ask the General Assembly to "establish a new independent & impartial mechanism to prepare & expedite criminal proceedings in courts against those responsible."
Prateek Shrivastava @prateeks25🔁This is a clear blackmail. Why AP needs special status when it has all the resources and also central govt told to fu nd the amount equivalent of a special status state.. it's all politics of TDP to break ties with NDA.
Sharon R. Blake @SharonRBlake1🔁Dear Sessions: The Constitution does not say state law enforcement is an arm of federal law enforcement. In fact, the Tenth Amendment says quite the opposite. (I was a longtime supporter of states' rights before liberals discovered it could be a good thing).
DYNAGLYPHICS @dynaglyphics🔁OUR PATTERNS come in black and white, shades of grey, and colour. Once defined, or activated, they will ly prompt the desired and state of mind whenever you see them.
#OVO @Precilious🔁Seeing Malusi Gigaba self-immolate like this is really sad. A decade ago he was touted as a future president. Even compared to Thabo Mbeki by some. But now he’s the butt of jokes, a symbol of corruption, enabler of state capture and a pathological liar. It’s so sad to see.
CindyBP @CindyBP🔁 The “Experts” predicted a Dem “blue wave” in Texas state elections. Of course it didn’t happen. Record GOP turnout!
Lesley Newton @Wezboweeba🔁Work ethic is working til 11 pm at night to accommodate a visiting out of state track and field team who’s in town f or the NCAA division II event this weekend and you are requested by the coach! Happy for these opportunities. Love love love working on athletes 😊
Erik Esbjörnsson @Esbjornsson🔁It’s completely different products and sectors, can’t compare. But people’s inability to hold their own leaders in th e region accountable for the state of affairs for manufacturing speaks volumes of the challenges ahead. I give up
Irene Russo @irenerusso124🔁Congressman Matt Gaetz- ‘There’s More to Come’ Regarding ’s State Department.

Cody Shearer and Sydney Blumenthal are as corrupt as Hillary & moved things in & out of the State Dept to influence decisions & investigations.


Mackenzie ✭ Lemon @mackenzie_lemon🔁After leading Hiram HS to the FINAL FOUR, starting PG Darius Johnson has proved to be one of the most consistent & reliable PGs in GA.

Huntingdon & USCAA Powerhouse Penn State Greater Allegheny have expressed serious interest in Darius!


HolusojyWright @holusoji70🔁You better be wise and let's all come together and get involved and take our country Nigeria from the cradle of shall owness of mind, mediocrity to a state where our generation yet unborn won't rain curses on us and question our existence
Nicolette Collins @NicoletteColl20🔁
Kate are you going to mention the 3.8 million women robbed of state pension or have you selected the elite for your show?
ayomikuseyin @Aliens200🔁"We fall back on Omoluabi Infrastructure Conservative Fund during 'RECESSION' to construct 'WORKERS DRIVE' after securing approval to assess the fund from the State of Osun House of Assembly." Gov
Dr Muhammad Akram @AkramChishti2🔁Here we're assuming that rest of the people in PPP, especially those at the helm right now, resent being puppets of de facto state. Just talk to each one of them and you’d be shocked to learn the contrary.

One simple test: look at jiyalas on Twitter defending this descent

CarrieHutchens🇺🇸 @CarrieKHutchens🔁I applaud the Dept of Justice taking action to shut down the state of CA sanctuary state policy. Protecting dangerous criminals and gangs who are here in this country illegally is simply absurd. 🇺🇸
Umar @cybertosser🔁Plan A was to not let Senate election take place.That failed. Plan B is to have a controlled Senate in spirit of puppet show. R R & F U Babar were pain in the neck for advocating supremacy of Parliament. It’s about democracy vs deep state. Who stands where?
Crispin808 @Crispin808🔁Why is Rex Tillerson not spending any of the $120 million Congress gave him to counter election meddling from countries like Russia? My letter today with Rep requests Tillerson to explain this dereliction of duty.
Patriot Mary @Yoridoo🔁This Should Scare The Hell Out Of People, I Don’t Care What Side Of The Aisle You’re On...Wake Up America!

The New Surveillance State and the Old Perjury Trap...

Arthur Kimes @ComradeArthur🔁Justice Department Files Preemption Lawsuit Against the State of California to Stop Interference with Federal Immigration Authorities

captnfingers @captnfingers🔁I am a member of the NRA we are good people we cannot wait for the police or the state to do their job to protect us against those who will kill us with illegal guns! Deceivers are cowards and will not prey upon those with guns they prey on weakness
IC Afrinresistance @ICafrinresist🔁"The Pentagon’s Central Command, has been among the biggest proponents of supporting the SDF:
All of structural probl ems in Syria from four years ago remain there and now they are coming to the fore"

Kyle Wolf @Rainbow_Wolf7🔁 AP Fact Check Tears Apart Obama's State Of The Union Claims | The Daily Caller
KrashIT @Krazymekrash🔁They destroyed the statue of Lenin and walked away unharmed

They damaged the statue of PERIYAR

People trashed the sanghis before handing them to the cops

People are the resistance

Tamil Nadu a state with a difference

Sakshi Agarwal @sakshiray🔁 Thank you @misspunekar for featuring us on @punekar and giving more power to Project Sistah !
Ronald Bhat @soresokantsuke🔁Xviii-yr-ancient Bhadra Munda had heard some Guwahati, its gangling erection, huddled anchorage and movement growls. When any elders from his community Khoirabari, in the blue Udalguri dominion of State, asked him whether he'd akin to sum them championing...
💎💋 @kweencinnamon🔁On the 53rd anniversary of Bloody Sunday, we remember civil rights pioneer Amelia Boynton Robinson, who was beaten unconscious by state troopers during a voting rights demonstration in Selma, Alabama today in 1965.
*Caroline* @SicilianGirl208🔁In the last five years Los Angeles has become an absolute dump. Litter and trash everywhere, miles of tent cities, human waste in the streets. What have done to this beautiful state is a criminal offense.
Christians for Trump @sxlzy11🔁Here are the State by State Costs of Illegal Immigration. This is reflective only of burden borne by states. The federal cost per state is significantly higher, of course.
Robert Nichols @proj3ct13🔁I liked a @YouTube video State of Decay 2 Half Price! + Mark Hamill in The Witcher? + AI to Replace Game
Sub-Zero @Darren999222🔁Good. I hope the state of California, my home state, feels the brunt of their stupidity, lawlessness, and evil agenda of protecting illegal aliens and shitting on hurting Americans! You liberal assholes!
chowdary @chowdary_gaari🔁At the Legislative Council today, gave an elaborate explanation on the drinking water supply across the state on the questions posed during the Question Hour. Highlighted the measures we are taking to ensure that there’s no shortage of drinking water supply in Summer.
Radhadevi @radhadevi4770🔁What Arun Jaitley spoke yesterday is not good. You are holding hand of the North Eastern states but not Andhra Pradesh's. You are giving industrial incentives to them, not to Andhra Pradesh. Why this discrimination?: CM N Chandrababu Naidu in state assembly
Auntie-Social Media @Hope_Sinks🔁DEAR AMERICA‼️

When you need to get things done in America with Mexico, who do you send?...the President? Nah , the Vice President? Nahhh! Secretary of State? Nahh

You send Jared fukkking Kushy?

I wouldn’t trust him to pick up my dogs shit in my backyard

Thee Trend Setter ™ @xtiandella_🔁KFCB CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua with the CEO of the Urban Chamber of Commerce of the State of Nevada Mr. Ken Evans after the screening of Watu Wote at the Eclipse Theatre in Las Vegas
Claire @clairevkh🔁NAACP: We need a gun confiscation program in the U.S. like Australia!

Meanwhile, former Sec of State Condi Rice: Growing up in the deep south, my family protected ourselves with firearms against white supremacists.

How far the NAACP has fallen.

Jack @JackQPublik🔁CIA wasted trillions of tax payer money starting wars on false pretences to line the pockets of war profiteers. Your national debt of $20 TRILLION dooms your healthcare, education & retirement systems. CIA is responsible for more than half of that debt. Deep State is your cancer.
Tb @AlmadaTb🔁Mr. Hannity, the “normal” citizens of California do not want a sanctuary state. We don’t want open boarders & we are sick of progressive fascist liberal democrats. We are overrun & out numbered by voter fraud & illegal aliens who want “free” stuff on taxpayers dime. HELP!
oier @oieranda11🔁See the Warriors go for their seventh-straight win when they host the on Thursday! All fans in attendance will receive a 'Go Green' t-shirt, courtesy of »
Barun.Ke.Saath @Sandyy_Dunes🔁I wanted to watch in the first show first day. Unfortunately it was not any cinemas in my state. After so long I watched it thank you. The movie is simply lovely... One of The best movie I watched in Bollywood
Vera Strange @strange_vera🔁Turnbull, Bishop are NWO Trojan Horses. Most of those smug so and so's in Canberra & in state govt are the same. Turn bull is a liar on a par with Obama. Where's his birth certificate.
Muksah mai jama'a @Muksah1🔁 youths movement forum kaduna state visite alhaji shehu idris amir of zazzau and also a father's of the father's in nigeria,we tanks a lot for showing us full support of atiku abubakar as President in 2019.
Herbert George Wells @HerbertGeorgeW🔁Look at the absolute state of that inbred dog fucker on the far right (pun not intended), thinking he's on a super he ro lineup. Jesus.
ciberfoxx @ciberfoxx🔁The wait is over! State of Decay 2 hits stores May 22nd. Avoid the hordes of people and pre-order your copy today from the today to grab the exclusive "Prepper's pack"
lil sawa @onlysawa🔁Real glad this sick psychopath is running around my state wanting to rape & cannibalize CHILDREN!! Released on $20,000 bail!!
👉🏼 WHAT THE F*CK 👈🏼🔥
We can DO BETTER than this for the sake of SC's KIDS. 😡😠🔥

billy boy @WilliamGrist🔁Those who disagree with ID cards. Often give the excuse that it would be a means of subjugation by the state. In tru th it means they will be fixed into one identity, meaning no multiple ID benefit claims for example
STEFAN BASIUK @stefanbasiuk🔁Russia committed an act of war against the UK by its nerve gas poison attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal on British soil. If the UK doesn't act decisively to stop Putin then it will cease to be a fully sovereign state.
Honeybear @Honeybe23680392🔁 @GMB Tell her I said, get a life......the state of the country, and that’s her main worry.....omg.........seriously
ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ ΓΩΓΟΣ @goilersvrt🔁State Department repeats that US policy on ’s EEZ is longstanding and has not changed ”US recognizes the right of Cyprus to develop its resources in its EEZ” discourages any actions or rhetoric that increase tensions in the region
محبت @_chintiaa_🔁PC North takes on Union tomorrow in the first round of the state tournament. Game time is 330 pm. Take the spirit bus tomorrow and help us take state!
🇬🇧Vandervecken🇬🇧 @Avalon262🔁Hugh Gaitskell was the Labour leader from 1955 to 1963. He was a patriot. No-one would have ever referred to him as a far-right politician.

He said "the United States of Europe...means the end of Britain as an independent European state...the end of a thousand years of history"

Jeremiah Mauch @JeremiahMauch🔁BSB: The Lancers ride five strong innings from Colin Muth as they complete the sweep of Waldorf! Mount Marty is back in action this Friday as they take on Concordia St. Paul and Valley City State.

Atharva Pandit @AtharvaPandit3🔁The Anganwadi workers' strike across the nation was a movement directed against the policies of the state and its…
Stinger°°🇮🇳 @imStinger01🔁That's the reason u were mandated by one of the low literate state
Else non of literate state would have voted you.. Thank ur stars 😂😂
Paul Rene Leyva @PaulReneLeyva2🔁This is huge. Washington State is now one of the most democratic (small D) states in the Union. Voters there are more free to use the franchise than many of their fellow Americans.
Debashish Adhikary @DebashishAdhik1🔁Communication is not the issue it is personal agenda of TDP. They are apprehensive that they may have a situation lik e Shiv Sena in their state
Manjunath mv gow3 @Gow3Mv🔁My government is committed to empower women - the builders of this New Karnataka.

We are the first state to make education for girls from class 1 to Post Graduation completely free.

Robin Hood @hoodprivateye🔁Now, Kenya was established as a colonial outpost; an industrial plantation to provide leisure for aristocratic adventurers and raw materials for their British plants. So extractive logic, aristocratic excess and corruption were dominant values at the founding of the Kenyan state.
Yap EPA @epayapstate🔁 EPA is proud to acknowledge the dedication, hard work, tireless efforts, guidance, and care of all of the women and unsung heroes of Yap State this kammagar gad 🇫🇲
Mz. J.✨ @jaybluuee🔁Jeff Sessions announces 3-lawsuit against the State of California right under Jerry Brown's nose. Going to the state capitol of Sacramento to announce them.

Lawsuits charge that CA is violating federal immigration law with sanctuary city policies.

Révolution Française @revolution_fr🔁 on using nuclear weapons: "Yes, it will mean a global catastrophe for mankind, for the entire world. But as a citizen of Russia and the head of the Russian state, I would ask: What is such a world for, if there were no Russia?”
Manal Baloch @cutemanalbaloch🔁27 March 1948 Pakistan not only occupied the Baloch state but also pushed the Baloch nation in the darkness of slavery. Hence, the Baloch are resisting on all fronts to get rid of the slavery and regain their freedom.
Baloch national leader

Rajesh Raval @rajleo99🔁With women constituting about 50 per cent of our population, social, economic and political empowerment of women, including providing reservation in the Parliament and State Legislatures, has to be accorded top priority for the country to achieve rapid progress.
Joe Guilfoyle @GuilfoyleJJ🔁I've been to a lot of places. States and Countries around the world. I've never been to CA though. And honestly, I h ave no desire to ever go. Not on vacation or even a layover at an airport. I mean no disrespect to U though. I heard northern CA wants to be their own state. True?
hani @hanicgt🔁Stand with and defend the rule of law. Add your name to show your support for the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against “sanctuary state” California.

Thuto ZA Group @thutozadc1🔁It is not the job of state security to search for the Gupta brothers and Duduzane Zuma, says new state security minister
Robin Hood @hoodprivateye🔁The downside to this reality is that - ve values also sneak in. For example racism is not just a nasty reality in the US, it was a pervasive ideal among the white pioneer elites; it's a core founding value of the American largely white state.
The Buddha @_Buddha_Quotes🔁There is only non-voidness, the single state dependent on the presence of perception of the base consisting of nothingness.
Dustin Miller @DustinM38873381🔁Whoo hoo! 3rd from the bottom for my state and yep the cold keeps lots of people away! Thank God! I feel for you Cali fornia I really do! Make California great again!
lil sawa @onlysawa🔁What the Deep State means when they scream “National Security”: Don’t look at our crimes, don’t expose our crimes, we are above the law, we are not accountable, we send secret money to secret assets to commit secret crimes and there’s nothing you can do about it you piece of shit
Arthur Kimes @ComradeArthur🔁Step 1) MONTHS of warnings to follow the federal immigration laws
Step 2) ICE raids where state officials blatantly violate federal immigration law, claiming state law gives them cover
Step 3) Federal lawsuit

[where we're at now]

Fred @dakotafred59🔁

Mr. Brown, CA heard your speech today and you should know that any war against our government that wants to help the legal citizens of the United States will include those citizens. You have destroyed this state and we praise god it’s your last term.

Sacomback @Sacomback72🔁Talk about a pep rally... earlier today surprised the students of Carl Albert High School as they readied themselves for a chance at the State Championship. They received All-Star inspiration and a pair of PG’s custom Nike shoes, PG 2” The Moment”.
ernstd💣 @ernstd🔁: Angry protesters clash with riot cops in the city of during an attempt to stop e-auctions of homes belonging to families that cannot pay their debts to the state and social insurance funds.


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